Thursday, July 27, 2017

"Your first taste of her we'll savor together." Maddie Taylor is visiting today!

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Maddie Taylor is visiting me today with a snippet from her new book, The Renegades' Reward! It's an awesome, steamy hot book! If you haven't picked up your copy yet, do it now. You really won't regret it. On to the snippet now!

Malik’s words fanned over heated skin, as he breathed out, “She’s soaked, Jay.”
“I know,” he growled. “I’m surrounded by her scent, and it’s all I can do not to toss her on the bed, spread her wide, and devour every creamy, delicious inch of her.”
“Sorry, but you’ll have to remove me bodily from this spot first,” he countered.
Before she could think, which was near impossible with these two big, powerful men focused on her, large hands at the back of both knees lifted her legs. She glanced down and saw golden eyes, molten with desire had homed in on her splayed sex. It was Malik’s hands holding her legs apart, the same ones who now draped them one at a time over his broad shoulders. With his mouth so near her center, his hot breath rushing over her hotter flesh, she trembled in anticipation of his next move.
“Stop!” came the growled command by her ear.
Malik’s face tipped up, his gaze travelling up her body to fixate over her shoulder. Following where he looked, Dani twisted her head until her eyes collided with Jaylin’s. He stared back at her as his hand slid down her front, two fingers sliding through her soaked slit to her entrance, and glided inside her.
On a quick rush of indrawn air, she somehow stifled the groan of pleasure his possessive motion aroused in her. It was as though he—no, they—had every right to play, command, and dominate her body. This notion roused her most of all. She’d asked for this two-on-one, and her willingness gave them rights they were ready to claim, both, at once. Her heart pounded and her back arched within their hold, ready for them to get on with it.
The fingers stretching and filling her stroked once, twice, pumped for a third time then left her. Her cry of disappointment was replaced by one of shock, as Jaylin’s fingertips, glistening wet with the proof of her desire rose to her mouth. Next, in a move so erotic she almost came on the spot, he ran the wet tips over her lips, painting them with her taste and scent.
He growled again, still scary, but not from dominant orders, rather, because the hungry look on his face said he intended to feast on her whole. Except he didn’t, not yet, instead saying to Malik, who watched with fervent desire on his face, “Your first taste of her we’ll savor together.”

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The Renegades' Reward Blurb
Devastated by tragedy, they left everything behind.
Now, they will fight any foe, take any risk, for a price.

Hired to rescue a rich man’s daughter, mercenaries Jaylin and Malik Sin-Naysir, are captivated by the auburn haired, green-eyed innocent they are duty-bound to protect. Although determined to bring her home untouched, their desire for her is intense, the connection undeniable. Could it be she has the power to heal their wounded hearts?

Daniella Alltryp lives in the lap of luxury, but under the thumb of her dictatorial father her life is a cold, isolated existence. That ends in two weeks when she turns twenty-five and gains control of her trust fund. She’s counting the minutes until she’s free!

Her father has other plans, including an arranged marriage to an alien prince, using her to further line his pockets. Daniella will have none of it.  While returning home to confront him, she is captured by space pirates and held for ransom.  Except time has run out, and her tight-fisted father refuses to pay.  Moments from being sold at auction, rescue comes in the form of two gorgeous aliens.

Tall, powerful, and innately dominant, both men make her heart melt and her panties damp.  Neither has trouble demanding what they want from her, or holding her bare backside accountable for any mischief she makes.  But they aren’t what they seem. Secrets are revealed as their deception unravels.   Can Dani forgive their betrayal and take a chance on loving them both?   And, can Malik and Jaylin move on from the tragedy in their past to finally claim their reward, and make Dani their own?

Publisher note:   The Renegades’ Reward is a stand-alone erotic romance novel that contains sexual scenes and spanking. If this subject matter offends you, please don't buy this book.

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    1. You're welcome! I'm always happy to have you on my blog! :-)