Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Don't Surprise Melanie in the Kitchen!

Hi Everyone!!

Happy Wednesday! I can't believe that this week is halfway over! It's my last week of break, so I'm bittersweet to see this week go by so fast. I'm looking forward to going back to school, but I'm not looking forward to all the work that's going to require of me.

On to my snippet for today! It's a pretty funny one today, well, at least I think so. To set this one up a little, Derek and Melanie have just finished eating dinner. Melanie is now washing the pots and pans. The picture below shows what the pan she is washing looks like.

"Do you need help with any of that?" Derek asked, coming up behind me and wrapping his arms around my torso.

"No thanks dear. This is my last pot." I said, as I continued to scrub the pan. There was just one crusted piece of food that just would not come off.

"Dinner was delicious baby." He murmured, sweeping my hair off of my shoulder as he slowly began to nibble on my ear.

"Derek!" I gasp, dropping the pan in the hot soapy water. "That tickles. I really want to get this pan clean or else it'll be ten times harder to do tomorrow morning." I said, moving out of his embrace to continue cleaning the pot.

Just as I grasped the pan and lifted it up, Derek picked me up and swung me around.

Unfortunately, since I had been holding on to the pan, when Derek swung me around, I on accident hit him square in the face with it.

The pan clattered to the floor as I dropped it and focused on my husband.

"I'm so sorry honey! Are you okay? Let me see!" I panicked, afraid that I had given my husband a concussion or had possibly fractured his skull.

"I'm okay Melanie. I need to be more careful when you have a frying pan in your hands apparently though." He chucked, rubbing the side of his head.

"This isn't a laughing matter. I could have seriously hurt you. Now please let me take a look." I pleaded, standing up on my tippy toes to make sure that there was no bleeding or swelling.

"I'm really fine honey, though I think I'll save what I had in mind for tonight until next week when you aren't cleaning any pans or," He paused, looking around giving me a terrified look and then gulped and said, "knives."

"You jerk!" I shouted, but couldn't help the smile on my face before the two of us started laughing our heads off.

At the end of our laughing fest, Derek pulled me in for a hug and a kiss.

"Are you sure that you're okay?" I asked, wanting to double check that I really hadn't hurt him.

"Yes. I'm so okay that I came up with a Plan B for tonight."

"Oh really. What is it?"

"Well," He began, picking up a lock of my hair and twirling it in his finger, "it involves you, I, our bed, some clothes tearing, and maybe, if you're a good girl, that paddle that I just got."

"Hmm...I like the sounds of your plan, but I'd like to add one thing if I may."

"Go ahead." Derek said, with a smile on his face.

"Last person upstairs is the one that gets paddled!" I shouted, before pulling down Derek's sweat pants and running upstairs as fast as I could.

"Hey!!" I heard him shout, but I didn't dare look back.

This is so something that I could see myself do in the future by accident. Poor Derek. Thankfully his head was okay.

Make sure to go check out the author amazing author's posts because...you never know what you'll find.

Happy Wednesday! :-)


  1. OMG! I could SO see this happening. A fun snippet indeed, Meredith. I giggled when Derek gulped. These two have a such a wonderful relationship and I'm glad he wasn't sore at her for the bonk to the head. Love the idea of that yellow frying pan becoming the spanking implement, too.
    Is she really going to be able to do it though? I mean provided she beats him up the stairs? I think she's got a pretty good shot at winning after yanking his pants down around his knees. ☺
    Can't wait to find out! ~grins~

    1. Oh I'd say that Dereck has a few tricks up his sleeves...You'll just have to wait until next week. :-)

  2. That was such a fun scene, Meredith! I do agree with Derek on being careful when she cleans knives! :) Enjoy the rest of your break - time seems to go faster when we're off the clock! :)

    1. Time goes by way to fast when I'm off the clock. I feel like yesterday, I was thinking, "Oh, I have three weeks left of break." Now I only have two days left!!

  3. This was a very fun excerpt! I liked how playful they were to each other.

    1. Derek and Melanie are very fun together. :-)

  4. lol - that was fun. And I love the little puppy - cute.

  5. Well I'm all for plan B! But the frying pan was a good giggle... the dangers of distracting women in the kitchen LOL!! Yummy snippet.

    1. Yes, it seems that Melanie and Derek are a very funny pair together!