Monday, June 27, 2016

Meredith's Monday Musings: Manual Coloring Vs. Digital Coloring

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How are y'all doing today? It's Monday again! :-)

The topic for today is manual coloring vs digital coloring.

To clarify, I define manual coloring as the "old-fashion" coloring. Where a person is physically holding a crayon, marker, etc and coloring in a coloring book. Digital coloring, I define as, getting an app on your iPad, smartphone, etc and coloring with your finger or stylus.

I think everyone and their mother has noticed that coloring has become quite the trend. I can understand why. It's very relaxing being able to color. You don't have to focus on anything, you can let your worries fade away, and there's no pressure to make your picture perfect. For example, if I wanted to color a picture with purple grass, instead of green grass, that'd be okay.

With this trend becoming more and more popular, of course in our technological age, several apps popped up to color on your iPad or smart phone. Being the curious gal I am, I decided to check it out. I didn't know this digital coloring could have been better than the manual coloring I'd been doing my entire life.

I tried it out and I have to say, I don't like it all. When you color on your iPad or smart phone, you only have a limited number of colors to chose from and then you just click on the section of the coloring page, you want to be the color you chose.

I didn't like that at all because for me, what relaxes me so much when I color is the repetitive motion of getting to move my hand back and forth. Clicking on a section once to have it colored in entirely, takes away that relaxation.

Additionally, all of the coloring pages that come with these coloring apps have SOOO many lines with them. I don't like that at all. I enjoy having big open spaces to color, not constantly worrying if I'm staying in my lines or not. So yes, the coloring book that I have at home is one for young children because that's the only coloring book I could find that had pretty pictures with big open spaces for me to color.

That's all for now. I hope that everyone has a fantastic week!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

"Because that’s what I want to do, bella. I want to make your pussy mine." April Vine is visting with a HOT excerpt!

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Today, I have April Vine over on my blog to discuss her new book, The Billionaire's Bride! She brought over one heck of a hot snippet to share!

“Tell me, kitten.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Let go of me.”

“And why do you pretend to be sexually active… when you’re still a virgin.”

Without her promiscuous continuous drink-binging reputation, she was nothing but an empty shell feebly guiding a very scared person. And she’d rather he not saw the pathetic side of her.

“You don’t know anything about me, Domenico,” she said with quiet calm.

“I know you’re still a virgin. And your sexual experience comes from those romance novels you’re always reading.”

Balancing on the elbow of one of his arms, he used his other hand to grip his cock. He laid the entire length against her. She sank into the mattress, her body melted, boneless, mindless.

“I know because if I were to… if I were to sink into you, I’d have to stretch you first, to make me fit inside you. And if I went deeper, I’d bet all my money, you’d bleed. For me, gattino.”

He guided his cock up and down her pussy. She was so wet, so turned on, her liquid clung to the skin of his erection. She arched her back and he brushed her clit, sending her out of her body and into his. 

 He did it again, this time parting her folds, feeling exactly how hot and wet she was.

Madre di Dio,” he rasped. “Because that’s what I want to do, bella. I want to make your pussy mine. I want to slide in and watch as you accept me inside your body. And I want to go that deep inside you, and deeper, until I have marked you as mine. Forever.”

The Billlionaire's Bride Blurb

Twenty-three-year-old heiress Kassandra Elliot is used to doing as she pleases, so it comes as quite a surprise when handsome billionaire Domenico Bellini confronts her at a nightclub and tells her he is taking her home at her father’s request, whether she likes it or not. When she resists, Domenico tosses her over his shoulder, spanks her, and then makes it clear that she can either behave herself and listen to what he has to say or face more humiliating consequences.

Once he has her attention, Domenico informs Kassandra that their great-grandfathers signed a pact which requires him to wed her as a condition of their families keeping their inheritances. Though she is shocked by the idea of marrying a man she barely knows, Kassandra cannot bear the thought of letting her family down and she hesitantly agrees to the arrangement.

Domenico knows that his beautiful, feisty young wife needs to be taken in hand, but a tragedy earlier in his life makes him reluctant to show her the full extent of his dominance. Before long, however, he finds himself unable to resist the desire to strip her bare, spank her hard, and claim her thoroughly. Their passion is soon burning hotter with each passing day, but when they learn the dark secrets of each other’s pasts will that knowledge bind them together or tear them apart? 

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Thanks for visiting, April! :-) 

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Monday, June 20, 2016

Meredith's Monday Musings: Morning Writing Vs. Evening Writing

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Man, I can't believe that it's Monday already! It feels like it was yesterday when I was attempting to fix up my blog. I still need to work on that. Seriously, I think doing a complicated math problem would be easier than fixing my blog up.

Anywho, today's topic is all about morning writing vs. evening writing. With all of the writing that I've been doing this summer, I've discovered that I am a morning writer. After waking up, eating breakfast, I can sit down and pump out 4,000 words easy. I consider that a pretty good writing day.

When I would try to save my writing for nighttime, I would hardly get anything done. I would be tired and get easily distracted. I would rather watch Netflix or talk to my friends. So, I'd end up getting like 500 words written, if that.

For me, writing in the morning is easier than writing at nighttime because I'm not tired and I haven't gone through the day, so I have nothing to talk about or think about, beside writing.

Now that I know this, I will for sure, schedule my writing time in the mornings, so I can get as much writing done as possible. Hopefully, this will lead to me publishing a couple more books in a year, but who knows?

I hope that all authors discover when their best writing time is. I've been an author for almost two years, and it has taken me this long to finally figure out when the best time for me to write is.

If authors do know when the best time for them to write is, I wonder if more authors write better in the mornings or in the evenings. It's different for everyone. Some might enjoy writing at nighttime, as a way to forget about the stresses of the day. Some might be able to write whenever they wish. Each person is different and there's no right way.

That's all for now! I hope that everyone has a great week!!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Callie and her Daddy have fun together! Mary Wehr is visiting with a hot snippet from her latest book, Callie's Daddy!

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Today, Mary Wehr is visiting with a hot snippet from her latest book, Callie's Daddy!! The cover alone had me wanting to purchase this story! It's on my kindle and I can't wait to read it! :-) 

Brandon leaned over her and licked the shell of her ear. “Your skin is so nice and pink. Tell me, does my dirty girl want a good ramming from her daddy?” Broad fingers played with her labia.

She pushed back against his touch. “Oh, yes, Daddy Brand, ram me good, please,” she panted, rubbing her nipples against the cool cherry wood. She heard him loosening his trousers, but couldn’t wait and inched her way to the end of the desk, intent on humping the rounded corner. A slap landed squarely on her sore ass.

“Are you trying to hump my desk, dirty girl?” He pushed a finger deep inside her pussy. She groaned, rising on her tiptoes for more. “Hmm, how wet you are.” He added another finger, scraping in and out her sensitized flesh. Callie stuck out her buttocks and mewled. “You like when daddy fingers your pussy, don’t you?”

“Oh, yes, it feels so good.” She ground her hips. “Daddy, I want more. I want something bigger and harder in there.”

He pulled out his fingers nice and slow and, from the corner of her eye she saw him raise them to his nose. “You smell so sweet and good. I’ll give you something hard, but first I want to taste you. Would you like daddy’s tongue between your legs?”

Callie wasted no time in flipping over on her back.

Brandon chuckled. “Now that’s an order you have no trouble following.”

“Nope.” She set her feet flat on the desk and parted her knees. “Lick me, daddy. I ache so.” She burned hot as his sizzling gaze roamed slowly over that part of her that wept for his attention.
Show daddy where you ache, Callie mine.”

Callie’s hand shook slightly as she touched herself between her legs. “Right here.” Using her other hand, she spread the folds of her sex.

Brandon stared at her, his eyes deepening to a darker blue. “Your delicate pink flower belongs to daddy.” His tongue fluttered along the length of her inner thighs, making her squirm. He kissed the swollen bud. “Come for me. Give daddy your special cream from that sweet little cunt.”

Callie writhed and moaned as his mouth latched onto her flesh. He slid both hands beneath her buttocks, lifting her higher, and buried his face between her legs. She grabbed onto his forearms and bucked against his mouth. It felt as if his tongue was licking her everywhere at the same time. He nipped her clit then lapped at the bite, soothing the area with long licks as he worked his way down to her dark hole. He tongued her there. Once. Twice. Callie’s breath came short and fast. Brandon moved his way back up to her entrance and covered her opening with his mouth. His tongue slipped inside and her entire body shook with the force of her orgasm.

Brandon grabbed hold of her hips. “Daddy’s going to give it to you good.” He drove himself inside her and she cried out. It didn’t take long for her to match his thrusts. “I’ll punish this sweet wet pussy of yours so you’ll think twice about showing off what’s mine. I’ll teach you who’s in charge.” She moaned in reply.

“Daddy, that special feeling is coming again.” Her breath quickened.

“Just let it come, princess. Let your daddy pleasure you one more time.”

Callie's Daddy Blurb

Twenty-six-year-old Callie Shaw has needed a father figure in her life for many years, and when she meets Brandon Clay she wonders if she might have found the man to fill that role at last. Though he spoils her and loves her dearly, Brandon is not a man to be trifled with, and when Callie lies to him and puts herself in danger she soon finds herself bent over her new daddy’s lap for a stinging spanking on her bare bottom.

Though he does not hesitate to chastise her firmly when she misbehaves, Brandon never fails to hold Callie in his arms when her punishment is over, and his strict but loving discipline ignites a fire in her which can only be quenched by surrendering her body to his masterful lovemaking. But is she truly prepared to trust her daddy to do what is best for her, even when she has been really naughty and she knows that the spanking she has coming is one she will never forget?

Publisher’s Note: Callie’s Daddy is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, age play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author Bio

Mary lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and a variety of pets inside the house and outside. Critters are always running around in her backyard looking for food. Being outside and surrounded by nature is her favorite pastime. She loves to read and write romances with strong stern heroes and sassy, feisty ladies. She writes Historical Westerns and Contemporary romances. ‘Callie’s Daddy’ is her first Ageplay romance. 

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