Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Marcus reveals his favorite fantasy to Master Dimitri

Good Morning Everyone!

I have some exciting news! My M/m BDSM story, titled His Captive's Heart is coming out in TWO DAYS!!! Here is the cover that the fabulous Korey Mae Johnson made for me!

In this snippet, Master Dimitri and Marcus are sitting in a secluded spot in the lounge area just talking. The talk of fantasies comes up...

            "What would you like to know?"

            He took another sip of his tea before he asked his question. "Why don't you tell me about one of your favorite fantasies?"

            "One of my favorite fantasies. That’s a tough one; I have a lot." I went over all of the ones that I had in my head. It was really hard to choose, but I finally settled on one that was one of my oldest and the one that I desired the most.

            "I would love to be kidnapped."


            "Yes. I fantasize about getting off work late and walking to my car after dark on a Friday night. Then out of nowhere, large arms would wrap around me and a blindfold goes over my eyes. My kidnapper would restrain me. I would be afraid, but that would increase my arousal. I’d be taken to a remote location. Once my kidnapper had me where he wanted me, he would calm me down and reassure me that the weekend would be all about me and my pleasure. Then he would have his wicked way with me."

            My dick stiffened further. That fantasy always got me so aroused.

            "It does sound pretty hot. Especially when the kidnapper gets to have his wicked way with you."

            "Yeah." I said, finishing my drink. "It does sound nice in my head, but remember, it's a fantasy. I'm sure that if it were to actually happen, I would freak out. I’d fight it and try to run away. I would never be able to relax."

            "Well, I'm sure that if you had a strong enough Master, he could get you to calm down and realize that the fantasy would be as pleasurable in real life as it is in your head. For instance, what if I was the one to kidnap you?" Master Dimitri said, before finishing his drink.

            “If you were the Master, I’d be okay with it. What would you do?”

            A grin spread across his face. “I would do as you said, capturing you on a Friday night. I’d let you know that it was me, then I’d restrain you and take you to my home and once there I would have my way with you.”

            A shiver went through me as my dick throbbed in my pants. I glanced away from Master Dimitri. This is crazy talk, a Master like him would never bother with someone like me. But oh if he did, he is so hot and I’m sure that I would enjoy every second of it.

            I shook my head, getting rid of the thought. “That will never happen Sir, it’s just a fantasy.” No use getting your hopes up Marcus.

Poor Marcus, all he wants is for someone to dominate him. Hopefully Master Dimitri could do that for him someday. :-)

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  1. Kidnapping? Omg I love a good kidnapping story.
    Wonderful cover too, Korey is awesome!
    So happy this is going to release in a couple days. WTG Meredith. ☺

    1. Thanks Mel! I really like the cover that Korey made me too! Only two more days before this is released! :-)

  2. aww Marcus is so sweet :) This sounds like a great one, Meredith :) Early release congrats

  3. Thanks Joelle!! Yeah Marcus and Dimitri are both really sweet!! :-)

  4. You had me at favourite fantasies. As soon as the word 'kidnapped' was mentioned... I may have dribbled a... LOT.

    1. If you read this book, you're going to drool a lot more. :-)

  5. Awesome cover! Kidnapping fantasies are so exciting. Looking forward to this one

    1. Thanks! The cover was all Korey! I love her cover art. The cover she did for you is beautiful!

  6. Who doesn't love a good kidnapping fantasy! Can't wait for this one :)

  7. That is a pretty hot fantasy. Will we get to read that scene soon? Please say yes.