Tuesday, August 5, 2014

There's A Big Bad Werewolf on the Loose!

Hi Everyone!

Wow! I cannot believe that a week has past already! I hope that everyone had a pleasant one!

My post for this week, comes from a story that I've been working on and off got over a year. Hopefully, I'll finish it soon!

This story is about a werewolf Alpha, Alexander and his human mate and omega, Thomas. Thomas has no clues that werewolves exist until Alexander drops the bomb to him that Thomas is his mate. After Thomas discovers that Alexander is different, he vows to never see him again. Of course, the big bad wolf did not like that at all...

Of course, whenever Alpha werewolves are mentioned, people think of...
*Gawks for a good long while* Alright, back to the post!

This scene is Alexander's and Thomas's first play scene right before, oh you'll see... ;-)

           He chuckled and then I felt the flogger begin to caress my skin making my arousal increase. I felt my heart beat faster as the flogger continued to trail all over my body, making my skin sensitive.
            All of a sudden, Alexander started raining down swats from the flogger on my back. He had a rhythmic beat to it. My breath started to increase with each snap of the flogger.
            Master Alexander kept up this pattern switching between my back arms and legs for about twenty minutes. I had dropped my head, enjoying each slap of the flogger's tails against my heated skin. I heard a clunk and then, I felt Master Alexander's surrounding me.
            "Good job sub." He said, as he trailed kisses along my neck and underneath my ear.
            I moaned out my pleasure.
            "I want to feel you all around me. Are you okay with that tonight?"
            "Always." He said, before I heard the tale tale sound of a bottle of lube being opened. Quickly after, a finger entered me. Then a second, third, and fourth.
            "Master, please!" I cried out.
            "Patience my sub."
            The fingers moved in and out of me making sure that I was stretched as Master Alexander continued to kiss my neck.
            His fingers pulled out of me and were replaced by my Master's cock. He began to push the head of his cock in to me and I could immediately tell that my assumptions were correct. He was hung like a God.
            "Ohhhhh!" I cried out, as his entire length settled in me.
            "You good?"
            "Yes Sir."
            He pulled out of me and then thrust all the way back in. He set a pretty fast pace pumping in and out of me. All I could was stand there and take it...I loved it!
            I was so close to my orgasm though that I would do just about anything to come. 
            "S-S-Sir." I panted out.
            "Come my sub!" He said, as I felt his hands grab my cock, stroking it.
            I let out a guttural scream as I came. I felt my balls squeeze closer to my body than they ever had before. Wave after wave of pleasure washed over me.
            At the same time that I had come, I felt two pricks at my neck which seemed to start my orgasm a new. I just kept feeling wave after wave of pleasure.
            Master Alexander came a few seconds after I did letting out a few curse words before he slammed in to me and found his seed.
            When my orgasm was over, I was reduced to a pile of weightless limbs. Thankfully, I was tied up or else I would not be able to stand right now.
            "I got you my mate. You did so well." Master Alexander whispered to me as he untied my restraints.
            "Thank you Sir." I said, closing my eyes.
            "No more Sir now Thomas. The scene is over."
            "Okay." I said, as he picked me up and carried me over to the couch. He sat down and pulled me in to his lap. I felt him place a blanket over me.
            "How are you feeling? I wasn't to rough?"
            "No. You were just right." I slurred, opening my eyes, and looking in to his.
            "I'm glad. How about if I go get us something to eat and drink. I'll be right back. Okay?"
            "Okay." I said, closing my eyes again as he placed me down on the couch as he left.
            That was amazing. Best orgasm I ever had, I decided. Alexander was fantastic. Hopefully, I could convince him to give me his phone number. I would really like to see him again, I thought.
            Just then I felt something wet on my neck. I felt my neck with my hand and when I pulled my hand back, there was blood on it.
            Instantly, adrenaline shot through me. Why was there blood on my hands? I sat up on the couch and felt my neck again with my other hand and there was blood on it too.
            With clumsy movements, I got redressed. I did not want to be here when that crazy man got back here. How did I not feel him bite me, I kept wondering. Then I remembered the feeling of two pricks at my neck when my orgasm was washing over me and realized that was when he had bit me.
            I finished getting dressed and booked it out of the club, vowing that I would never return there.

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  1. Wow! Sexy, hot M/m werewolves. It doesn't get much better than this for me!! Unless you add dragons. Lol. Very hot, Meredith!!

    1. Thank you! I'm not sure about adding the dragons though. Alpha Alexander doesn't share well with others. Especially when it comes to Thomas.

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  3. I read the excerpt without reading the title and at first I thought this was a vampire story. Oops!
    I really liked this Meredith, especially when you described how he felt after orgasm. 'weightless limbs'.. very nice!
    I gawked at the pic for a while too... *giggles*

    1. It's okay. I can see where you got the vampire idea from. Werewolves have to bite to claim their mates. I was going to change that phrase "weightless limbs" last night, but was running out of time so, it stayed. I'm glad that you liked it! :-D

  4. wonderful, Meredith :) I'm so hoping you finish this soon and get a publisher to pick it up, if you don't decide to self-publish. How amazingly hot, all the way through his freak out about the bites and the blood.

    1. Thank you! Someday I hope to finish this book. It's just one of those books where, I write a chapter then forget about it, and a month later I just keep doing that. Don't worry, I'll announce it on my blog when it comes out.

    2. Ah, I relate- I have a few like that, like my attempt at a poly spanking story :D not too far in it, but hope to finish it some day lol- can't wait to see the announcement on this on of yours :)