Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Daddy's Little Sweetheart Cover Reveal AND a hot snippet!

Hi Everyone!

I hope that your week is going well. We're halfway through the week. Woohoo!!

Today I have a snippet from my story, Daddy's Little Sweetheart which is coming out for sale in less than a week!! I also have my cover to reveal!! I've had this cover for a couple months now and I'm SO excited to finally be able to share it!! It was designed by the amazing Korey Mae Johnson! Seriously, it's my favorite cover that she has ever made me. Here it is!

Isn't that a beautiful cover?! All the pink and yellow AND polka dots. I love it! Now, on to the snippet! In this snippet, Claire has just gotten home from work. She's tired and overstressed. Jensen suggested that she act little more often. Claire shoots that idea down fast. Now, they're eating dinner...

Coming home tonight and hearing Jensen’s idea about being little more often had been the cherry on top of my cake. The idea was tempting, but I knew that I couldn’t do it. I loved being little, but I couldn’t help being afraid that if Jensen and I played more than we already did, he would start to see me as only a little girl and then start treating me like that permanently. I had read more than my fair share of age play books and found that to happen often. If it happened to me, I didn’t know what I would do. 

“You have such a serious face for someone who is supposed to be relaxing,” Jensen said as he came back in with a tray full of sandwiches and drinks. 

“I was just thinking about work and stuff,” I said, not wanting to lie. I was a horrible liar and Jensen had a firm rule about lying. I figured if I said at least half of the truth, he wouldn’t know that I had been worrying about his offer. Technically I was telling him part of the truth and then I wouldn’t look like I was lying. I was just omitting the part that I knew could give him crazy ideas. 

He sighed. “Claire, that’s precisely why I want you to start acting little more often. If you did, then you could be coloring right now or playing with your Barbie dolls, instead of worrying about that jackass.” 

“Don’t worry, Jensen. I have it all under control. 

I feel like "Don't worry, I have it all under control" are always the famous last words before something really wrong happens. Maybe that's just me.

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Happy Wednesday! :-)


  1. I agree, Meredith. What a truly adorable cover and the snippet that you chose to compliment it is so very sweet. I feel compassion for Claire's concerns, but can only imagine that there may be a spanking in her future for withholding 'part' of the truth.

  2. LOVE the cover and a great snippet to match! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Oddly enough, the idea of coloring is appealing right now. Nice snippet. :)