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Chemistry of Attraction Interview!

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Thianna D is back to talk about her latest hit book, Chemistry of Attraction! This book is apart of the Corbin's Bend series. Thianna, I'm so happy that you could join me once again. Let's get this interview started!

So, this is a general question about Corbin’s Bend. But, what made you come up with a community like Corbin Bend’s?
It came out of the craziness everything else comes out of – the ether J 11 months before Finding Their Bliss was released, I put my pen to paper (yes, back then I still insisted on writing by hand) and Corbin’s Bend flowed out. I was halfway through the book before I realized just how amazing the community concept was. I remember thinking “This would make a great series.” But I knew if I wrote every book, they would end up coming across with the exact same feel. And I didn’t want that. Every community has an array of people and I figured that an array of writers each with their own way of expressing their art, would be an amazing thing.

I will admit, it’s turned out even better than I’d hoped 

Hmmm...that does sound really interesting. Now, I know that you pretty much already answered this question, what makes each book different from the other, but would you like to add on that or rephrase what you said?

The first thing is the different authors. Every author writes differently, focuses on something different etc. For instance, we have some authors who focus on DD, some who focus more on the BDSM aspects. Plus, I love to focus on the relationship between my main characters and other secondary characters. Some authors focus almost solely on the erotic or spanking aspects.

The hardest part for any new CB author is using other people’s characters as their secondary characters. But by doing so, it brings the books together. I love reading a story and finding a former character mentioned. 

I think you hit the nail on the head there. I've only read a couple of Corbin's Bend books, but as a reader, I could definitely see the differences in the style of writing. I noticed when you were promoting this book you said that it was Season two of Corbin’s Bend. What do you mean by that?

It’s kind of funny. That started out as a joke from my publisher. She made the comment about how she could hardly wait for Season Two and it set off the marketing side of my brain. Plus, since we release them in groupings, it just kind of makes sense. Each ‘season’ is released in a certain timeframe and then there’s a couple months for everyone to get excited for the next season.

We also have a between-seasons and special books popping up as well. For instance, there will be a Valentine’s collection from 6 of the Corbin’s Bend authors released Feb 9, 2015. And in December, a short Corbin’s Bend story will be released during a special holiday celebration Blushing Books will be doing.

Wow, that sounds like a really cool idea! Time to get to the main characters in this book. Now the main female character, Dina for your book is a granddaughter of some of the first residents in Corbin's Bend. What made you bring Rose and Jason’s granddaughter to Corbin’s Bend?

I really wanted to write a story with more of the two of them, but find I like them as secondary characters. So, Dina quickly flowed from my fingers. I like her. She’s quirky, highly intelligent, and tends to always be go-go-go without taking time for fun as well as has a hard time feeling like she belongs anywhere.

By making her Jason and Rose’s granddaughter, it gave her a nice warm couple who she could talk to about anything and everything. Plus, it allowed her to learn about a lifestyle she had no real clue of in a nurturing, loving environment.

That is so true. Though if it were me, I wasn't sure if I would feel comfortable talking to my grandparents about a relationship like that. On to Brandon, he had a pretty specific tattoo on his forehead, where did you come up with the idea for the tattoo?

I have an intense love for Celtic mythology. When it came time to describe Brandon’s tattoo, I knew it needed to have meaning and I wanted it to be from the Celtic mythos. It didn’t take long to settle on the five-fold, because it truly does engulf his and my own thoughts about life.

I did love his explanation on it. I also loved his explanation to Dina of how a spanking would get rid of her guilt. How did you come up with it?

I know in most spanking books, spanking is used as a punishment, but for me? It is so much deeper than that. Discipline can come in many forms, but I’m a rule follower. I’m almost anal retentive about following rules. But I tend to drive myself nuts with thinking too much or feeling guilty or sometimes my brain will get caught on a thought and I won’t be able to stop thinking about it. A spanking can truly release all of that. Because the worst thing is to not be able to forgive one’s self. It eats at you.

And a spanking, given by someone who loves you and wants nothing more than to help you release those feelings, is the most freeing thing in the world.

It’s one of the reasons that in real life an erotic spanking and a discipline spanking are two separate things. That line can’t be crossed.

Thianna, I'm the same way. I rarely break a rule, but I understand how you can over think things and then start to feel guilt. I also really liked Brandon's explanation of the word slut. I normally really don’t like when a dominant calls their submissive a slut. I loved how you came up with two definitions for it. How did you come up with that?

I’ve been in and around the BDSM lifestyle for over 14 years now. I used to hate the term slut. Until a top I was in a relationship talked to me about the term and helped open my eyes to it. Just like any word, slut is just a label. How we feel about that label is due to programming. Slut, used as the term I hate, is derogatory and demeaning. The term my slut…it allows me to be who I am without feeling guilt or shame. Because why shouldn’t a woman be able to be open and wanting with the man she loves? To express her deepest fantasies, knowing whether or not he is into them, he will be pleased she can be so honest. It’s perfect freedom.

And I wanted Dina to understand the difference. Because it’s huge.

This is the second story of yours that I’ve read where a mentor via a parent, grandparent, or friend guides the dominant in their spanking relationship. Why do you think that’s so important to have?

This kind of lifestyle has a heavy energy dynamic, meaning the top/bottom, top/brat, dom/sub (whatever term you wish to give it) go through an energy exchange when they play or discipline. That kind of play/kink/etc develops an emotional tie really quickly between people. There are new emotions, new feelings, realizing things that maybe in the past you were told were wrong…all those things can be upsetting for both sides of the scale.

For the bottom, I think everyone recognizes it, but for the top? They need it just as much. In our society, especially, where men are taught not to hit a woman, suddenly they are in a relationship where they know they need to discipline the lady in their life. That’s rough. It pits two parts of them against one another. A mentor can help smooth that out. They can also give ideas for when the new top doesn’t know what to do to get through to their bottom.

Because sometimes those of us at the bottom of the scale know what we need and many times we don’t. A mentor on both sides is the best thing in the world, in my opinion. A dominant mentor for the top and a submissive mentor for the bottom. It should be someone who has been in the particular lifestyle you are looking into for some time. And no, I don’t mean a few months. I’m talking years. Because it takes years to even begin to understand who you are in this dynamic.

It took almost a decade before I actually recognized and accepted a part of myself I had denied for years. I wish I’d had a mentor to help me through the rough times. Having a mentor who has been there, who understands the difficulties, and who can help keep you sane while you go through it is a major gift.

Now on to my favorite part of the interview where we get to play the five question game!
What is one of your nervous habits?

Hmm. Let me think. I’m pretty good at hiding emotion physically. In fact, if I cared at all to play cards, I’d probably make a pretty good poker player. But I do have one tell. No matter how steady I may appear, if I’m really nervous, I’ll knead my left palm with my right hand.

What is your favorite T.V show?

I haven’t watched television in over 5 years. When I did, though, it was all stuff that made me smile and lifted me up. Star Trek, STNG, Gilmore Girls. What’s on television now I think is sad. Reality shows on crime dramas. It’s like television only wants to show us the horrible side of life. Life’s so much better. I think everyone should toss out their television sets.

I loved Gilmore Girls! It's on Netflix now! If you were to go to a Starbucks, what would you order?

That’s an easy question for me. I don’t drink coffee. But they have a spiced hot cider called Caramel Apple Spice that I treat myself to from time to time.

What is the one thing that you cannot live without?

My imagination. Everything physical can be made/purchased again, but without my imagination, there would be no life.

What is one of your guilty pleasures?

*wicked grin* You do know I instantly thought sex, right? Okay, I’ll give you two answers.

I have a thing for really big dildos from Bad Dragon. (OUCH!) They’re huge suckers. Yum. Stretch. Ow. Yes! But I guess calling them a guilty pleasure isn’t exactly right because I feel no guilt whatsoever in using them.

But, non-sexually, okay, this is hard. I don’t feel guilty about any of it. But I love nice hot baths in deep bathtubs. Especially if accompanied either by a sexy audio book or a nice hot man. The latter’s preferable ;)

 Here's an excerpt from Chemistry of Attraction

He was captivated. His eyes devoured her and for the first time in her life, she felt beautiful. And sexy. Brandon’s fingers slid down her body slowly, his fingertips rubbing on the edge where her bra met skin. Each touch flashed fire across her skin and as the memory of their morning came to her, she knew what she wanted and needed. “Spank me,” she breathed, watching him.

Slowly his eyes slid back up her body to meet hers. The gray was an almost black and his cock tented the front of his slacks. “Strip and then get on your stomach on the bed.” His fingers grasped at the tiny buttons on his shirt and after struggling with the top two, he grasped and just ripped his shirt off. Totally turned on by the display, Dina kicked off her shoes and quickly divested herself of the rest of her garments. As his fingers moved to unbutton his trousers, she hopped onto the bed and lay down, leaning her chin on her forearms.

The swish of material announced his pants landing somewhere to her left but she didn’t get the chance to find out where because strong, warm hands grasped her ankles and began to move up her legs. “So fucking beautiful,” he murmured as his hands came closer to her rear end. When he pulled his hands off, she whimpered. “Don’t worry,” he said, grabbing a pillow. “I want you in the perfect position for this. Lift up your hips.”

Quickly catching on, she lifted her hips off the bed and he shoved the pillow underneath, leaving her behind elevated as she relaxed.

“Now,” he said, his warm hands once again ghosting over her rump, pressing and kneading as he went along. Warmth bloomed in her core and to her amazement, liquid trickled between her legs. “If you want me to stop, say your name.”

“My name?” she said in confusion.

“Yes. Sometimes a girl might yell no or stop but not really want the man spanking her to actually stop what he’s doing. If you yell out Dina or Carodine, I’ll know.”

“Okay.” That sounded strange, but right now, she was willing to go along with anything to once again feel his hand across her ass.

There was a momentary silence and then one of his hands rested on her lower back and the other lifted. Slap! His hand came down harder than this afternoon, heat sizzling in its wake. Before she even felt the warmth that bloomed from it, he hit her other cheek. Back and forth he went, covering her entire derriere with hard slaps until her entire rear end felt like a light sunburn.

But she didn’t care. Each smack of his hand lit up something inside of her, something primal, raw, animalistic. Arching her back, she growled softly when his hand slammed right between her cheeks. Each slap produced its own sound, but she barely heard them, her left brain utterly fascinated by the sounds coming out of her own mouth. When his hand came down on that sensitive crease between buttocks and thighs, her logical brain blanked out. What remained was wanton, needy, and craving everything the man at her side could give her.

“More!” she cried out as he hit her sit spot again. Her entire body felt like a coiled spring and she so wanted to be sprung. All she needed was just a few more. Just a few more. Please, just a few more.

Brandon had other plans. “Spread your legs,” he commanded and she rushed to obey, not wanting him to stop. “Fuck, you’re so wet, beauty,” he murmured, the fingers of his spanking hand drifting between her legs, stroking along her clit and delving into her core.

“More,” she whimpered as those wonderfully strong, large fingers began to fuck her, rubbing against something that made her arch more and let out a low keen. So close. She was so close. It wouldn’t take much more to send her over. Damn, he—


Here's the blurb for Chemistry of Attraction:

Retired Marine Brandon Delt, moves to Corbin’s Bend after his recently divorced wife marries his cousin. Tired of living a non-discipline lifestyle, he fully welcomes the openness of the Corbin’s Bend spanking community. One day he hopes to meet the woman he could make his TiH. He doesn’t expect to meet her on day one.

Carodine Minor’s just in Corbin’s Bend for the summer. Just graduated with her master’s degree in chemistry, Dina isn’t sure of her next step in life. Not once has she ever considered being spanked. Logical woman that she is, when she finds herself intrigued by the idea of a hand across her derriere, she asks for a demonstration from Brandon. One demo turns into a wild night of passion neither wants to let go of.

Take one hot summer. Add in an intellectual chemist and a dominant retired Marine. Once the chemistry ignites, combustion is soon to follow.

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