Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Kara and Claire meet for the first time!

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Happy Wednesday! I hope that everyone is having a great week so far!! It's the fourth of July weekend! I hope that everyone has fun and safe plans for this weekend! :-)

Today I have a snippet from my latest book, Daddy's Little Sweetheart. Daddy's Little Sweetheart is also a part of a box set with FOUR other amazing books. Little Haven, is the box set. If you like age play then you'll LOVE Little Haven

Now on to the snippet. I only have a short one today. It's where Kara (who has her own story in the box set, Brody's Little Brat) and Claire meet for the first time at the library. 

As I placed them in my bag, a girl I recognized came up to me. She was a little curvier than me and had tattoos running up and down her arms. I thought she looked beautiful. 

“You’re checking out Parental Guidance?” 


“That movie is so funny! I watched it last week with my daddy and we were both in tears.” 

“That’s so cool! I’m Claire.” 

“I’m Kara. It’s nice to meet you.” 

“You too,” I said, smiling at her. 

I don't know if anyone has seen the movie, Parental Guidance, but it really is a hilarious movie that will have you in tears from laughing.

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Have a Hoppy Wednesday Everyone!! ;-)

Friday, June 26, 2015

Cuddles after a spanking!

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Happy Saturday again! Gosh, these Saturdays are just flying by. Before we know it, it'll be fall and the leaves will be turning colors.

I have another snippet for you from my latest book, Daddy's Little Sweetheart. Last week, Claire earned her spanking for being rude to Jensen. Jensen delivered it. Now, he's cuddling Claire after and proposes a way for her to relax.

My bottom felt very sore, and I cried for a little while longer. I hated punishment spankings. I always avoided them, but lately, it seemed like I was getting them at least three times a week. I knew that wasn’t going to help my case about how I shouldn’t act little more often, and I remembered my mother always saying that children who acted out were the ones who needed attention. I hoped that Jensen didn’t think that way too. 

“Claire, I know that you don’t like the idea of being little more often, but I think that you should try it. I hate seeing you so stressed, especially when I know that I can help you release some of that stress. Please, just try this. Let daddy help you,” he said, giving me a kiss on my cheek.

Jensen is so sweet! Claire is very lucky to have him.

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Daddy's Little Sweetheart Blurb
Twenty-six-year-old Claire’s life is exactly the way she wants it to be. During the week she’s an adult with all of the normal responsibilities that entails, while on the weekends her husband, Jensen, is her daddy and she’s his little girl, free to relax, play with toys, cuddle in his arms, and let him take care of everything.

But when Claire starts missing meals routinely and coming home from work more stressed than he’s ever seen her, Jensen knows that something needs to change, and he decides that Claire needs more than just a weekend as a little. Will Claire trust her daddy’s judgment, or will she spend the next ten days with a very sore bottom?

Publisher’s Note: Daddy’s Little Sweetheart contains spankings, sexual scenes, age play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book. This book is also available as part of a five-book collection entitled Little Haven

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Happy Saturday Everyone!! :-) 

Adaline Raine visits to give a snippet from her latest book, Rules of the Pack!

Hi Everyone!

Today I have Adaline Raine over on my blog. She's going to give us a sexy snippet from her latest book, Rules of the Pack

Hi Meredith! I'm so excited to be here.

Thank you so much for inviting me over! I can't wait to share this snippet with you! By request I am sharing the snippet with Cal and Portia, the doctor and nurse of the pack respectively. Portia has been all out of sorts, and being one of the unmated females makes it hard for her to behave. More eyes on her equal more punishments but she wants a mate more than anything else. She has some serious history with Cal and I hope the interaction below shows how deep.


Cal held out his hand and waited for her to put hers in his. “Don’t worry about that right now. Let’s get you back on track, okay?”

Portia fought back a huff as she followed him through the med room into his room. They both stayed downstairs, but his room was a little bigger.

She usually fell asleep in his bed, though sometimes she ventured upstairs. In general she hated sleeping alone. Of course, she stripped naked when in bed with Cal, and sometimes when he came home in the middle of the night or very early morning, she would wake up as he climbed in. Those moments turned into passionate love making, and yet they avoided the claiming conversation. Could one punishment lead to him claiming her?

She pushed the thought away and sat gingerly on the edge of the bed, as if it were a foreign place. “We, uh, haven’t done this in a while.”

Don’t worry, I still remember how.” He joined her on the bed and patted his thigh. “Come on.”

She avoided his eyes as she clambered over his lap, then swallowed hard as she adjusted herself and lowered her pants. He spanked thoroughly, but not as hard as Phil, from what she remembered. “I should have just told you what’s been bothering me.”

Well, you can tell me in a few minutes.” With that, Cal smacked the center of her bottom, then targeted the lower half of her cheeks for several rounds until she groaned in discomfort. He moved his hand even lower to spank her sit-spots, though he dialed back the intensity. “Phil isn’t the only one who mentioned your behavior.”

I do love Cal and Portia. I can't wait until they get their own book!! 

Alisha Knight is a down-to-earth woman who just so happens to have her sights set on the beta of a large werewolf pack. But despite the way her body reacts to his powerful presence, bitter experience has shown her that a wolf pack is no place for a human girl. 

As his alpha’s trusted second-in-command, Phil McKenna takes his responsibilities seriously, even when that means taking disobedient females over his knee for an attitude adjustment. Though he is smitten with Alisha, the feisty little human friend of his alpha’s mate, humans and wolves don’t usually mix well and her presence could easily put both her and the pack in danger. 

Yet try as he might, Phil can’t keep his hands off Alisha. His fearsome urge to mark her, claim her, and dominate her completely is only increased when her defiant attitude earns her a hard, bare-bottom spanking. But when the pack is attacked by a cunning, vicious enemy and Alisha’s life is put in grave peril, Phil must decide if he is ready to cast aside caution and take her as his mate. 

Publisher’s Note: Rules of the Pack is the sequel to Marked by the Alpha. It is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Check out Marked by the Alpha if you want more sexy pack action!
Dani had always been a lone wolf and she had no desire to join a pack, but that didn’t matter to a true alpha wolf like Mason Daniels. When he finds out that human hunters have been threatening Dani, he puts his mark on her.

Unfortunately, the hunters are foolish enough to disregard his mark, and Dani is captured. After Mason and his pack rescue her from certain death, Dani is given no choice about joining Mason’s pack for her own protection. She soon learns that Mason is fully prepared to spank her bare bottom as often as is necessary to teach her to respect and obey him.

With more hunters closing in and the pack under threat, Mason begins to realize that he must claim Dani as his mate for life—whether she likes it or not—before his need for her drives him mad. At the same time, she is forced to learn her role in the pack and come to terms with her instinctual need to submit to Mason as her alpha and her mate.

Publisher’s Note: Marked by the Alpha is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Also note that a sequel to this book, Rules of the Pack, is now available.

Thanks for stopping by Addy! 

Have a great Friday Everyone!! :-) 


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Jordan St. John Visits Today!

Hi Everyone!

Today I have Jordan St. Johns visiting my blog for the first time ever today. Jordan just came out with a new book titled The Colonel's Woman. It's a great story, I must say! Welcome Jordan! Let's get this interview started.

What made you decide to write a historical story set in Idaho?
There were several things. First, I know the area and it’s always easier to visualize the story in a geographical setting you know. Second, I wanted the suffragette angle and Idaho had one made to order in 1896, a statewide referendum. This was about the same time that Butch Cassidy’s Wild Bunch rode in Wyoming, so I had a model of sorts for the Prado clan.

You're definitely right that it is much easier to write about a place if you can visualize it in your head. Did you have to do a lot of research for your story?
I did do some research to place events in the right time frame, such as the coming of the Union Pacific in 1894. I did take liberties, however, with some locations. There is no town known as Elkhorn that is up near Galena. Elkhorn Valley is a development near Ketchum. I also did some research into firearms of the era, so that my characters were properly armed.

Did you have any inspirations that inspired your characters?
I kept visualizing Sam Elliot in Tombstone as the colonel and Diane Lane in Lonesome Dove as Emma.

Do you have any authors that inspire you or are kind of like role models to you?
Lots of them. I like Lee Child for action, directness and brevity, John D. MacDonald and Preston and Child for plotting, Hitchcock for wry twists (technically not an author), Elmore Leonard for dialog, and Will Henry and Paul Little for the steamy spanko stuff.

Now for my favorite question to ask new authors who come on to my blog, what is your writing process?
I have an idea for the general story, usually including how it will end. I write a cut down draft, sort of a Readers Digest version first, then I go back and fill, adding scenes, adding detail. I’ll end up with a number of scene files then I paste them all together.

You self publish stories and also publish some stories with a publisher. Do you think it's beneficial to do that? You get the best of both worlds?
I may be wrong, but it’s been my belief that erotica that is in the spanking genre specifically is best self-published. The reader base is not big enough to sustain the costs a publisher incurs. I do it for next to nothing, so it’s all profit. If some publisher thinks otherwise, give me a jingle.

When you aren't writing spanking stories, what are you doing?
For now I still have a day job as an IP attorney and I’m also a jazz musician.

You're a jazz musician? That's so cool!! Now it's time for my favorite game, The Five Question Game!

What is your favorite color?
Green. Went well with what used to be my red hair.

What is one of your guilty pleasure reads or authors?
The ones I mentioned above plus Robert Crais, Thomas Perry, Nelson Demille, Michael Koryta, Don Winslow and many others.

Who is your favorite Lord of the Rings character?
Samwise Gamgee. He’s facing down someone to protect Frodo and this guy sneers at him and says “who are you, his bodyguard?” and Sam says, “No. I’m his gardener.”

Sam is my favorite character too! I feel like he didn't get near as much credit as he deserved, even if he was just a gardener. What is your favorite food?
Always been a well prepared rib eye steak.

What is the last song that you listened to?
You Don’t Know What Love Is

Thank you for answering those questions. Now do you think that you could give us a snippet from your story? 

When Laura Lee and Luke had left, Emma and Nate snuggled on the loveseat in the parlor with the curtains drawn for the night. Emma put her head on Nate’s shoulder. She sighed, a long drawn out sigh that told Nate something was up.
“Now what was that big sigh about?” said Nate.

“They seem so happy,” said Emma. “Sometimes I wish… “

“I know what you’re going to say, and I wish it, too. But you’ve lost one husband and maybe you don’t want to lose another.”

“Whatever do you mean?” said Emma, startled.

“When I took this job, I had no idea. I thought this area was mostly settled down, different from the old mining days when every man carried a six gun, and claim jumpers and robbers made trouble night and day. But now I find out that criminal gangs like the Prados are working the area, dealing in all kinds of misery. It’s dangerous and things need to be cleaned up. Look, I don’t want to leave a widow two times over. I love you, Emma. I hope you know that, but until this town is safe, the future looks a mite perilous. Besides,” he said, trying to lighten the tone, “you are one feisty woman. I don’t know if I’m up to taming you.”

“Tame me? Why, Nathan Bradford, whatever makes you think you can tame me?” She said it with a sense of mock outrage. Secretly she was thrilled. He had just told her he loved her. She didn’t care about anything else.

“So,” she said, pulling away and sitting straight up. She huffed her chest out and put her hands on her hips. “Just how do you propose to tame me?”

Nathan understood when a challenge was being issued. He narrowed his eyes. Remembering what she had told him about her desires, he countered: “I imagine a well warmed bottom or two might do the trick.”

“You’re a cad and you wouldn’t dare!”

Now that was a challenge if there ever was one, he thought. “That’s where you’re wrong, Mrs. Weston.” In a single smooth motion he took her by the wrist and pulled her across his lap.

“Eeek!” she squealed, fluttering her arms about.

She thrust out her hands to stop her forward motion which permitted Nate to toss her skirts up in back without interference. Underneath she had on lacy drawers.

“You stop,” she said, squirming. “Stop it at once!”

Smack! Nate’s palm struck Emma’s shapely bottom in rapid succession. They were light spanks, calculated to excite and tease. For Nate, the feel of Emma’s satiny bottom, rippling sensuously as his hand spanked, was enough to cause his manhood to rise.

Thank you for that snippet!

The Colonel's Woman Blurb

Earning an honest living is a challenge for a woman on her own in the rough and tumble western town of Ketchum, Idaho in 1896, and given her circumstances, renting rooms to a few boarders seemed like a good option for a young widow like Emma Weston. But Emma never counted on a man like Colonel Nathan Bradford taking up residence with her.

Colonel Bradford’s commanding presence quickly proves useful for keeping order in Emma’s home—as does his willingness to take misbehaving young ladies out to the woodshed—but soon enough it is Emma herself who finds her bottom bared for a sound strapping from the firm-handed officer. Her sore bottom only further kindles her growing desire for the handsome colonel, and his dominant lovemaking awakens her passion as nothing ever has before.

But just as love starts to bloom between Emma and the colonel, the harsh realities of the west intrude upon their romance. When the town is attacked and Emma is captured by a notorious band of outlaws, Colonel Bradford will need every bit of his skill, his courage, and his fighting instincts to bring them to justice and take back his woman.

Publisher’s Note: The Colonel’s Woman is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Thanks for visiting today Jordan! 

Happy Thursday Everyone!