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Maddie Taylor and Melody Parks are here TODAY!!!

Hi Everyone. Today I'm lucky enough to have authors Maddie Taylor and Melody Parks here to talk about their new panty sizzling book, Pleasure Bay.

Ladies, it is such an honor to have you both here today. Now, let's get started, shall we?

MO: What inspired you to write Pleasure Bay? Have you gone on vacation somewhere that reminded you of this place?

MP: Thank you for having us today, Meredith. I’m so excited to talk about Pleasure Bay and how it all got started. The idea for Pleasure Bay was all Maddie’s. When she asked me to Co-author a book with her, that was all the inspiration I needed. It’s an honor to see my name on a cover with her.

MT:  Aw, Melody, that’s sweet.  It was a joy to work with you.  My inspiration?  I’ve just always had a recurring fantasy about a kinky Fantasy Island.  Now we’ve made it come to life.

MO: I can relate with you there Maddie. Who doesn't have a fantasy about a steamy vacation? Now could you please tell us a little bit about your story? 

MP: The plot resides mostly with Mariah and Dimitri. As a rich entrepreneur D has established the wonderful Island of Pleasure Bay, but it wouldn’t be what it is today without the help of sweet little Mariah. Early on, readers will see the craving those two have for each other, but unfortunately Mariah is apprehensive about getting back into a D/s relationship and for good reason that I won’t share. Don’t want to spoil anything ;)

MO: As the plot between D and Mariah plays behind the scenes so to speak, we learn more about the guests who are visiting Pleasure Bay. What their fantasies are and how those fantasies reach fulfillment. And let me just say, Sydney Green, Jennifer Reed, and Shane Moore have some seriously hot fantasies. 

MT:  I just want to add there is so much to enjoy on Dimitri’s island that you won’t want to leave.  For example; water play (in a grotto and beneath a waterfall), very red bottoms, and lots and lots of sensual satisfaction on Pleasure Bay.

MO: Both of you are right that this island would be very enjoyable. I think if I ever went there, they'd have to drag me out of there kicking and screaming. It sounded like pure paradise. 
Melody, you said that this story was focused on four couples, what made you think to incorporate four different couples in to this story instead of the traditional one main couple per story?

MP: Again, Maddie’s idea. But don’t you think having more characters makes a book more interesting? I do. And by each of us taking on certain characters it gave us the freedom to write those characters each in our own unique voice. We shared the theme and a few of the characters, but when it came down to the main couples we each created our own.

MO: You're right there Melody. Having four couples did make this book more interesting. While I was reading it, I loved how each chapter would switch couples. It kept me wondering what was going to come next when I started another chapter. 
Due to the fact that there were so many different couples in this story, it resulted in a lot of steamy scenes. ~Fanning myself, just thinking about all of those hot and sweaty scenes~ How did you guys come up with so many sexy scenes, while not making a single one sound alike? Do the scenes just pop in to your head or else do you watch something and be like—that would fit perfectly into my book if I changed this, etc. 

MP: This is where Maddie and I differ. For me, I mull my characters over in my head until they start talking to me and telling who they are, what they want and or need and then I sit down and let them use my fingers for a while. I hardly ever watch television so my scenes and ideas all stem from my very own imagination and then I let the characters take over from there.

MT: Mine pop into my head, usually in very inappropriate times, in the waiting room at the doctor, driving down the interstate, when I’m at the grocery store and think of ramming my cart into the very sexy man in the produce aisle, or now.  Be right back.  LOL  But seriously, it is always when I don’t have pen and paper, or my laptop handy.

MO: That happens to you too Maddie?! I can not tell you how many times I'm at work or in class and stories come to me. Melody I'm like you and when I do write, my characters take control of my fingers too.
This question is very similar to the one above, but there is a lot of spanking in this book, how do you come up with so many different spanking scenarios and not have them sound alike? 

MP: That’s a good question Meredith. I think Maddie can answer this one better than I can. For me though, I like to add a little something along with the spanking in a scene that sets it apart. It also depends on why the spanking is happening. If it’s a punishment spanking, it’s going to differ greatly from one that is a ‘funishment’ or playful spanking deemed more for erotic pleasure than needful correction.

MT:  This was my fifteenth book.  Wow!  I can’t believe it.  All are BDSM or spanking romances, so I have written a lot of spanking scenes, but really, the sky is the limit.  There are so many variations on the theme: place, position, implements, public (some people don’t like that), private, consensual, non-consensual (a lot of people don’t like that). I really don’t see myself running out of ideas for decades.  LOL  The truth is, I do try to make the spankings occur in a consensual context, due to some past personal issues that I won’t go into here.  Even the non-con in my historicals, which really lend themselves to the little woman being taken in hand, they are between loving monogamous couples and the spankee is always rewarded with something very pleasant in the end.  These are love stories after all and I am a hopeless romantic.  So a must for me is a happily ever after.

MO: Fifteenth book...Wow! Congratulations Maddie! I never thought about it, but I see both of your points that the setting and the context of a spanking would make each one different and not sound repetitive.  
What are each of your writing processes like? Do you come up with a scenario and then shape your story around that or else do you just start writing a story and the scenarios kept coming out as you went along?

MP: Maddie and I worked with her outline/theme. We brainstormed and collaborated until we were both in the same frame of mind and then created the characters and couples. She started to write out her characters and I started mine. We talked personally once a week about how our characters were going to be represented and what kind of eroticism to add to the scenes so that we were not both writing the same thing with different characters. Believe it or not… when we talked about Shane and Katie it was Maddie who suggested the idea of him being a switch. I was like ‘oh boy I can have a lot of fun with that’ and I did.

MT:  Don’t let Melody fool you, she is very creative and as a hugely vivid imagination.  If we were to rate the couples kink factor on a scaled of 1-5, hers would be off the chart.

MO: Maddie I think it's safe to say that after reading this book along with Melody you also are very creative and have vivid imaginations. 
How was it co-authoring this book? Did it change your writing process at all? What made you want to co-author a book? Would you consider co-authoring a book again with each other or maybe someone else?

MP: Co-authoring was A LOT of fun as well as a wonderful learning process. We all have our own unique strengths and weaknesses when it comes to writing and I feel that working with Maddie has helped me greatly in reining in my style as well as my voice. Her suggestions during the editing process were amazing and truly helped me up my game. Hell Yes, I would co-author again with Maddie. She’s so much fun to work with.

MT:  It was a blast.  The reason I wanted to do it was because I was thinking 4 couples, 4 scenes, about 20k a piece.  Easy peasy.  Then I thought, if I share the load with a friend, then it’s half the work, a lot of fun and a chance for the different characters to have different voices and perspectives.  We also were built in editors and beta readers, which was awesome.  Melody and I have been doing that a long time, so we tell it like it is.  What was that word, Melody?  I can’t remember, but every time I read it I went ‘eww, can we think of something else?’  Then I realized I used it in one of my scenes at the end of the book.  Too funny.  It must have been like a hypnotic suggestion or something.

MO: two are so cute. You're making me want to co-author with someone now. It sounds like it would be so much fun! 
Here's the big question that I'm sure everyone wants to know. Is there a possible sequel in the works? ~I fold my hands together.. chanting please say yes, please say yes! ~

MP: So many people have asked that in the last week. Yes, Pleasure Bay will go on and bring readers more of what happens with D and Mariah as well as some of the secondary characters getting in on the action. Maddie’s got something good brewing with Gunner—the sadist with the bullwip and I am dying to see how she does with her sadistic side. She claims I am corrupting her.. ha-ha… we’ll see.

MT:  I can’t wait to get a naughty submissive as a sous-chef in Chef Byron’s kitchen.  Sous means under, imagine being under Byron’s thumb, palm or wooden spoon in the kitchen.  As Dimitri says, ‘He ran his kitchen like a five-star general with military precision and the expectation of perfection. He was arrogant, bold, and brash, making Chef Ramsay look like an altar boy by comparison.’

MO: ~Punches fist in the air, and shout out YES!~ I'm so happy to hear that there will be another trip to Pleasure Bay. 
Now as much as I loved Pleasure Bay, could you tell us a little bit about yourselves? What are you guys like when you aren't creating steamy spanking scenes?

MP: When I’m not writing, I am normally on the social networking sites like twitter and Facebook. I share a lot on twitter and I’m trying to up my game on facebook as well. I really enjoy being a team player and sharing other authors work along with my own. Oddly, I’m kind of shy when it comes to tooting my own horn as they say.

I’m also a major computer geek. It’s a bit of a side job for me. People bring me their computers full of viruses or mechanical failures and I fix them for a low, low fee of almost free. LOL.

MT:  I work full time on a day job.  I am a nurse that left the stagnation of administrative hospital work behind about 7 years ago.  I paid my dues and learned a lot, but it is back breaking, stressful and often thankless work.  Now, I work from home as a case manager and have a case load of patient’s doing home visits.  LOVE IT!  I am responsible for my caseload and myself, no one else so I can focus on them which is what is important.  So that’s 80 hour work weeks between work and writing.  That leaves sleeping, which I do very little of.  Zzzzzzzz.  Uh, what was your question?  LOL

MO: Melody you have again been the biggest help in the world to me. I wouldn't have this blog or probably have posted this post correctly without you. ;-) Maddie I couldn't even imagine how much work and responsibility it is to be a nurse...that's why I decided to go to school to be a dental hygienist. :-) 

MO: Now I read this off another author interview and decided to ask six quick questions:

MO: What is your favorite food?

MP: Seafood. I see food… I eat it! LOL!

MO: I have the same favorite food as you Mel! 

MT:  Anything with cream cheese, cheese cake especially.

MO: Who is your favorite music artist?

MP: It’s a toss up between Adel and Evenesence.

MT:  That’s a toughie.  I don’t think I have one.  My ipod is full of PINK, Kelly Clarkson, some 80’s hair bands, like Bon Jovi (love him stil), lots of Journey, and just a bit of country music – Rascall Flatts, Blake Shelton (hooked me from The Voice) and Chris Young’s Tomorrow.  Sad sound, but that deep rumbling voice gets to me.  Yowza!

MO: Maddie you just described what's on my iPod. :-) 

MO: What is the last book that you've read?

MP: Little Samantha’s Choice by Meredith O’Reilly.  ;) And next is Exile to Unity by Tara Finnegan.

MT:  Loki Renard’s The Barbarian’s Bride.  Those barbarians get to me too.  I’m a big Joanna Lindsey fan.  Love those bodice rippers of old.  Favorite is Defy Not the Heart.  Ranulf is still one of my favorite hero’s and if you havne’t read it, yes my spanko friends, there is an OTK scene in it that you will enjoy.  Mild by our standards, but titillating.

MO: If you could have dinner with five famous people (dead or alive) who would you chose?

MP: I’m not so sure I’d want to have dinner with anyone famous. I wouldn’t know which fork or spoon to use. LOL.  I’ll just skip this one… lol

MT:  Um,  well… duh.  Next!  LOL

MO: What is your favorite color?

MP: Purple. I love purple.

MT:  Oh, Melody, no wonder we get along so well.  I love purple too.

MO: Pick your top three favorite romance genres. (BDSM, contemporary, age play, historical, domestic discipline, etc.) 

MP: Top on my list is BDSM. Dark erotica or erotic horror. And DD simply because I am so curious about it and how people do it.

MT:  BDSM, historical (particularly Victorian era - either England or the old west – that was Victorian too), contemporary.

MO: I want to thank you both. It has been a real treat to have you on my blog. Best luck with your new book Pleasure Bay...who are we kidding, everyone already LOVES it! :-)

MP: And thank you Meredith for having us here. I think you’re a wonderful new author with great potential. I adored Little Samantha’s Choice.

MO: ~Entire face flushes~ Thanks Mel. I'm glad that you enjoyed Little Samantha's Choice.

In case anyone is interested, Little Samantha's Choice can be found here:

MT:  Thanks for gently raking us over the coals Meredith.  Great questions.  I think it’s funny that Mel and I both skipped the same one.  We must have been sisters in a former life-I swear.

Pleasure Bay Cover

Pleasure Bay Blurb:
Dimitri De Luca is in the business of meeting needs—the kind of needs that people blush to discuss—and at Pleasure Bay, the BDSM-themed resort he owns on a private Caribbean island, business is good. With the help of his guest relations expert, Mariah Charmant, the pricey oasis promises an experience like no other. But Dimitri has something he needs as well… Mariah. 

Mariah has been hurt before, and even as she makes one perfect match after another for others, she wonders if she can trust herself with her own heart. Despite the darkness of her past, she longs for Dimitri to claim her and dominate her completely, but can she bring herself to call him her master?

Pleasure Bay Excerpt: This excerpt comes from Sydney, the sassy strawberry blonde as the plane to Pleasure Bay reaches the island.

Looking out the window as the plane banked sharply to the right, Sydney watched as Jamaica got smaller and farther away. She’d done it, taken the giant step to making her secret fantasy come true. She couldn’t believe she had the balls!....

Shifting in her seat, she ran a hand over the shimmering ecru scooped-neck sheath she wore. She admired the twinkling beadwork and lavish embellishments that sparkled as she moved. It fit her curves snugly, although a bit short for her taste; the hemline that sat at mid-thigh when standing had migrated north. As she tugged it in place, she second-guessed her decision to wear such a form-fitting dress, but when in Rome… What else did one wear to a sex and kink fantasy resort cocktail party? Leather? No way! 

“The detail on your dress is spectacular.”

Sydney’s eyes flew up. The redhead smiled at her.

“Thank you, but I can’t take credit. It’s D&G.” At her puzzled look, Sydney explained. “Dolce and Gabbana.” 


Sydney admired her sleeveless black chiffon, contoured low in the front and edged with beads that accentuated her curvy figure. “Let me guess, Oscar De La Renta?” 

“Would you believe, Twice Remembered?” 

“I’m sorry?” 

The red-haired siren’s laugh filled the small cabin; others looked up at her and smiled at the sound. Sydney grinned in response; her laugh was infectious. 

“It’s a consignment shop back home. I didn’t even check the tag. I just liked how it looked.” 

Sydney leaned in close. “I have a confession. I borrowed mine. I own the boutique, but I can’t actually afford to buy my stuff retail. I’m Sydney, by the way.” 

“I’m Jen,” she answered, still smiling. 

“First time for you?” 

An odd look crossed Jen’s face and Sydney regretted her question. “I’m sorry; I know this is all very private.” 

“No, it’s fine, and yes, my first time to Pleasure Bay. I’m hoping it will be as good as I’ve dreamed.” 

“Me too, but the closer I get, the more I think this was a crazy idea.”

Thank you all for visiting today and I hope you find as much pleasure reading Pleasure Bay as I have. If you’d like to know more about Maddie and Melody and Pleasure Bay you can follow the links below. 

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Where can we find these wonderful authors online?

Maddie’s Twitter account:

Now what about Melody? Where can we find her? 

Melody’s Twitter account:

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Samanantha and Jackson: In Between the Sheets!


This week, I've decided to share an excerpt from my book, Little Samantha's Choice that came out this past Saturday.

“Jackson!” I cried, starting to get frustrated when he just sat there, looking at me.

“Sorry. It just feels like forever since we have had sex. I want to memorize your body.”

“Do it later or else I’ll have to take care of myself!” I said, while I brought one of my hands to play with my nipples, while my other trailed down to the apex at my thighs. My breath hitched when my thumb started to rub slow circles on my clit.

I heard Jackson growl and then both of my hands were trapped in one of his and he was holding them above the bed.

“Your body is mine. You will never take care of it by yourself,” he said, right before he smashed his lips against mine again.

I think it's so endearing that after not having sex for a few weeks, that Jackson wants to take the time to memorize Samantha's body. He's such a sweet husband. Samantha on the other hand seems like that she needs a spanking for being bratty!

Thank you so much for stopping by today! Make sure to go visit the other blogs! They're just as sizzling if not more so!

Buy Links for Little Samantha's Choice


Barnes and Noble:

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Little Samantha's Choice is on SatSpanks!

Before you go reading my eight lines, make sure to read the blurb of Little Samantha's Choice!

After twenty-five-year-old Samantha Briggs leaves an initially minor sickness untreated, the illness worsens quickly and she ends up feverishly sleeping the weekend away. Her husband, Jackson, stays by her side and sees to all of her needs. But when she wakes up wearing a diaper and footie pajamas, she is furious. Jackson apologizes, but he does admit that he has always yearned to care for Samantha like a loving daddy.

Samantha is shaken by this revelation, but after some reading and some thinking, she agrees to try being Jackson’s little girl. She soon finds herself happily immersed in a land of games, dolls, bedtime stories, and her daddy’s loving care for her every need. She isn’t sure how she feels about wearing a diaper, and she definitely doesn’t like the spankings she gets when she’s naughty, but the peaceful surrender that comes with being her daddy’s little girl makes her feel as though every stressful part of her life has been erased.

Samantha and Jackson fall into a routine: she is an adult on the weekdays, and a little girl—and sometimes a baby—on the weekends. But when she slips up and embarrasses herself by behaving childishly during a stressful morning at work, she reconsiders their new relationship. Will she give up the lifestyle she’s grown to love so much, or can she come to accept that there is nothing wrong with choosing to be her daddy’s little girl?

Now here are my eight lines from Little Samantha's Choice!

Daddy brought the pacifier to my lips, but I shook my head and kept my mouth shut tight.

“We have to do this the hard way then,” he sighed as he picked me up and carried me into his office. He sat down on the couch and positioned me over his lap. When I felt him pull down my pants and underwear, I knew what was coming.

Smack! His hand felt like it was made out of wood as it squarely hit my bottom.

“Ah! Daddy! Stop! Only babies use pacifiers!” I shouted, all the while trying to move my butt so my daddy wouldn’t spank it.

Smack! “You will do as your daddy says,” he scolded, continuing to rain slaps down on my increasingly aching bottom.

If you all liked that, there is more where it came from, in Little Samantha's Choice! Little Samantha's Choice was released TODAY!

To see other author's SatSpanks post click on this link:

Happy Saturday Everyone! :-)

That Excerpt I Promised...

Greetings All!

It's almost here! Only 1 day, 9 hours, and 29 minutes left until Little Samantha's Choice is available for purchase! But, who's counting. *Wink, Wink!*

As promised in my first post, I have an excerpt for y'all of Little Samantha's Choice. Here it is:

When I opened the door I was not expecting to find what I did. The walls were a light pink with white trim on the top and bottom, and the room smelled like baby powder. To my left there was a big dresser and on top of it was a changing pad. I walked over to it and pulled open all of the drawers to discover bottles, pacifiers, Disney Princess underwear, those super comfy footie pajamas, socks, some other clothes, and diapers. I then closed all the drawers, turning my attention to the changing pad. It was white and was rather large, and I knew I could easily fit on top of it. I felt it, and it felt soft. Overall, it just looked like a regular changing table, except that it was made for adults.

At the end of the room, on the left side, there was a chest filled with toys. Near the chest was a doll house and a pile of dolls.

I hadnt played with a dollhouse or dolls in years. I had loved my dollhouse and dolls when I was growing up, but my mother had given them away to charity when I was ten years old. My mom had told me that I was too old to be playing with a dollhouse and dolls and some poor little girl would have more fun playing with them.

I remembered how heartbroken I had been. Despite what my mother had said, I had still loved playing with dolls and my dollhouse at ten years old. But she wouldnt listen to me. I had cried in my room for an entire weekend until my dad gave me a doll. I had been so happy, but he made me promise not to let my mother ever find it. I promised and secretly would play with my doll, always having a blast with her. I still had that doll; it was packed away in a box somewhere in our storage unit.

I shook my head, breaking myself out of my thoughts as I looked around the room. On the opposite side of the chest there was a bookcase filled with little kid books. In between the chest and bookcase was a huge rocking chair with pink pillows on it. On the right side of the room were two beds. One bed had rails around it, and I realized that it was a cribanother piece of baby furniture made for adults. It even had a mobile hanging above it. But the second bed was what caught my eye. It was a day bed with a canopy above it, and on the bed were a bunch of stuffed animals! In the center, there was an American Girl doll. It was the Molly American Girl doll!

I ran over, jumped on the bed, grabbed Molly, and gave her a big hug. As a little girl, I had read all the American Girl books. I had always wanted an American Girl doll, but my parents had told me that they would not buy one for me because it would be a waste of their money and I would quickly get tired of playing with it.

That didnt matter now because I finally had one, and I was going to take very good care of her, like every good mommy should.

I hope that you all liked that. If you want even more where that came from, then make sure to mark Little Samantha's Choice on your list of books to read! 

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There's a New Girl in Town!

Hi Everyone! This is my first blog and like all first things in life, they tend to be the most awkward. So, bare with me, and hopefully these blogs will get better...

I'm Meredith O'Reilly. I'm a romance author and I have to say that it is the world's best job, hands down. Yet, I'll be off to college soon to get a degree in the something completely different than a degree an author would need. Go figure. I love reading, I'll read anything. I also love to write and right now I'm working on a few stories! 

Actually, I have a book coming out on July-26th! This Saturday! I'm SO excited as everyone can tell by the amount of explanation points I'm using! This novel is titled Little Samantha's Choice. It's about a wife, Samantha, who finds out that her husband, Jackson, has a secret age play fetish. Together they explore a new side of their marriage and in the end, Samantha has to decide if being her Daddy's little girl is okay or not.    

Here's the cover for Little Samantha's Choice. I would like to give a shout out to Korey Mae Johnson for creating such an awesome one!

Little Samantha's Choice is an amazing book. It is one that readers won't want to miss! Also, keep your eyes open because very soon I will be posting an excerpt from Little Samantha's Choice!