Saturday, October 31, 2015

Melody Parks' The Demon's Woman; Landon is Laden With Lust on #Scintillating Sunday

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I’m thrilled to have guest author Melody Parks on my blog today and her timing couldn’t be better.  She’s brought with her a steamy snippet from her paranormal erotic romance, The Demon’s Woman.

Landon and Amy have kink inspired fantasies, with one perfectly diverse difference.  He needs to dominate and control, she needs to submit and surrender.  Let’s take a sneak peek at their first BDSM seem together where the tap into each other’s deepest desires.

Enjoy!  I know I did  ☺

“That’s right, girl and I am going to take all that is mine tonight.” She couldn’t stifle the loud moan that left her lips as he brought the tails down again, but this time he didn’t give her pause between strokes. The tails landed hard and heavy over and over on her bottom and thighs until she began to pant and groan, wiggling her hips dauntingly to indicate the need to have him inside her. 

“Getting anxious are we?” he asked, giving her pause to answer.

“Yes, sir… I mean master,” she uttered, her lips dry as her heated breath rushed passed them. 

She heard the flogger hit the floor with a thump and then felt the coolness of his hand on her heated flesh. “Turn over and lie on your back,” he ordered. “Good girl,” he commended, his eyes laden with lust as he crawled onto the bed with her, placing each of her wrists in a nylon cuff, which he then attached to separate D rings hanging from the headboard. “Your body is mine to do with as I please.” His gaze landed on her erect nipples and a moment later he took one in his mouth, sucking greedily while squeezing her other breast with his hand. “These are mine,” he growled, moving to and sucking her other nipple while his hand sailed downward to her already spread thighs. A deep groan vibrated through her nipple as he found her dripping pussy ripe and ready for him. “And this,” he murmured, reluctant to pull free of her aching nipple as he thrust two fingers deep into her throbbing cunt, making her gasp and instantly arch her back, “is mine to use any way I choose tonight.” 

“Oh, god, Landon. This is driving me insane. Please, fuck me now.” 

A low chuckle rolled up from his chest as he held his face inches above hers, looking her deep in the eyes, his fingers still inside her. “Landon isn’t here right now, girl.” The fierce, demanding look in his eyes scared her a little. “Only the master is present and I’ll fuck you only when I feel the urge to do so. Understand?” 

“Y- yes, master,” she stuttered, looking for some sign on his face that would indicate this was still just part of the role he was playing. He gave her no such satisfaction as an almost evil smile danced on his lips. 

“Good,” he muttered slowly in a low whisper, removing his fingers, which she clenched as he pulled them out, closing her eyes to escape the intensity of his hooded brow and dark stare. “Let’s finish getting you tied up.” She felt his weight shift on the bed as he moved, then his hands on her left ankle. Opening her eyes, she watched his backside as he straddled her leg, and cuffed her ankle. He then moved to the other, doing the same before getting off the bed entirely so he could strap the cuffs to the base of the bed. When he finished, he stood admiring her hungrily for a moment and Amy couldn’t help noticing the thick bulge in his jeans, clenching as she thought of the last time his cock was in her ass. 

Phew! I'm fanning myself over here! Melody Parks knows how to write HOT erotic scenes! If you want more scenes like that, check out The Demon's Woman!! 

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  1. Wow! That's an amazing snippet. Can't wait to read it.