Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Derek Surprises Melanie with a Trip to a...

Hi Everyone!

It's Wednesday again! These weeks are seriously starting to fly by. The weather is changing here. It feels cold now and I get to wear my leggings again! :-) 

Derek has decided to sweep Melanie off her feet and whisk her away to a week vacation at a...special place. Melanie has no idea where she's going, but when she finds out...things get interesting! ;-)

Melanie opened up the hotel door and then shut it right away after what she saw. She turned to see that Derek had slipped out of all of his clothes.

"You....they...naked." Melanie stuttered, still trying to wrap her mind around what she saw.

"Yes," Derek grinned, walking over to me and slowly pulled my sweater off. "I decided that for our vacation, that we could visit a nudist colony." 

"What?!" I sputtered. 

He smirked as he slowly began to pull the straps of her sun dress down. "Yes, I think it will be very freeing...for both of us."

"But, I can't walk around without my clothes on! People will stare!" I said, as my dress landed on the ground.

"Yes they will,"

He held up a hand when I went to say something.

"Everyone will be staring at you because they'll be entranced by your beautiful body. Both men and women will want to fuck you, but that's my job." He said, with a wink as my bra and panties followed my dress to the ground. 

It felt like butterflies were flying around in my stomach as I imagined the two of us, walking around this resort, unclothed for the next week. The idea had my body feeling all tingly as my pussy began to get wet.

Derek smirked as he pulled me close and one of his fingers trailed down my stomach and in to my curls. "Another advantage of us being here is you won't be able to hide anything from me."

I just nodded my head, enjoying the delectable feelings he was producing.

He continued playing with me for a few minutes until he stepped back.

"Derek!" I whined. I hated when he teased me!

"Melanie!" He whined back. 

I crossed my arms and full on pouted. 

This only made him smile as he grabbed my hand and said, "Come on. Let's go eat breakfast and walk around for a while. If you behave, then I'll make sure to give you an orgasm...or two." 

"Fine." I said, with a soft smile and a deep breath as he opened the door and led us outside.

I don't know what I would have done if I was Melanie. Come back next week to read if she was good or not!

Now everyone go hop along and see what everyone else posted. You never know what you'll find! Happy Wednesday!!! :-)


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! You're actually the person who gave me the idea to think outside the box and send them to this very special island!

  2. Cute premise. Nudism is nearly as scary as everyone thinks, after all everyone is nude so you just blend in.

    1. True, but if you aren't use to it, I think it could be difficult even if everyone else is nude. For instance, if I were to go here, I don't think that I'd be able to undress all the way or go out of my room.

    2. See, that's why everyone would be looking at you because you are the one that is different, I speak from experience. lol

    3. Okay I see your point again. That's why I wouldn't leave my room. Then again this is all thought. Who knows maybe if I ever end up in a nudist colony I'll be the fastest one to strip. You never know until you're there.

  3. I really like where this is going ... especially his orgasm bribe! I hope she behaves! Nice one, Meredith! :)

    1. Thanks! I haven't decided what Melanie is going to do. We'll just have to wait and see until next week's post. ;-)

  4. Holy hot Jalapenos that's some surprise, wow.
    I would feel so self conscious and have permanently blushing cheeks, all four of them, the entire weekend.
    Great snippet Meredith ☺

    1. I would probably be the same way to Melody! :-)