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Melody Parks' A Demon's Woman; Bath Time Cuddles! #SixoftheBest

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Did everyone survive Halloween? It can get a little crazy sometimes.

Today, I have a snippet from the perfect erotic paranormal book that everyone should be reading. The snippet comes from the book, The Demon's Woman, by Melody Parks.

In this snippet, Amy and Landon have just finished their fun and are now cuddling in each other arms, being too cute.

When their orgasms subsided, he collapsed, the sweat of their bodies mingling as they both strove to catch their breath until his flaccid cock slipped out of her. Reaching up, he released the tethers holding her cuffs and checked her wrists for any marks. “You okay, baby?” he asked, looking down at her. 
“More than okay,” she said, putting her hands through his hair, a satisfied smile on her lips. “I love you so much.” 
“I love you too, sweetheart,” he replied in a tender voice kissing her softly on her lips, nose and each of her eyes. “What do you say we test out our fancy new shower?” 
“I was just thinking the same thing,” she said with a huge grin. 
After releasing her ankles, he helped her from the bed, but when she stood her knees nearly buckled. “Easy, babe, I’ve got you.” Picking her up, he carried her down the hall to the bathroom, deciding the shower could wait. The tub was plenty big enough for both of them. 
As the tub filled he left Amy in the chair, wrapped in a towel while he went to get the remainder of their champagne which they enjoyed with their bubble bath. 

Wasn't that the absolute sweetest scene? If you thought that scene was sweet, you should read the rest of this story. Melody Parks outdid herself with sweet scenes, but her book also has several scenes that will have you fanning yourself from how hot they are. The Demon's Woman is definitely a book to check out.

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Melody Parks' The Demon's Woman; Landon is Laden With Lust on #Scintillating Sunday

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I’m thrilled to have guest author Melody Parks on my blog today and her timing couldn’t be better.  She’s brought with her a steamy snippet from her paranormal erotic romance, The Demon’s Woman.

Landon and Amy have kink inspired fantasies, with one perfectly diverse difference.  He needs to dominate and control, she needs to submit and surrender.  Let’s take a sneak peek at their first BDSM seem together where the tap into each other’s deepest desires.

Enjoy!  I know I did  ☺

“That’s right, girl and I am going to take all that is mine tonight.” She couldn’t stifle the loud moan that left her lips as he brought the tails down again, but this time he didn’t give her pause between strokes. The tails landed hard and heavy over and over on her bottom and thighs until she began to pant and groan, wiggling her hips dauntingly to indicate the need to have him inside her. 

“Getting anxious are we?” he asked, giving her pause to answer.

“Yes, sir… I mean master,” she uttered, her lips dry as her heated breath rushed passed them. 

She heard the flogger hit the floor with a thump and then felt the coolness of his hand on her heated flesh. “Turn over and lie on your back,” he ordered. “Good girl,” he commended, his eyes laden with lust as he crawled onto the bed with her, placing each of her wrists in a nylon cuff, which he then attached to separate D rings hanging from the headboard. “Your body is mine to do with as I please.” His gaze landed on her erect nipples and a moment later he took one in his mouth, sucking greedily while squeezing her other breast with his hand. “These are mine,” he growled, moving to and sucking her other nipple while his hand sailed downward to her already spread thighs. A deep groan vibrated through her nipple as he found her dripping pussy ripe and ready for him. “And this,” he murmured, reluctant to pull free of her aching nipple as he thrust two fingers deep into her throbbing cunt, making her gasp and instantly arch her back, “is mine to use any way I choose tonight.” 

“Oh, god, Landon. This is driving me insane. Please, fuck me now.” 

A low chuckle rolled up from his chest as he held his face inches above hers, looking her deep in the eyes, his fingers still inside her. “Landon isn’t here right now, girl.” The fierce, demanding look in his eyes scared her a little. “Only the master is present and I’ll fuck you only when I feel the urge to do so. Understand?” 

“Y- yes, master,” she stuttered, looking for some sign on his face that would indicate this was still just part of the role he was playing. He gave her no such satisfaction as an almost evil smile danced on his lips. 

“Good,” he muttered slowly in a low whisper, removing his fingers, which she clenched as he pulled them out, closing her eyes to escape the intensity of his hooded brow and dark stare. “Let’s finish getting you tied up.” She felt his weight shift on the bed as he moved, then his hands on her left ankle. Opening her eyes, she watched his backside as he straddled her leg, and cuffed her ankle. He then moved to the other, doing the same before getting off the bed entirely so he could strap the cuffs to the base of the bed. When he finished, he stood admiring her hungrily for a moment and Amy couldn’t help noticing the thick bulge in his jeans, clenching as she thought of the last time his cock was in her ass. 

Phew! I'm fanning myself over here! Melody Parks knows how to write HOT erotic scenes! If you want more scenes like that, check out The Demon's Woman!! 

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Friday, October 30, 2015

Melody Parks' The Demon's Woman; A Kiss Goodnight Turns Explosive! #MySexySaturday

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Happy Halloween!

I have the perfect erotic paranormal book for you to read once the trick or treaters stop ringing your doorbell. This book is titled, The Demon's Woman and is by Melody Parks. This book is really amazing.

In this snippet, Amy and Landon have their first kiss and things turn a little...explosive.

“A kiss good night then,” she said softly, rising on her tiptoes, chin tilting upward as she licked her lips expectantly.  
 He hadn’t the power to fight it as they engaged in a passionate kiss, his arms weaving around her waist as he pulled her into his body. All his good intentions fleeing as her tongue entered his mouth, of which he took possession, his lips pressing tightly against hers. 
Primal instinct rose in him as he moved a hand to her ass, cupping it firmly. As if to encourage him she brought her leg up, trying to wrap it around his hip, while moaning softly into his mouth. Without thought, he lifted her, feeling her legs engulf his hips, the moist heat of her pussy making indirect contact with his painfully throbbing cocks through the Levi’s.

If you think that snippet was hot, you should read some of the other scenes in this book. Melody Parks knows how to write the hottest scenes and leave readers wanting more.

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Happy Halloween!

Melody Parks' The Demon's Woman; Amy Earned Herself A Spanking! #SatSpanks

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Happy Halloween!

I have a snippet from the perfect, paranormal erotic book that you should be reading tonight after the trick or treaters are finished reading your book. This snippet comes from The Demon's Woman, by Melody Parks.

In this snippet, Amy keeps pushing Landon's buttons, until he finally decides that she's in desperate need of a bare bottom spanking.

“Then I suggest you start acting it and take your spanking like a good girl.” He place a few carefully aimed spanks to the back of her thighs, listening to her howl and gasp for breath. “I’ll behave… just… oooh… stop!”
But he didn’t stop. He moved back up to her plush round bottom and peppered each cheek until she was sobbing and eventually he felt her body go limp, giving in to the punishment he delivered. He knew then she’d had enough and stopped, smoothing over the heat he’d created. “I’m… I’m sorry,” she uttered in a tiny voice that made his heart melt. 
“Shhh,” he soothed, turning her and pulling her up into his lap.

If you thought that snippet was hot, you should check out the rest of the book. It really is the perfect book to read during Halloween!

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Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Sara Fields is Visiting Today!!

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I have Sara Fields visiting today to talk about her debut novel, Claimed By the General! She has a great snippet for us today!

“What is your name?” he said quietly.
“Ayala,” she replied, quickly adding a “sir” afterwards, hoping to please him.
“Ayala,” he said, almost as if he could taste it. “That is a very pretty name,” he added, allowing it to roll off his tongue. “My name is Lord Eiotan. I own the fields that you work in. You belong to me.”
Her mind raced, but she kept her eyes on the floor. This was the man who owned her mark, the man who held her freedom in his hands. The Aztecs, in a territory not too far away, had captured her people. She was young and strong and could work, and therefore had been taken to the capital and sold. Ayala had never seen the man who owned her before.
She felt him come toward her, but she didn’t dare move. Her body began to quake with fear. His hand cupped her chin and pushed it up. She slowly met his powerful gaze, feeling very small in his presence. He smiled at her, his features warming with kindness. She felt oddly safe for a moment, before she quickly remembered who he was.
“I like you. You seem like a woman who can think for herself. I don’t think you belong in the fields any longer. I think I will take you as my personal servant instead. Would you like that?”
Ayala opened her mouth to respond, but no words came forth. His hands dropped to her shoulders, almost cradling her with reassurance.
“It would be easier work for you, but you would have to follow my rules, or face the consequences of disobeying me.”
Ayala swallowed past the lump in her throat. “By that, sir, you mean my death,” she stammered. Execution of servants was commonplace within the Aztec community. She let her eyes fall again.
He was strangely silent, gazing down at her. He used his fingers to pick up her chin, silently encouraging her to meet his eyes.
“No, not at all.” He paused. “The way I punish my servants is through a spanking. I would pull out a chair from that table and sit down, and then I would bare your bottom, and spank you until I feel you are truly sorry for what you have done.”
Ayala opened her eyes wide. She was a grown woman! Her own mother had not spanked her since she was a little girl. All she remembered was that it hurt, and it hurt an awful lot.
“You would spank me?” she whispered. “But I am grown; I do not need to be punished like a child.” She stuck out her chin a bit, feeling slightly defiant.
“Should you agree to work for me personally, misbehaving and disobeying my orders is something a child would do, therefore qualifying you for a punishment as such.”
Ayala narrowed her eyes a bit before responding, chewing his response over in her mind. “You would not kill or torture me for such an offense? I have heard stories, and seen the trials. Slaves have little rights here.”
“I will not kill or torture you, I promise.” He walked over to the table and pulled out a chair, placing it away from the table with a wide berth. Nervous butterflies flew through Ayala’s stomach. What was he doing?
“If what you say is true, I agree to serve you, sir,” she managed to stammer out as he sat down in the chair, a distance too far from the table for her comfort.
“Then come over here, young lady, I am going to show you what shall happen should you disobey me.”
“I’m sorry?”
“I am going to spank you, right now.”

Claimed By the General Blurb
When Ayala intervenes to protect a fellow slave-girl from a cruel man’s unwanted attentions, she catches the eye of the powerful general Lord Eiotan. Impressed with both her boldness and her beauty, the handsome warrior takes Ayala into his home and makes her his personal servant.

Though Eiotan promises that Ayala will be treated well, he makes it clear that he expects his orders to be followed and he warns her that any disobedience will be sternly punished. Lord Eiotan is a man of his word, and when Ayala misbehaves she quickly finds herself over his knee for a long, hard spanking on her bare bottom. Being punished in such a humiliating manner leaves her blushing, but it is her body’s response to his chastisement which truly shames her.

Ayala does her best to ignore the intense desire his firm-handed dominance kindles within her, but when her new master takes her in his arms she cannot help longing for him to claim her, and when he makes her his own at last, his masterful lovemaking introduces her to heights of pleasure she never thought possible.

But as news of the arrival of an invader from across the sea reaches the city and a ruthless conqueror sets his eyes on Ayala, her entire world is thrown into turmoil. Will she be torn from Lord Eiotan’s loving arms, or will the general do whatever it takes to keep her as his own?

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Friday, October 23, 2015

Renee Rose is Visiting Today!!

Hi Everyone!

I have Renee Rose visiting me today to talk about her latest book, The Hand of Vengeance

Hi Meredith!

Thanks so much for having me today! Thank you so much for having me today to talk about my first sci-fi, The Hand of Vengeance. The book gets its name from the hero, Blade Vengeance. The rebels use code phrases when using their communications units and his identifier is: The hand of vengeance strikes. Obviously, I love the double entendre of having that in a spanking romance! :)

In The Hand of Vengeance, The heroine is a doctor on a humanitarian mission from Earth. When she’s kidnapped by the rebels to perform a difficult surgery, their airship is shot down and she’s stranded in a canyon with Blade. She doesn’t know anything about living in the wild, so she’s forced to rely on the intimidating warrior for survival.


“Are you tired?”

“No.” She may have sounded a tad defensive.

He looked down her body, arriving at the offending shoes. “Your feet hurt.” It wasn’t a question, it was a statement.

“Yes, sir.”

The sir just came out. Okay, he intimidated her. Especially after that spanking he’d delivered. He cocked a brow, which had the effect of turning her insides to liquid.

“Okay, doctor.” He looked annoyed as he pulled her toward the cliff wall. He pointed to a little clearing. “You gather wood and start a small fire. I’ll try to find us something to eat.” He tossed her a small metallic cylinder.

She caught it in one hand and turned the little device over. “What’s this?”

He frowned. “A lighter. To start a fire. Please tell me you know how to start a fire?”

“Uh, yeah. Sure I do,” she lied.

His lips flattened. Yep, he knew she was full of crap. “I won’t go far. Holler if you need me.”

“I don’t even know your name. Is it Vengeance?”

He stopped and turned, his chiseled profile as beautiful as the rest of his body.


She held out her hand. “I’m Lara. Lara Simmons. I’m the doctor whose butt you thought you had a right to spank.”

The corner of his mouth quirked, and it made the flutters move in her belly again.

But as quickly as it had appeared, it vanished and the blank mask returned. “You ran,” he said, as if that excused his action. “You put yourself into enormous danger jumping off that cliff, and now we have no way out.”

“Right, and all your friends are dead now, so excuse me if I don’t think sticking with them would’ve been my best move.”

“I would have protected you.”

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The Hand of Vengeance Blurb

On a humanitarian mission to the war-torn planet Jesel, Dr. Lara Simmons is used to dealing with lack of supplies, power outages and the constant earthquakes that afflict the planet. But when she's captured by the rebels who need her to perform a life-saving surgery, she finds herself in a situation her medical training didn't prepare her for.

When the airship is blown out of the sky, she ends up in the Jeselian wilderness with no one to rely on but Blade Vengeance, an enormous tattooed rebel warrior. Dominant and unyielding, he doesn't hesitate to take her in hand when she disobeys the rules he lays out for her. Yet she soon learns he also knows how to deliver pleasure--with a passion she's never before experienced.

Blade finds the doctor from Earth sexy as hell, especially when she's giving him attitude, but once he delivers her to headquarters, he tries to pull back from her allure. Known for single-handedly starting the revolution and freeing many of his people, his life is one of hardship, slavery and war. Going soft on a woman isn't part of his plan, especially with the final strike of the revolution so close. But when he sends Lara back to Earth to keep her safe during the upcoming battle, he inadvertently delivers her into enemy hands. Can he find and save her from the revolution he caused?

Publishers Note: This story contains spanking and explicit sex scenes, including anal penetration. If such subject matter offends, do not buy this book.

About Renee Rose


Named Eroticon USA's Next Top Erotic Author in 2013, Renee Rose is a naughty wordsmith who writes romance novels centered around her favorite kink: spanking. She has won Spanking Romance Reviews' Best Historical Romance, is often found on the list of Amazon's Top 100 Erotic Authors and is a regular columnist for Write Sex Right. She also pens BDSM stories under the name Darling Adams.

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Melody Parks is Visiting Today!

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Today I have Melody Parks over on my blog today. She's here to talk about her latest book, The Demon's Woman! It's an awesome story and she has a HOT snippet for us today!

He shouldn’t be doing this, yet couldn’t help himself. He needed to release the hormones that were driving him crazy or he wouldn’t be able to think about anything other than fucking her when they met in a little while. He could see her sweet wet little pussy so clearly in his mind. She’d be shaved bare and her juices would glisten along the seam of her lips. Running his tongue over his lips, he imagined what she might taste like. Would she shiver in delight as he crouched between her thighs for a long, slow lick of those smooth lips?

Her breathy moans floated through his mind as he pictured pleasuring her clit while working open her bottom hole, making her slick with her own juices, preparing her to take his twin erections.

“Fuck me, Landon. Take me, use me… make me yours forever.” Her voice sounded so real in his mind as he steadily pumped his fists. Her legs would be wrapped around his waist, her head thrown back as he impaled her for the first time, crying out while he simultaneously stretched both her tight openings to take him.

“Take it for me, Amy,” he’d growl against her throat, his hands gripping her full ass cheeks. He could almost feel the hot, wet grip of her muscles clenching and squeezing around him. In his mind, he saw the look on her beautiful face, somewhat askew as he pushed deeper, her eyelids fluttering and her pupils dilated with arousal.

Then he saw himself doing something that shocked him. He sank his fangs down into her neck and began drinking from her. The essence of her warm life-giving blood coated first his tongue, her sweetness engulfing him. Her blood tasted a million times better than Janice’s or Frank’s and filled him with a primal lust, the likes of which even his fantasies hadn’t taken him to yet.

The water in the shower began to run cold, but his body cared not; it was burning from the inside out. His fangs had lengthened and his gums itched terribly with the need to bite, suck, and consume. He felt the demon within pushing for freedom as his fantasy took a twisted turn.

The Demon's Woman Blurb

From the moment Landon Reed sets his eyes on beautiful Amy Piers, the fire she stirs in his blood drives him nearly mad with lust. Contending with the dark, savage impulses he inherited from his demon father is hard enough under ordinary circumstances, and resisting his fearsome need to lay claim to Amy is a truly daunting task.

But Amy’s sister holds the key to breaking the curse that sets Landon’s blood on fire, and those who serve his father will stop at nothing to keep that curse intact. To make matters worse, Amy is headstrong and defiant and Landon knows he is the only one who can protect her. He is left with no choice but to compel her obedience in order to keep her safe, even if that means taking her over his knee for a painful, embarrassing spanking as often as she makes it necessary.

Landon’s firm-handed discipline only increases Amy’s powerful attraction to the handsome half-demon. But if she were to yield to her own desires and beg him to take her long and hard, she fears that his mastery of her body would be so complete that she would surrender herself utterly to him forever. With danger all around them, can she trust Landon to protect her from their enemies… and from himself?

Publisher’s Note: The Demon’s Woman is an erotic romance novel that contains spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book. 

After that sexy snippet and hot blurb, I know that you all want to buy The Demon's Woman

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Thanks for stopping by Melody!

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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Growing Up is HARD! Especially for this spanking author!

Growing up is hard. I use to think that growing up was just a phase in life that started when someone was first born and ended once someone turned eighteen years old because when someone turns eighteen, they're legally declared as an adult. But, I've come to realize that growing up doesn't stop once you turn eighteen, it continues and it most likely will continue until someone passes away.

There always is a new phase or lesson for someone to learn, forcing them to grow up more. That can be from learning how to tie your shoes by yourself or learning how to cook for yourself in college. Some phases/lessons seem to be easier than others.

Right now, I'm going through the growing up phase of discovering that there are certain topics that I was brought up believing one thing about the topic and now that I'm out on my own, I believe another. This is really hard for me because it makes me feel like I have a split personality disorder. A part of me is against something, while another part of me is for something. It's not fun.

The biggest thing that I seem to be having an ever internal debate about is spanking and whether or not it's okay. Growing up, I was taught that you should never hit, smack, or punch someone unless they were going to harm you and that a man should NEVER hit, smack, or punch a woman. Even now the thought has me shaking my head no.

I believed this up until I read my first BDSM book and then I was like, Hey! That guy smacking that girl's bottom is hot! The first BDSM book I read was very light and hardly had any D/s content in it. So, I really didn't have a problem with it.

Then the second BDSM book I read was a dark one and I still remember my stomach clenching because the Dom in the story was really lighting in to sub's backside for a punishment. A part of me was turned on because who doesn't love a Dom taking control of his submissive, while another part of me was remembering all the times that my parents told me to never hit someone.

I finished the book, still feeling so many mixed emotions. The worst part was I couldn't talk to anyone about it! So, I told myself that I would never read another BDSM book again because I never wanted to feel like how I naturally I waited a couple of days and then my curiosity got the best of me and I bought another BDSM book to read.

I continued this way for months reading a couple of books and then telling myself that I would never buy a BDSM book again and then a couple days later, buying more. It wasn't fun. I kept doing this because even though a part of me thought that what I was reading was wrong, another part of me was so drawn to these stories. It also didn't help that I felt so isolated at the time. I would look around at my friends and just think, they're all normal. They don't like this stuff. Why did I have to like this stuff? It really wasn't a fun time for me.

To add even more confusion and stomach clenching to the mix, I discovered the AP genre. That made the situation a lot worse because not only was there spanking that I liked in it, but I really liked the idea of reading about a person acting little, except all of the AP books I was reading were non-consensual stories which I definitely am against. I thought that my head was going to explode, until I found my first consensual age play book, Being Their Baby. I will never forget the moment when I began reading that book and I was like the little is actually consenting to all of this! I LOVE IT!

Finally, after a lot of thought, I was able to come to the conclusion that what happens in these books were fiction and thus not real so the characters weren't actually hurting each other. Therefore, I wasn't agreeing that a man smacking a woman's bottom was neither wrong, nor right. I know it sounds crazy, but it make the nauseous feeling go away so it worked for me.

After coming to that conclusion, I decided that I wanted to start writing my own books. During this time, there were few consensual AP books out there. I wanted to show that a couple could have an AP relationship and have it be consensual and still enjoyable. Also, even though I had an internal debate going on every time that I read a spanking scene, I did like them and thought that maybe writing some and being able to control the situation would help me accept that it was okay to like them.

I finally thought that I was over this specific growing up phase and I could move on, but then I discovered a couple of spanking photos and videos and the stomach clenching was back in full force multiplied by ten.

It's one thing to read a book and know that it's fiction, it's another to see an actual spanking. All the times that my parents told me to never hit my sisters or someone else came back to me and that intimate acts like what I was seeing should be done behind closed doors and should stay there and not be talked about. Yet a part of me was like this is hot and I want to write about this!!

I told myself that I would never view any more spanking photos or videos again. For the most part, I kept true to that. I really hate feeling sick. Then a spanking video popped up on my FB newsfeed and it was for a good cause and I'm a sucker for a good cause. So I clicked it, also wanting to see if I could get through watching a video after a few months had passed since I discovered the first spanking visuals.

I actually did get through it! There were moments when my hands were covering my eyes and I was peeking through the cracks (the spankee was getting 50 strokes with a cane!), but I watched it through and then the sweetest thing happened. The spanker snuggled the spankee close and my heart melted a little. I suddenly felt really happy that I made it to the end of the video and crazy enough, the nauseous feeling went away.

Still, inside my head a war was going on because a part of me found the video hot and also super sweet, while another part of me just kept thinking that a man smacking a woman is wrong because that's what I was taught my entire life. (For the record, I know that it's not and I'm not saying that it was. It was all consensual.)

I'm still having a really hard time with this phase of growing up. How does one erase the beliefs that they were taught all their life? I know that I'm an adult and can make my own decisions and believe what I want to believe, but for the first 19 years when you believe one thing, it's really hard to change your beliefs.

As a result, I haven't viewed any other spanking videos. I know that watching them would probably help me with writing my spanking scenes and possibly make me get over this, but I really don't like feeling sick and I do not want to sift through videos trying to find good ones. I'm not sure if my stomach could take it.

I know that there are a lot more growing up phases that I'll have to go through, but I hope that some if not all of them are easier than this one. I'm tired of debating in my head whether or not what I like is right or wrong. Every time that I think that I've come to a decision, I'll read a post about someone who makes spanking videos or see another spanking photo and the debate inside my head and nauseous feeling comes back.

It's really annoying because as long as a everything is consensual, I say full steam ahead and I have met a couple of spanking models and people who enjoy going to spanking parties in real life and they're awesome. I don't want to name names in case people don't want to be named, but seriously, they rock.

I just want to scream at my brain, "They're okay with this. Why can't you be?" Then I hear my Mother's voice telling me that hitting someone is bad and not to ever do it. Then I feel guilty for liking something that I was taught was bad. Then the nauseous feeling comes back and all I want to do is curl up in bed with a stuffed animal and pretend like none of this exists.

Writing spanking scenes helps because I get to control everything that happens and make it all sweet and fuzzy. Writing really is a great form of therapy. But, writing doesn't erase reality unfortunately. If it did, I think that I would write myself in to one of my stories and never come back.

Growing up is hard and it seems to be even harder for spanking authors...or for this spanking author at least. Hopefully the next growing up lesson I get to learn is why it's important to not put 1/4 cup baking soda in to the banana nut bread mixture. (It makes the bread SUPER salty and bitter. It was suppose to be 1/4 tsp...I misread the recipe. Opps! ;-) Well, looks like I learned that lesson already.)