Saturday, May 13, 2017

"Little girls who broke the rules needed to be punished." #HisLittle Captive #SatSpanks

Hi All!

Today, I have a naughty snippet to share of my newly released book, His Little Captive! Enjoy!

Grabbing the waist of her pants, I pulled them down to reveal a sparkly pink panty-covered bottom.
“Hey! You can’t do that,” she screeched, turning around to try and pull her pants up. There went her compliance. Grabbing her wrist, I pinned it to her back as I said, “This is going to be a bare bottom spanking, one that you’ve earned. If you try and interfere again, I’ll go get my handcuffs to stop you from moving and afterwards, you’ll be punished with a bar of soap in your mouth. So, I suggest you reach for your pillow if you want to hold onto something.”
I released her hand and without another word, her arms wrapped around her pillow and she hung on.
Getting back to her pink sparkly panties—so damn cute—I pulled those down, revealing her perfect creamy white ass.
Rubbing my hand over it, warming her skin, I knew it wouldn’t stay pale and pristine for long, but little girls who broke the rules needed to be punished.

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  1. You paint a beautiful picture here, I can see the whole scene. Great snippet.

  2. Love everything about this snippet, Meredith! And congrats once again, on the new release!!

  3. Oooh, daring to disagree and then the anticipation. Steamy stuff.
    Congrats on the new release.

  4. I'm not sure what she did to earn his displeasure, but she's going to learn that rules are meant to be obeyed. I love the way he rubs her as a warm up for what will follow. Care, affection and appreciation. Makes you melt.

  5. Phew, that's hot stuff, Meredith, well done! And congratulations on the new book!