Friday, August 5, 2016

The Doctor's Little Mate is LIVE!!!

Hey Everyone!

IT'S HERE! IT'S HERE!! The Doctor's Little Mate is LIVE on Amazon and it will be coming to other websites soon.

Here's a little snippet for y'all!

First thing tomorrow, we’re going to go to the healing bay where I work. I’ll give you some medicine to speed up your recovery.”
Just like that, my fantasy of him taking me was shattered. No way was I going to let him pump alien medicines into me. What happened if they changed me?
“I will not allow you to be in pain.”
“It’s not up to you. I signed the mating contract to give you a chance to become my mate, not to become a dictator. None of these injuries are life-threatening. If you force me to go to your healing place, then you might as well send me home now, because there’ll be no chance that I will stay with you after that.”
His eyes turned a faint cherry red color as he took a couple of steps away from the bed.
“I never said that I’d control every aspect of your life. Don’t put words in my mouth. You’re my mate, and despite your evident hatred for me, I care a great deal about you, and seeing you in pain like this is upsetting to me, especially when it’s unnecessary.”
“Fine. I’m sorry for putting words in your mouth, but I refuse to go to your healing place. I’ll be fine healing at my human pace, and not your freakish fast, alien pace.”
His eyes went from that cherry red to a deep garnet.
“Watch your attitude, young lady or else you will find yourself over my lap, as I bare your bottom and give you the sound spanking it seems you keep asking for.”
I stared at him. An old adage my mother used to say floated into my head. If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.
So, I kept my mouth closed.
A few moments passed. Ian must have figured out that I wasn’t going to say anything else.
He let his head fall forward for a moment while pinching the bridge of his nose before he looked back up at me.
“Maggie, no matter what, I will be taking you to my place of work tomorrow to heal you. I can’t continue to let you be in pain when I can easily fix it.” He held up his hand when I was about to protest. “For now, you need to get some sleep.”

Oh! It sounds like if Maggie isn't careful, she's going to end up with a very sore bottom!

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