Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Blue Shoes

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     I can't believe that it's already Wednesday! I hope that everyone had a great Labor Day! I spent the day reading PK Corey's book, Cassie on the Move. It's a hilarious spank filled book! I highly recommend it. 
     Anyway, today I am posting about a W.I.P that was conceived on Facebook and was finished two days ago! It turned out to be an amazing short tale about a sad young woman, Cindy wearing blue shoes and her landlord Frank, who also is a plumber!
 Sarah Young began this story, and Adaline Raine, myself, and Keriann McKenna contributed to it. Enjoy! (If you see any grammar errors, feel free to ignore them! ;-) )

I slammed the door to my apartment and found myself face to face with my landlord. "Frank?? What the HELL are you DOING in my apartment??"  

He gave me a small smile as he met me at the door. "I left you a message about the leaky pipes. I fixed them so a little less attitude, okay?"

Whatever, thank you for fixing the pipes, but...can you please leave now?" I flopped down into my arm chair, this had been the day from hell. I had worn my brand new blue shoes to work, and my co-worker that I had a crush on had insulted them. I should have worn the red shoes, I sighed closing my eyes. He would have loved those. 

"Care to tell me what is bothering you,” He asked, raising an eyebrow as he looked me over, "unless I'm the one making you so irritated?"

"It's not you Frank," I sighed when he made no move to leave, so I went on, "there was this guy at work that I've had a huge crush on for the past few months. I bought these blue shoes, thinking that he'd like them, and he kept making jokes and snide remarks about them." I said, while a few tears slithered down my face.

"Why would you buy shoes hoping he would notice you? You're beautiful Cindy and it doesn't matter which ones you wear."

He smiled again as I looked up at him.

"Do you still want me to leave?"

My heart lightened a little from the compliment. "D-do you have a reason to stay? I really DO appreciate you fixing those pipes, they were driving me bonkers. I was just going to order a pizza…you're welcome to some...if you...wanted." I felt stupid with the way it came out. 

"Sounds great. I'd love to." He smiled, as I slipped off my sexy blue shoes.  

I giggled as I stood to grab my cell phone and make the call. "I love bacon ranch, how does that sound to you?" Chill out! I chided myself. We're not on a date!

He sat down on the couch and grinned, "Bacon Ranch sounds great. I have some beers in my apartment, want me to go grab 'em?”

"Sure, thanks. There's nothing like cold beer and pizza on a Friday night. Oh, and quiet pipes too," I giggled. 

"Alright, I'll be right back."


 I went down to my apartment, swished some mouthwash, grabbed my beer, and $20 to give to Cindy. Don't get your hopes up man, I thought as I headed back upstairs.

She worked for a top notch law firm, and I had been a plumber all my life. I couldn't imagine that she would actually have any long term interest in me, but friends with benefits might not be out of the question.


As soon as Frank left, I ordered the pizza, and then went to my room to change. Normally I'd just put on some sweats, but for some reason I wanted to look "cute" for Frank.  But cute cute or sexy cute? I decided on a short skirt and revealing tank top, my legs weren't my only best feature. My long black hair came down from the bun I typically wore during work hours and fell softly around my shoulders.

My bare feet padded across the carpet when I heard Frank at the door. I opened the door, in what I hoped was a casual manner, and smiled. "Ooh, Yuengling! My favorite! Let me stick those in my fridge, so they stay cold."

I could feel his eyes on me, as I bent down to put the beer in the fridge. So, I did a very small wiggle, sashay I thought to myself, sashay is the pc term, right? When I stood up I gave him a shy smile and said "What kind of movies do you like? I am subscribed to pretty much every movie channel on the planet, so unless you're into gay porn I've got it all." I quirked my head and blurted out, "You ARE into girls, right?" and then slammed my hand over my mouth.

“You don't have gay porn? My whole reason for being here then is shot." He said, keeping a straight face and snapping his fingers.

I looked at him in horror thinking, how stupid could I be? The man was gay and here I was waving my ass at him! But, two seconds later, he was kneeling over laughing so hard.

Once he got control of himself, he walked over to me, gave me a hug, and said, "No Cindy, I am not gay. I very much like girls. However, thank you so much for the laugh. You should have seen the look on your face."

I blushed furiously and bit my lip. I was VERY grateful that the doorbell rang just then, and gave me a way out of that awkwardness. I turned to grab my purse from the end table.

“I got it Cindy." He said, before I could protest that I should at least pay half.  Keep it cool, I'm probably imaging that he likes me, I told myself as I set the table with some plates, napkins, and the beers that Frank had brought.

After the table was set and Frank was sitting down, I held out a $10 bill. "Here you go, I invited you to dinner, so I intended to treat, but since you're being so chivalrous at least let me pay half."

He shook his head with a smile, "When I'm with a pretty girl, I pay." He smirked and then followed it up with, "I pay if I am with an ugly gal too, but that won't be a problem tonight."

"Oh. Well, thanks." I said, blushing and tucking the $10 back in to my purse. I looked up to see him intently staring at me. After a few seconds, I asked, "Is there something in my teeth?"

"No. I just...this is going to sound weird, but I never realized just how beautiful you are." He admitted, rubbing his neck as if he was nervous.  

I couldn't believe that he was blushing too! I flipped my hair, "I try…" and then started laughing, "I mean, thank you. Let's eat before it gets cold... I'd also like to stop chewing on my feet." I stuck my tongue out and sat down.

"Okay okay. So, why don't you tell me a little bit about your work." He said, taking a bite of his pizza.

"There isn't much to tell." I replied, taking a bite of my pizza slice.

"Okay, tell me about yourself."

"Again, not much to tell, I'm pretty boring." I shrugged, taking another bite of my pizza.

"Alright, then tell me something that no one knows about you."

A single thought came to my mind, I want to be spanked, I had never told anyone about that before. "I..." I glanced at his hands, "Well, I...umm... I rinse off my olives before I eat them?"

He raised an eyebrow, "You... rinse your olives?? That's...fascinating. Are you SURE that's what you wanted to share?"

I bit my lip, No I wasn't sure, but how was I supposed to tell this man my fantasy. I hadn't even told my best friend. I decided to go a different route, "You first. Tell me something that you've never told anyone."

A smile flashed across his face as he nudged his chair closer to me and said in a silky voice, "I love the idea of having a woman, naked, across my thighs as I paint her ass red with my hand."

Holy shit did he just read my mind, I thought as I just stared at him imagining myself as the woman over his knee. A rush of wetness left my pussy.

"From the lustful look on your face, it seems I found something we have in common. Now tell me, are you brave enough to allow me to spank that bottom of yours red?"

I gulped, right before I nodded my head.

He smiled and stood up, holding out his hand he said "you have no idea how many times I've laid in my bed thinking about that pert ass of yours squirming over my knee. I took his hand and he lead me in to my living room.

I giggled, "And you have no idea how many times I laid in my bed imaging myself over your knee. I would scream, kick and cry, demanding that you stopped, but you wouldn't listen. You would give me the spanking that you knew I wanted. You would smack my ass with your bare hands until I came." I blushed admitting to my own fantasy.

He sat down on my living room couch. I stood next to him and thought this is it.

Frank assumed a faux-stern face and tone, "Cindy, I worked very hard today to fix your pipes. I stayed later than normal because I wanted to assure that you'd have silent working water tonight. And instead of gratefulness or thanks you gave me attitude. Is that the sort behavior that I should accept, Young Lady? What happens to petulant, ungrateful little girls, Cindy? What happens to their naughty bottoms?"

"They get spanked." I said, looking down at the ground.

"Look at me when you're speaking." He paused waiting until I lifted my gaze. Once I did, he continued, "Tell me little one, do you think that you deserve a spanking for how you acted?"

"Yes Sir."

"Alright. I want you to remove your pants and panties and lay over my lap."

I quickly did as I was told, and as I got into position over his lap, I could feel that my pussy was already dripping wet with desire. I was surprised when he started out by gently rubbing my bottom, it gave me goose bumps all over and I shivered.

He continued rubbing more briskly and firmly as he spoke "Now Cindy, you are in this position because we both know this is your most secret desire. You want to feel the fire of my palm meeting your ass, you want to squirm and moan and know that I won't let you get away, you want this. And I am going to give it to you."

With that he gave a huge SMACK right in the center of my bottom, I yelped and jumped a little but his other hand pressed firmly in the middle of my back and he said gently "stay still little one". He started smacking my bottom rhythmically two moderate swats to the left two to the right back and forth and slowly building strength and speed.

At first all I was aware of was how wet I was going to make his jeans, I could feel the moisture drip out of pussy. But as he increased the tempo and impact, I started to become aware of how much this HURT!

"Frank!! FRANK!!"

He stopped for a moment and rubbed my back "do you trust me?" I didn't know why but I really did, so I whispered "Yes. It just... Hurts"

He laughed, "It’s a spanking...It's supposed to hurt"

I nervously giggled and said, "Duh."

"Ready to continue?" He asked, rubbing the heat throughout my bottom.

"Yes Sir."

"Good girl." He said, before he began the spanking again.

SMACK "You will-lose that-attitude of-yours!" He lectured as he continued spanking my bottom repeatedly. Even though I knew this was a game and I had asked for it, I felt a sense of being that chastised girl in need of punishment. As he continued to pummel my bottom, I could feel the tension and pressures of the day leave me. He moved down to my sit spots where my bottom met my upper thighs, I started to kick.

"FrankFrankFrank pleeeease!!!!"

He smacked his hand firmly on my calves, "Stop kicking. You need this and it's going to continue until I am finished," looking intentionally into my eyes he said "if you kick your legs up again, I’ll take off my belt." He let go and I looked at him with a twinkle in my eye and intentionally jerked my leg… up – and down. He chuckled and dumped me on the floor.

"Alright little girl, you obviously have more pain tolerance than I thought."

My heart leapt into my throat or was it my stomach. I started to crawl away and back pedal. "I didn't mean it! I'm sorry! I don't...." He grabbed my leg and pulled me back and then sat down and set me on his lap gently.

"Do you really think I’d hurt you? We're having fun and I promise it won't be more than you can take. If you wanna call it quits right now, I’ll honor that and we can move into watching a movie or something, but I think you'll feel better if we finish."

I bit my lip and slowly nodded. He nudged me to stand up, I did, as he pulled his belt off.

He stood and said, "I want you to lean over the couch. I'm going to give you six swats with my belt and I want you to count them."

"O-Okay." I said, feeling a mixture of fear and arousal as I bent over the couch. Seconds later, a sharp pain spread across my right cheek as the belt made it's first contact with my already tender ass.

"One." Two more swats proceeded and I called out their numbers.

"You're being so good. Half way done baby." Frank said, before he delivered two more swats, making my toes curl as the pain from the swats vibrated across my heated ass. Tears were freely falling down my face as I let out a sob.

"Only one more." He said, right before he laid the hardest swat down in the center of my ass.

"SIX!" I screamed, letting out another sob as pain radiated it's way through out my red hot bottom. I heard the belt drop right before Frank enclosed me in a bear hug.

"That's a good girl. You took your spanking very well. I'm so proud of you." He cooed. He led me over to the couch and balanced me carefully so the majority of my weight was not on my "scorched bits".  

“You did so well, Cindy. I'm so proud of you. I know I already said that, but I really am. I just want to cuddle you up and love on you now." He said, as he gently kissed my cheek and forehead, wiping the remaining tears off of my face.

I felt like I was high. That had been AMAZING! But I didn't really want to cuddle now, I gave him a cheeky look and said "I want to fuck now, please... Sir?" I added the last but with a cheesy hopeful grin. 

"Since you asked so nicely and took your spanking so well, how could I say no?" He asked, before he claimed my lips in a sizzling kiss.

I felt myself being picked up and didn't realize where he was taking me until he laid me down on my bed. He never broke the kiss.

He continued to kiss me as he unhooked my bra, and then he sat up and said in a sad voice, "This will never do, it would be utterly wrong to have sex right now like this."

I wanted to cry, he was breaking it off NOW?!


He put a finger on my lips, "Shhh no arguing." Then with a devilish grin he said, "Get up. Now."

I begrudgingly obeyed wondering at his chipper attitude.

“Now, go get those sexy shoes on, please. Those are DEFINITELY fuck me pumps and that douche bag at your work needs his man card shredded."  

"Okay." I nodded and ran downstairs to grab the shoes. I quickly put them on and then as fast as I could, ran back upstairs. I got to my bedroom door and paused at the sight that greeted me. Frank was naked and holy fuck the man was huge! I licked my lips as I could see a drop of pre-cum fall from his shaft.

He walked towards me and whispered in my ear, "You look stunning and that douche bag at your work is a fool for not recognizing it." He started to suck on the spot right behind my ear, making me shiver and my pussy leak even more. He pulled back and smiled saying, "Now undress. I want to see every inch of you." He turned and walked back over to my bed as I just stood there, still shocked at how amazing he looked. "Oh also, keep your shoes on. I have a vision of them around my neck as I sink my cock into your pussy."

I did what I felt was an awkward strip tease, unbuttoning my shirt halfway and then buttoning it up again, sloooowly inching my skirt down and then twerking in just my panties and bra. I couldn't stop my giggles, but based on Frank's "man bits" I didn't doubt he was enjoying it even as ridiculous as I felt.

As I finally slid my panties down my legs and kicked them across the room, Frank pulled me down onto the bed and started kissing me. Starting at my mouth, down my neck, focusing attention on each nipple and trailing kisses down to my belly button, I was surprised when he entirely bypassed my pussy and gently kissed all the way down my legs with a little nibble on my knees that had me laughing in hysterics. Eventually he brought his mouth up to my sopping wet pussy and gave it a big sniff.

"Mmmm...I love my dessert when it's covered in honey."

I blushed like crazy, but managed to keep my legs open. He started gently lapping his tongue in and out of my lips more and more forcefully, but not painfully, massaging my clit with his tongue. I could feel my orgasm growing and growing..."Frank, I'm going to come..." I whimpered out.

"Not yet. I want to be deep inside you when that happens." He said, pulling away to quickly put a condom on his hard shaft. I couldn't help the growl that I let out at the lost contact.

"Behave!" He said, picking my legs up and giving my tender bottom a few hard smacks.

"OW! I'm sorry." I cried out as the heat of the smacks traveled up to my pussy.

"Now I want you to wrap those beautiful legs around my neck." He said, helping me to get in to position. Once I was settled, he sunk his shaft in to me, giving me a heavenly feeling of being so full. As he was thrusting in and out of me, I could feel myself on the edge again, but I just couldn't go over the edge. If only I had my handy B.O.B.

"Looking for this?" Frank asked, just then holding the small vibrator in his hand with a devilish grin on his face. I nodded my head as he continued to thrust in and out of me and then laid the vibrator on my swollen clit. I had been so close, and now I was seconds away.

"F-Frank...come...ing!" I whimpered.

"Yes! Come!" He demanded.

I screamed so loud as my orgasm washed over me, at the same time that he grunted and released all of his seed into me. He kept the vibrator on my clit, making my orgasm continue to roll through me.

After what felt like an hour, I begged him to stop. "Please, no more." I whimpered. He removed the vibrator, unhooked my legs from around his neck, and pushed me forward so, when my legs collapsed, I was all on the bed. He sunk down on the bed next to me. I couldn't move, couldn't even keep my eyelids open, that was by far the BEST sex that I had ever had.

After a moment I heard Frank get up and turn on the water in my bathroom, but I was too comfy to worry about what he was doing. After a little bit, I jerked my eyes open as I felt something warm and moist gently wiping my vagina and upper thighs.

"What..you...you don't have to do that." I said shyly realizing he had gotten a washcloth and was cleaning me up. I tried to close my legs, but he firmly held them open, letting go, only long enough to swat the sensitive, now damp, portion of my inner thigh.

SMACK! "Open your legs up right now and keep them open, missy. I am cleaning you up, and then we're going to snuggle." He grinned, "Naked." 

"I...ummm...okay." I squeaked out. He gave me a smile that made my insides squirm a little.

After he thought I was clean enough, he threw the washcloth in to my hamper and climbed back in to my bed. He pulled me close to him so, my head was on his chest and one of my legs in between his. I wrapped my arms around him and gave him a hug.
"That really was the best sex I've ever had before." I said, looking up at him. He grinned, looking down at me, and said, "Yeah, me too baby." I hugged him a little closer and after awhile of laying in comfortable silence, I fell asleep listening to his steady heart beat.

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  1. Fantastic story - hot hot hot.

  2. Forget the shoes, honey. I want Frank to rattle my pipes.
    That's a hell of a HOT short story, Meredith. Thank you so much for sharing this on Wip It Up.
    I loved the sex...err... I mean the six swats she got with his belt. That was awesome.

    1. :-) I'm glad that you liked it. Frank is an irresistible guy.

  3. sighs, yup, that was a wonderful story.... love the importance of the shoes :)

  4. What a great story, Meredith! It had just the right amount of tenderness and heat! I really enjoyed ... thanks for sharing! :)