Thursday, July 24, 2014

That Excerpt I Promised...

Greetings All!

It's almost here! Only 1 day, 9 hours, and 29 minutes left until Little Samantha's Choice is available for purchase! But, who's counting. *Wink, Wink!*

As promised in my first post, I have an excerpt for y'all of Little Samantha's Choice. Here it is:

When I opened the door I was not expecting to find what I did. The walls were a light pink with white trim on the top and bottom, and the room smelled like baby powder. To my left there was a big dresser and on top of it was a changing pad. I walked over to it and pulled open all of the drawers to discover bottles, pacifiers, Disney Princess underwear, those super comfy footie pajamas, socks, some other clothes, and diapers. I then closed all the drawers, turning my attention to the changing pad. It was white and was rather large, and I knew I could easily fit on top of it. I felt it, and it felt soft. Overall, it just looked like a regular changing table, except that it was made for adults.

At the end of the room, on the left side, there was a chest filled with toys. Near the chest was a doll house and a pile of dolls.

I hadnt played with a dollhouse or dolls in years. I had loved my dollhouse and dolls when I was growing up, but my mother had given them away to charity when I was ten years old. My mom had told me that I was too old to be playing with a dollhouse and dolls and some poor little girl would have more fun playing with them.

I remembered how heartbroken I had been. Despite what my mother had said, I had still loved playing with dolls and my dollhouse at ten years old. But she wouldnt listen to me. I had cried in my room for an entire weekend until my dad gave me a doll. I had been so happy, but he made me promise not to let my mother ever find it. I promised and secretly would play with my doll, always having a blast with her. I still had that doll; it was packed away in a box somewhere in our storage unit.

I shook my head, breaking myself out of my thoughts as I looked around the room. On the opposite side of the chest there was a bookcase filled with little kid books. In between the chest and bookcase was a huge rocking chair with pink pillows on it. On the right side of the room were two beds. One bed had rails around it, and I realized that it was a cribanother piece of baby furniture made for adults. It even had a mobile hanging above it. But the second bed was what caught my eye. It was a day bed with a canopy above it, and on the bed were a bunch of stuffed animals! In the center, there was an American Girl doll. It was the Molly American Girl doll!

I ran over, jumped on the bed, grabbed Molly, and gave her a big hug. As a little girl, I had read all the American Girl books. I had always wanted an American Girl doll, but my parents had told me that they would not buy one for me because it would be a waste of their money and I would quickly get tired of playing with it.

That didnt matter now because I finally had one, and I was going to take very good care of her, like every good mommy should.

I hope that you all liked that. If you want even more where that came from, then make sure to mark Little Samantha's Choice on your list of books to read! 

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