Friday, January 16, 2015

Jackson and Samantha have the Cutest Relationship!

Hi Everyone!!

Happy Saturday! I know last week, I left off with Derek carrying a naked Melanie upstairs to help cure her cabin fever. I will continue week. Due to my moving back to school tomorrow, my being a horrible time consuming packer, and a procrastinator I didn't get a chance to write my snippet on what happens to Melanie yet. So, today, you get a snippet from my first book, Little Samantha's Choice!!

To set this scene up, Jackson and Samantha are at Samantha's company Christmas party. Samantha went off to help a co-worker and Jackson is left talking to Samantha's co-worker's, Don. Don sees Jackson and Samantha's relationship in a very unique way.

"You two are just cute. I was married before and I never had the outright love that you and Samantha have for each other. How do you do it?

I couldn’t help smiling—or the images that flashed through my mind of my lovely wife as my little girl. “We’re honest with each other. We respect what the other one wishes, and we take care of each other.”

“Yes. I’ve heard Samantha talking about her weekends before. She always says that since she works during the week, you plan everything for the weekend and it gives her a chance to unwind and not have to worry about anything."

Jackson and Samantha do have a very loving relationship. Make sure to hop along and go check out other author's'll never know what you'll find!

Happy Saturday!


  1. They are very cute together. When is the book coming out???

    1. This was my first book that came out last July.

  2. I really enjoyed that book. Hope getting settled back at school goes smoothly.

  3. Oh yes, very cute. Just like that cover!