Sunday, October 5, 2014

Cause You're Amazing, Just The Way You Are!

Hello Everyone!

I have a bit of a rant today. I just read Megan Michaels's post and something that she said just got to me. So, I had to write this post to get it off my chest. Please sit back, relax, and get ready for some good old fashion ranting. :-)

How many people have problems with how they look, raise your hands. *My hand goes up*. Okay you can put your hands down. How many people don't believe someone else when they get a compliment that they look good, raise your hands. *My hand goes up*. Okay you can put your hands down.

America is a large country, so are it's occupants. Did anyone here know that the average dress size for women in America is size 14? Not size 0? I know, *gasp*, I can't believe that either! Yet, all the models in America are like size negative 2. The average weight for Americans is 164 lbs?! This is crazy! (Side happy note...I'm BELOW the average a few pounds...but STILL! *Happy Dance!*)

It makes me feel horrible that America, more namely the media has women feeling bad if they aren't that size 0. Who cares about how small or large someone is? Look at Sarah Silverman. She's a pretty tiny thing, yet she is hilarious. Then look at Melissa McCarthy, she's one of the only large actresses out there, yet she's hilarious. Both actresses are women (well duh, actresses) one is large and the other is small. Yet, does size matter with how funny they are...NO!

 (Melissa McCarthy is in the black dress, second woman from the left. Sarah Silverman is in the green dress in the center.)

(Side picture...look what size men prefer...size 12?! That means that women can still eat AND have a man still want her...ALERT THE PRESS!)


Additionally, do to so many rules now and socials "dos and don'ts", if a woman were to get complimented on her appearance, I would bet my next paycheck that they would deny it. I do when one of my friend's compliments me. Instead of looking at the positive aspects about myself, I look at the negative ones. Again, women tend to do this because it's what the media portrays. Women think I'm not as skinny as that celebrity or my hair isn't as luscious as that model, etc. As a result, it has women finding themselves inadequate instead of realizing how perfect they are.

I'm sorry that I ranted there. This is just a very personal topic to me. Growing up, I didn't have an eating disorder, yes I was on the chunkier side, but I wasn't obese. Yet, each of my parents had told me that I was fat before, which really still stings today. I'm the youngest of my sisters, and I'm the biggest of the three of us. (There is a benefit to that...I have the biggest boobs...hehe). It's hard growing up, thinking that you're to big. Of course, whenever I got called fat, I always laughed it off. I knew that if no one saw how much it hurt me by laughing, they would stop saying it, which they did. If that didn't work well, sometimes my middle sister would continue her name calling, we fought it out...some habits never die.

It took me 18 years, but I finally started losing weight. I lost 25 pounds which felt amazing! I'm proud to say that I've lost a couple more pounds since then and have kept off the weight that I lost. I still would like to lose about 20-30 more pounds before I can look in a mirror and say, "Hey there good lookin'" and mean it. (The last part was a joke.)

My main point for this post is just this who cares how you look? Someone can be big or they can be small and it won't change who they are inside. I could be 300 pounds or 90 pounds and still write amazing stories while making people laugh (I'm a lot funnier in person). It doesn't matter how I look. So, please EVERYONE, yes I'm talking to you...the next time that you feel like you're fat, just remember one, you're in America so there is sure to be someone fatter out there than you ( soon?) and two you're perfect the way you are and YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL!

I hope that everyone has a great day. I really need to finish these last two chapters of homework so I can start working on my edits otherwise my editors probably won't be to happy with me! Goodbye for now!

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