Friday, August 21, 2015

Blindfold, Check. Ready Submissive, Check. It's time for a spanking!

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Happy Saturday! I recently just heard about this new blog hop. It sounded awesome, so I decided to join it! Thank you Thianna for running it! ;-) Here's the link to this awesome blog hop.
 Seductive Studs Blog Hop.

This snippet is from my latest book, His Captive's Heart. It's a really sweet, light BDSM M/m story. In this snippet, Dimitri and Marcus are at a club and Dimitri is getting ready to spank Marcus.

“Okay, my sub. It’s now or never. You ready to be spanked?” Dimitri asked as he led me over to the unoccupied spanking bench station.

“Yes, sir.”

“Excellent. I have one more accessory I’d like for you to wear.” He pulled a satin black blindfold out of his pocket. It reminded me of the vibrating mask from earlier, but this one was silky soft and completely flat.

“You want me to wear that?”

“Yes. It will help you focus more on me.”


He put it over my eyes, making sure it was snug against my face. Also unlike the vibrating mask, I couldn’t see a single thing.

“Are you okay?” he asked, grabbing my right elbow.

“Yes, sir.”

“That’s my brave submissive,” he said, tugging me closer to him. He slammed his mouth onto mine, taking possession of me. The plug started to vibrate and I almost came in my pants. Thankfully, he turned it off right away. Swallowing all of my moans, I fought for self-control.

“It’s time to get on the bench.”

Oh! Leave it to Dimitri to have an extra accessory for Marcus to wear! I hope that it helps Marcus' nerves!

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I could not find the link on how to add the list of everyone's blogs so, please go to this website below and check everyone else's blog posts who participated in this blog hop!! You never know what you might find. ;-)

Seductive Studs Blog Hop

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