Monday, May 1, 2017

Meredith's Monday Musings: Yellow and Pink

Hi Everyone!

Happy Monday! Holy cow, it's May! I can't believe this. I feel like I just was saying how shocked I was that it was April and now it's May. Geez, where in the heck is this time going? How's everyone's day going so far? Mine is going pretty good. I turned my edits in and I'm now waiting for a release date, cover, and blurb from my publisher. I'm pretty excited! In the mean time, I'm working on another story.

Today's Meredith Monday is all about: Pink and yellow!

Some of you might not know this, but pink and yellow are my two favorite colors. If it were up to me, all of my book covers would be pink and yellow and my entire wardrobe would be too! Sadly, my publisher has reminded me that there are more colors in the world besides pink and yellow and he's right.

I've gotten asked before why I love these two colors so much. To me, it seems like an obvious answer. If you look at them, they're just so bright and happy!

When I look at something that's yellow, I feel happy. The color is bright and cheerful. If I'm in a bad mood and see something yellow, it definitely helps put me in a better mood. No one ever sees something upsetting that is yellow.

When I look at something pink, it makes me happy too, not as much as yellow, but enough. Additionally, pink things remind me of sweetness. I know that sounds really weird, but go with me on it. Imagine a cupcake that has pink frosting on it. When you look at that cupcake, you get excited because you know it's going to be super sweet! That's how I feel when I see something pink.

Furthermore, I associate pink with age play, which might also be why when I see pink items, it reminds me of sweetness. All of my age play stories, are sweet ones. When I write my little characters, nine times out of ten, there favorite color is pink! If you check my Pinterest account, I have a board titled "AP". Pretty much all the pins on that board have some pink in them.

Now, don't get wrong folks. I do enjoy all colors, especially vibrant ones, like I wrote in a previous post. However, pink and yellow are my favorite colors. They just make me really happy to look at and who's not going to enjoy looking at colors that make them happy?

That's all I have for today. I hope that everyone has a super Monday!!


  1. Yellow is my favorite color too! That, and purple. I know they're opposites. There should be more yellow in the world. I wish someone would invent a yellow pen that showed up on paper. Or a paper that showed up yellow pen. Or something.
    Also, so excited that you've got a new book coming out!!!

    1. Oh! I love the idea of a yellow pen! And thanks! It is coming out pretty soon!