Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Derek Shows Melanie What Happens When She Teases Him!

Hey Everyone!

It's Wednesday again and today also is my birthday! Woohoo! Anyway, I hope that you guys are having fantastic weeks. The weather is really starting to get colder now, so make sure that everyone is dusting off their winter coats and winter boots! Soon there will be snow! Hopefully not until December-19th, everyone keep thinking that and maybe we won't get any until then! ;-)

We're back with Melanie and Derek! The last time that we saw them Melanie was being a very naughty wife sending Derek some very risque photos. Derek is home now and let's see what he does...

I pulled in to the garage at 5:20 that night. My cock had been hard for the rest of my day, as Melanie had continued to send sexy text messages. I walked in to the house, pulling at the knot of my tie. I scanned the room, noticing that it was surprisingly spotless.

I wonder where Melanie is, I thought right before I saw the trail of clothing. I followed it and it ended up outside our closed bedroom door. 

I swung the door opened to find my lovely wife, dressed in a black corset, black knee highs, and black stiletto heels, laying in the center of the bed. 

"Well hi there big fella. Boy, you look mighty stressed for a man who just got home from work." She said, sitting up in bed and giving me a sultry smile.

I slowly walked towards her, not taking my eyes off of the woman who had been teasing me all day. Once I stood in front of her I stopped, and ran my hands up and down her arms. 

"You were a very naughty girl today sending me all of those pictures. I couldn't concentrate on work and then I come home to see that you left your clothes all over the floor. What am I ever going to do with you?" 

She licked her lips, making my cock harden even more. 

"You could accept my apology. I'm sorry." She said, looking up at me, and giving me another smile. 

"No, I don't think that will be good enough. I think the only thing that will be good enough is a bare bottom spanking."

"But-" Melanie began to protest, but I cut her off.

"I'm sorry Melanie. You should have thought about the consequences for leaving your clothes on the floor. Now turn around and lean against the bed. The quicker we start this, the quicker you can be done with it."

"Fine." She puffed, turning around, but not before I saw the glint of lust in her eyes. She positioned herself so her upper body was laying on the bed and her feet were just touching the floor. The corset that she was wearing, didn't cover her naked bottom.

I ran my hands over the creamy skin, imaging how it would look in a few minutes after I got done spanking it. I felt a shiver go through Melanie's entire body and that excited me even more. My girl was ready. 

I began her spanking with gentle swats all around her bottom. I wanted to warm up her skin before I really started to lay in to her. Once her skin was all pink, I began to really start to smack her bottom. 

As her butt started to turn red, I could see her moaning and bunching the bed spread with her hands. I also felt her bottom lifting up to connect with hand. 

Once each of her cheeks, were a glowing red, I stopped the spanking and gently ran my finger tips over her heated skin. 

"Derek," Melanie moaned out.

"Shhh sweet heart. I'm going to take care of you." I said, reaching for my nightstand drawer and pulling out some lubricant and a condom. 

I quick removed my pants, boxers, and shoes. I put the condom on my weeping cock and then some lubricant on to my fingers. I plunged two fingers in to her bottom hole, causing her to gasp out loud. 

"Easy sweetie, I'm just stretching you." I said, as I added a third and then fourth finger. 
Within minutes, she had been properly stretched and I removed my fingers and replaced them with my cock. 

"Oh!" She grunted out as my entire length went in to her. 

I waited for a minute for her to get use to the feeling. Once she started to whine, I began to thrust in and out of her. While doing that, my right hand reached down under her and dove in to her slick folds. 

"Derek, I'm going to..." 

"Wait! You do not come until I tell you." I commanded, wanting to draw the pleasure out for her. 

"Please!" She whined a couple minutes later. Her entire body was tensed up as if she was going to explode. 

"Come now." I said, pressing one of my hands on her clit. 

She came seconds later and I quickly followed her, shoving my shaft all the way in her and letting go. 

After a couple of minutes, I pulled out of Melanie who was still twitching from little after shocks from her orgasm. I peeled the used condom away and tossed it in the garbage. I quick went in to the bathroom and wet a wash cloth. I came back out and lifted Melanie further on to our bed because I was afraid that she might fall off. I cleaned up her bottom hole and then tossed that in to the laundry basket. I removed her heels and then climbed in to bed with her, putting us both under the covers and then snuggling her close to me. 

"I love you." Melanie murmured, as I softly petted her hair. 

"I love you too Melanie." 

Awww! I swear these two just get sweeter and sweeter each time that I write about them! Well, that's all for today. I hope that you guys have a great rest of the week! Make sure to go check out other people's posts...you'll never know what you'll find!

Happy Wednesday! :-)


  1. Happy Birthday Meredith! I hope you have a really terrific day and I'm good to just wait on snow for a nice white Christmas!! Hot story!!

    1. Thank you! Hopefully, if the two of us wish for the no snow...it won't happen! :-)

  2. Happy, Happy Birthday, Meredith! Great sexy scene - I had a feeling she didn't need to clean the house, lol! Hope you have a fun day!

  3. Happy Birthday, Meredith ☺ I hope your having a spectacular day, eating treats and unwrapping all those little unexpected gifts.

    I love what happens between Derek and Melanie after last weeks excerpt with the sexting and naught pics. I knew his hormones would be raging when he got home, but the anal scene. Whew, didn't expect that one. HOT Meredith.. HOT!
    Oh... oh. The pic's you put up this week are adorable. I love the kitties...."Just breath.. it's humpday" ☺ made me giggle.

    1. Thank you! I'm glad that you liked my story and my picture! :-)

  4. MmmHmmm. I have a thing about bottom holes and anal ~grin~ Bare bottomed spankings too, while we're at it. And, let's face it, she really shouldn't leave her clothes all over the floor.... tut, tut. tut! ~grin~

    1. Thank you! You're right...Melanie should know better than to leave her clothes lying around.

  5. Woah, I wasn't expecting that. Nothing like a day of sexting to make a man hot and bothered! Hot Hot Hot.
    Happy Birthday, Meredith.

  6. Happy Birthday! What is it with men and hot bottoms? They just can't seem to resist sticking fingers into them. Lucky for us ~giggle~ This was a hot one.

    1. Thank you! Yes, men cannot control the urge to put their fingers in things!