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A Second Time Visit with Maddie Taylor!

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Maddie Taylor is here visiting again! Today, she is here to talk about her latest book, Second Time Lucky! I must say, it is my favorite book of hers to date. Let's get started...

What made you start writing about a BDSM club? 
I am a fan of club stories although I wanted more of an ensemble cast than Ive seen in some, where the main group of Doms and subs were interconnected in and outside of the club and had a recurring role in the subsequent stories.  I like deep friendships and familial relationships in stories.  Add to that a group of strong, sexy military men finding love after they return home, and Club Decadence and Rossi were born. 

How do you juggle writing so many stories while being busy with a full time job and hanging out with your family? 
My pat answer is insomnia.  Seriously. I dont get or seem to need much sleep.  But I really enjoy writing.  The creative part of me thrives on it.  So, every spare minute youll find me with my laptop, a notebook, or typing ideas into notepad on my phone.  I just cant seem to get my busy mind out of the kinky, sexy, Dom infested gutter.  LOL

I wish that I required less sleep so I could write as many books as you! Sadly, my eyes won't allow that. What is your biggest struggle when writing for this series?
Keeping the characters and names from previous books straight.  Who had what eye color?  What was their back story?  What was the Dom particular expertise?  So, after book 2 I made a character chart.  Now, if Im unsure, I can go one place and check.

Timelines were also tough.  Some of the stories go back and happen concurrently with previous books.  Its like a time travel story, kind of hard to wrap your head around.

Do you ever have a problem keeping all of the characters straight? All of the men are so much alike that I ended up having to write down on a piece of paper who was who and who their submissive was.
The only two that are really alike are Cap and Lil T, the premise being they are so much alike, both Tonys, both Italian, both big strong men, but they are a decade apart and have different personalities.  Everyone has a different kink, as well.  Cap into control and DD, Rick into exhibitionism, Dex is the whip master, Jonas the rope master, and Sean likes dressing his girl up in pink and playing with some really imaginative toys (courtesy of Walmart).   The women are all different too, the twins for example look and act worlds apart.  Still, my character chart is invaluable.

There's one Green Beret left. Are you going to write the final Club Decadence book right away or make readers wait? 
I have already submitted a novella for another spin off to Club Decadence called Decadence Nights which will be a series of novellas featuring some of the CD secondary characters and club members whose stories fans have asked for and simply must be told.  It coming out soon, July Im hoping.  Then Ill I finish up with CD 6, Lil Ts story.  Its almost done now and Im aiming for a release in early fall.  But that is up to the whims of the publisher most often, so well have to wait to be sure. 

Five Question Game

Are you a fan of Crocs (the shoes)?
No, ick! 

Really? I love my crocs! What's your favorite state in America and why?
Hawaii.  Never been, but have always dreamed of going.  I want to see wild orchids growing by the side of the road, the beautiful beaches and water (Im a beach bum to my soul) and do all the touristy things.  And, attend a luau, Pass the poi, please.

What's the worst book that you've ever read and why?
I love books, so thats a hard question.  There have been a few that I havent been able to finish, but I really dont want to call them out here.  No, thanks.

What's your favorite football team?
I have a loyalty team and a favorite play, so I have two.  1st, as a Tennessee Vols fan, I follow Peyton Manning where ever he goes.  So, for this, his final year. Go Broncos. 

2nd:  Im a Motown girl, born and bred so I root for the Lions, rain or shine, good or bad, up or down.  And believe me, there has been plenty of rain, bad and down, were ready for the flip side of those coins.  Gooooo  Lions!

Which do you prefer knee high socks or ankle socks?
Anklets!  Definitely.  I got tired of wearing knee socks in the third grade with my catholic school uniform.  Yes, I had a red plaid jumper, with blouse with a Peter Pan collar, white knee socks and black patent leather shoes.  I also had a read beanie.  So, flash backs to Sister Anesta aside, I wear anklets.

Thank you for answering those questions Maddie! Now, can we please have a sexy snippet from your story?

Since you asked so nicely, here's a snippet for you and your readers...

“This isn’t play, Mara. Do you understand that?”
“Yes, but I’m nervous. You’ve only given me an erotic spanking before.”
“I spank hard for punishment. If you earn a correction, I want you to know it and to keep it with you for a while as a reminder. Any questions before we begin?”

“I don’t know what to ask. What if I don’t like it?”

“I wouldn’t expect that you would. You’re about to be punished.”

“What if I want to stop?”

“This is one of those times I told you about. Where I make the decisions and you follow the rules. Since you didn’t and placed yourself in danger, you have earned a correction. Do you remember the conversation?”

“Yes, but…”

“No buts, I told you a correction would come by my hand. Do you remember your reply?”

Remembering every minute of their interaction in vivid detail, she hesitated.

“Mara. You’re going to have to trust me to know what I’m doing because this is happening. You don’t really think I’d give you more than you can take or injure you in any way, do you?”


“I’d cut off my arm before harming you, Mara.”

“I know that and I do trust you, Sean.”

“Then tell me what you said about a punishment spanking.”

She sighed, the air rushing out with resignation. “It was doable.”

“Have you changed your mind about me being in charge?”

“No, Sir.”

“Good.” He patted her behind softly. “Let’s get on with it. I think the waiting is worse than the actual spanking.”

His hand came down as he spoke the last few words, the loud crack of palm meeting bare skin almost drowning them out. Heat exploded across her lower right cheek along with an incredible sting. It was matched on the left side the next second.

He paused, rubbing as he spoke a single word. “Breathe.”

Second Time Lucky Blurb

From an early age, Mara Westbrook has led a troubled life. With no one to trust or rely on, she meets a breathtakingly handsome soldier on her ward at Walter Reed. He captures her eye and makes her yearn for things she never thought possible, not for a girl like her. Can she move beyond the traumatic secrets of her past and risk giving love a try?

Injured and in pain, the only light in Master Sergeant Sean O'Brien's dark days is his night nurse, his blonde haired, green eyed, deliciously curvy, modern day nightingale. Seeing her in those tight scrubs, tending to him and his fellow soldiers with her sweet, yet sexy smile eases the pain in his throbbing leg. Unfortunately, it shifts the ache about six inches higher. He sets out to make her his own, to earn her trust, her love and in the end her ultimate submission.

They come together beautifully with Sean teaching her the wicked and wonderful ways of a D/s lifestyle. Mara blossoms under his sensual domination and his firm but loving discipline, but her past won’t let her be. Relentlessly pursuing her and threatening her idyllic life with Sean. To protect what she holds dear, she does unspeakable things leading to more secrets, lies and betrayal. She runs as she always does.

When Mara unwittingly becomes the key witness to events that will finally bring down the Mendoza Cartel, Sean and the Rossi team step in to keep her safe. As her handler, Sean must protect her with his life and Mara must obey him in order to survive. Thrown together under impossible circumstances, Sean learns the awful truth of her past and realizes that despite it all, he still loves her. But can he forgive the lies? And will Mara be able to live under Sean’s stringent rules, learning to trust and submit fully to the only man she’s ever loved?

As threats against the Decadence Masters become fierce, answers are at long last revealed. Come visit old friends and as always watch desire ignite, love simmer, while kink and sex burn blazing hot in Club Decadence, the best damn BDSM club in the southwest. 

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