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Megan Michaels is Here to Visit Today!

Hi Everyone!

Today I am lucky enough to have Megan Michaels stop by my blog to answer some questions about her newly released age play book, The Little Princess Cruise. 

Thanks for coming Megan. Let's get started. So, please tell us a little bit about your story?

This is a story about five married couples who all practice the Daddy/little girl dynamic. They’re on a Little Princess Cruise for Daddies and littles. It’s a cruise to connect couples with classes for the Daddy Doms and mani/pedi times for the girls. They have fun bonding with their new friends and the girls decide to do a large prank on all the people on the ship.

Oh, I'm predicting some very sore bottoms because of that prank. What made you decide to write an age play novel?

I had written a sexy little story for Natasha Knight—just something to make her smile. She fell in love with it and told me if I could add 10,000 words she’d connect me with a publisher and the rest is history. I never planned on age play, but when I was writing it just flowed out of me. It’s very natural for me to write age play. I like the nurturing and protectiveness of a Daddy Dom and the sweetness and impishness of a little.

All the Daddy Doms in your story were very sweet, especially Bob, whose little is Becca. She was an interesting character to read since she regressed in to a teenager. What gave you the inspiration to write about a little who regressed to a teenager?

During the course of researching Daddies and littles, I saw that some women only regressed to a teen. It piqued my curiosity. You usually hear of babies, toddlers, small children. But a teenager, now that’s interesting. How would a teenager act, what would be the issues she had to work out with her Daddy and what struggles would there be with discipline. I loved writing Becca. It was fun to write the rebellious and defiant behavior of a teen from the other end of the spectrum. I had a blast.

It was fun to read those spanking scenes with Becca. I also found it very interesting that you had a scene where the Daddies all get together and talk about their littles. What made you think to do that?

Well, I was trying to think of an educational Daddy/little cruise. So I thought, if I had the Captain of the ship be a Daddy Dom who would run the classes, then the Daddies could explore things they would like to experiment with or get answers to questions. It took a lot of research to make sure these were accurate and correct.

There are so many spanking scenes in The Little Princess Cruise, how did you come up with so many and not make them sound similar?

Well I went with the flow of the scene and what spankings would be appropriate. The figging fit with Gabby’s burning and stinging words used to humiliate an employee. A figging has all those qualities. Anal as a punishment for Becca’s defiance and mouthiness fit. A public caning as punishment for the prank done on all the guests of the ship by the littles, again seemed appropriate.

Here's a question that I love to ask every author who I interview. What is your writing process?

I am a total pantser. I usually have a premise, some of the first chapter and the ending. I may have an idea, i.e. the seminars, mani/pedi and public caning. The rest comes as a surprise to me as well as the readers.

The Little Princess Cruise ended with, To be continued... so, I assume that there will be a sequel and if so, when is it coming out?

Well, I am hoping to have it out at the end of this year. I am currently writing a D/s book. Once that is at the publishers, I will start immediately on the Babysitting Club.

Putting aside the talk of your hot book, who is the real Megan Michaels when she isn't writing?

She is a wife and mother. I am in a growing and evolving D/s relationship with my husband—which has been deeply gratifying. I am a caregiver and nurturer by heart. I am happiest when I am cooking and taking care of my family.

Let's play my favorite game...the five question game! :-) What is your favorite genre of books to read?
Spanking, BDSM and historical fiction.

What is your favorite color?

What is your idea of the perfect day?
Sitting on the deck with my family listening to music and drinking Margaritas

What is the last song that you listened to?
Girls Chase Boys by Ingrid Michaelson

What is your favorite T.V show?
Right now it is Outlander—in another week it will be Sons of Anarchy!!

Another Sons of Anarchy fan! I can't wait for the show to come back either! I just had to add this picture!

Before you go, here's an excerpt from The Little Princess Cruise!

             "Don’t, baby. Wait. Let me talk first.” He put his hands up to stay her talking. “I know this is difficult and I know that this goes against everything you have been taught and trained. To be infantilized like this seems too much. I don’t want this to injure your spirit and if you feel that is happening, I want you to tell me and we will come up with something different for you to wear. I think it’s adorable and it isn’t my first choice of dresses for you—as a matter of fact—I can think of a dozen things I would rather see you in.” Gabby was nodding.
“But this is to remind you that you acted as a child,” he held the dress up to stress his point. “That you were irresponsible, disrespectful, defiant, and impulsive—like a small child. Therefore, dressing and being treated as a small child for a couple days will reinforce the immaturity of your decision-making. But the benefit of you being in the role of a small child is I get to show you how much I adore you. I get to cuddle you, cradle you in my arms, and meet your every need and want. You have to rely on me for everything. And I have to tell you, I am loving your dependence. I have taken on the role of Daddy because I love nurturing and caring for you. I love when you look to me for answers, hugs, and even, correction.” He walked up to her and was rubbing his hands on her arms as he talked.
“So if you don’t want this dress on tonight”—He paused look at her in her dress—“and it really hurts and offends you, just say the word and we will stop and dress you in something else. But if—after you’ve thought about it—you realize that deep down there is a part of you that likes being a little girl, Daddy Jace’s Bad Baby Gabby, then come out in this dress and we’ll go to dinner. I’m going to leave you alone and you can do some soul searching and see if this is for you. There’s no wrong decision. I love you and want you to be happy in this role and as we move to new areas, we’ll renegotiate until we come to a place where we’re both comfortable. I’ll be in the living room reading.” He pointed to the sitting area in their cabin where his Kindle was resting in a chair. “Come out wearing whatever you’re comfortable with. I love you Bad Baby Gabby.” He stroked her cheek, kissing her nose and walked away leaving her with her thoughts.

* * *

Gabby stood in the mirror looking at herself in her dress.
Good grief. I look ridiculous.
She looked like she was draped in cotton candy; the only thing missing was one of those huge lollipops in her hand. She was a CEO for God’s sake; she ran a family business and wore suits every day. People looked up to her, sought her advice, and relied on her expertise. What in the hell would they think if anyone ever saw her in this pretty little dress? She would lose any sense of credibility she had, possibly she would lose her business. But in all reality, she was on a ship and the only people on this ship were the ones that were in the Daddy/little girl community.
She turned to look at the back of the dress again and when she turned it flared out. On a whim, she twirled and watched the skirt flounce up and it was so pretty. The lace at the bottom had little sequins on it and the light caught the little gems and made patterns on the walls and the mirror. With her little white socks on the hardwood floor, she was able to spin easily. After one of her spins she grabbed her princess wand off the dresser and started spinning with the wand making its music at the same time. She started to giggle at the freedom and silliness and yet she felt—adorable, sweet, and cute.
“Aren’t you just adorable?”
She turned to see Jace leaning his shoulder against the doorway, arms crossed and his left leg crossed over the right just watching her. She smiled back and blushed.
“Hi, Daddy.”
“Hi, sweetie. I could watch you being this free all day. There is a comfort in being little that you didn’t get to feel as a child. I’m sorry that was taken from you, but this is your way to recapture your childhood if you want it back. Do you want to be Daddy Jace’s baby girl for a couple days?”
“Yes, Daddy. I do.” She couldn’t contain the smile or the happiness that bubbled up in her. “I think I might like it. Just not all the time. But if we pick designated weekends to do this, I might really like it.”
“I was hoping to hear you say that, sweetie.” He pushed off the doorway and walked up to her, pulling her into his embrace. “Let’s put your pretty shoes on and see all the other bad babies.”
“Do you have to call us that?” Gabby rolled her eyes and sighed in exasperation.
Jace gave her a smile that warmed her heart. “Well, I don’t have to, but I like the sound of it and if the shoe fits…” He then took the little white Mary Jane shoe and tossed it in the air catching it and waving at her.
“That is not funny.
“It’s hysterical. You just don’t appreciate the humor. C’mon over baby.” Jace patted the bed so she could sit down. He put the little white shoes on her feet. She looked like a little girl with her little white ankle socks with a lace edging and pretty little Mary Jane shoes.
All my friends better be dressed like this or I swear I am going to kill Daddy Jace.

The Little Princess Cruise Blurb:

When they are at home, Gabrielle’s husband, Jace, is her daddy and she is his little girl, but at work she is the CEO of her family’s business. Switching back and forth from her adult role to her little girl role every day is stressful at times, and when Gabby hears about a “Little Princess Cruise” designed specifically for couples like her and Jace, she jumps at the opportunity.

Gabby meets lots of other little girls aboard the ship and she quickly befriends Becca, a defiant, mouthy brat who constantly tests her daddy’s patience and earns herself a sore bottom. The girls bask in each other’s company while their daddies meet with the captain of the ship. The captain teaches them new ways to discipline their little girls, explains the finer points of medical play, and describes how bad or good baby weekends can be used as punishments or rewards.

Becca and some of the naughtier girls decide to play a prank on everyone aboard the ship, and though Gabby initially resists, not wanting to displease her daddy, she eventually gives in. But when the captain finds out about their antics, the girls find themselves in deep trouble. These naughty little girls will not only be soundly spanked until their bare bottoms are red and sore and tears are running down their faces, they will also soon discover what a bad baby day is all about.

Publisher’s Note: The Little Princess Cruise is a stand-alone erotic novel which includes some of the characters introduced in What Naughty Little Girls Get. It contains spankings, sexual scenes, age play, medical play, anal play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Thank you for visiting Megan! 

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Juliana Survives Her First Spanking

Hello All! 

Another week has passed. These weeks are seriously going by way to fast! I don't want summer to go 
because it means that we are that much closer to winter! *Shivers* Any who, I hope that y'all had a great
week and now it's time to relax and read some spanking snippets! :-)

In this scene, Juliana has experienced her first spanking from Robert and it wasn't what she had 

After several minutes of more teary sorries, I finally shed my last tear and looked up at Robert. This spanking was nothing like how Boyle's had been. It did hurt a lot, but it was bearable. Granted, even though they were bearable, didn't mean that I would be going out of my way to get another one again.

"Thank you, for doing that." I whimpered.

"Do you want to tell me now, why you wanted a spanking? Earlier you said that you hated spankings."

I looked down at my fingers in my lap, not sure if I was ready to admit why I wanted him to spank me. I didn't want him to get angry that I thought he would act like Boyle when he was punishing me.

So, that's it for this week. Make sure to go hop along and check out other author's posts! I hope that everyone has a fun and safe Labor Day weekend!

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Samantha Finally Gets Her Fantasy!

Hi Everyone!

I can't believe that another week has passed! I've finished one and a half weeks of school. Only fourteen and a half more to go until Christmas break!!! :-) (But, who's counting?)

Now let's get on to my snippet! So, this is from my book, Little Samantha's Choice. Jackson has decided to fulfill Samantha's fantasy of being kidnapped!

“Wake up, darling,” I heard, as I felt myself being picked up.

“What?” I asked, not sure where I was. Then I realized that I couldn’t see and thought, oh duh, I’m being kidnapped right now. I also realized at that moment that I was being carried.

“I brought you to a very fancy hotel. A beauty such as yours deserves only the best.”

I was still waking up when I heard the ping of an elevator and then felt the elevator going up.

“Wh-what are you g-going to do w-with me?” I asked, deciding to get back into my fantasy.

“I couldn’t tell you that, now could I? Don’t want to give away the surprises.”

“You aren’t going to get away with this. You could go to prison for it!”

Just then the elevator stopped and pinged again, announcing we were at our destination.

I felt my captor take a few steps and then he said, “I’m not worried about going to prison, darling. I’m going to put you down. No trying to run away from me.”

I was carefully placed on my feet, and he kept one arm around me as I heard the click of a door being opened. He ushered me inside and it felt warmer in that room.

An idea flashed through my head, and I don’t know what came over me, but I decided to do it. I stepped on my captor’s foot and as I felt his arm loosen around me, I started to run away from him. 

Once I started running, however, I realized that it wasn’t the smartest thing to do because I was blindfold.

Before I had time to try and take the blindfold off, my captor’s arm was around me and he whispered in my ear, “I thought I told you not to run away from me.”

I couldn’t help the shiver that went through my body at the tone of his voice. It sounded so seductive, and at the same time it let me know who was in charge. Once again, I was lifted off my feet again and carried through what I was guessing was our hotel room.

After a few minutes, I felt my feet being placed down on soft, plush carpeting. My captor had his hands on my hips, and I couldn’t move even if I wanted to.

“You tried to run away from me, darling. Remember what I told you?”

“You can’t spank me! I’m a grown woman!”

“So what? When grown woman don’t behave, they deserve to be spanked too. Now, let’s get this over with before the real fun starts.”

He pulled my arm so I fell right over his lap. He had one of his elbows on my back, which kept me from moving, and his other hand was softly caressing my butt.

“You have a beautiful ass, darling. Any man would love to redden it. Which is what I plan to do right now.”

I hope you enjoy that snippet! Now go hop along and check out other author's posts! See you back in a week! ;-)


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