Friday, November 25, 2016

SatSpanks: A Surprise Present!! #Christmas #NaughtyGift

Hi Everyone!

Happy Saturday! Did all of you survie Black Friday shopping? I barely did, but I made it. ;-)

I have a new snippet from my story that is featured in the Christmas box set, A Very Naughty Christmas.

In this snippet, Chloe recieves an odd looking gift from her husband, Drew. Can you guys figure out what it was?

"You don't know what this is?" he asked, taking the box from my hands.

I shook my head. 

He opened the box quickly. It was then that I noticed that it had been opened before. 

He pulled out the object and instructed me to lie back. 

"Honey, what's going on," I asked, as he unzipped my pajamas. 

"You'll see."
He slipped the device underneath my panties and right in between my legs, settling the flat part of the device on my mound and another skinny part right on my clit. He pressed a couple of buttons, before zipping my pajamas back up. 

So, do you guys know what the present was? Come back next week to find out!!

Happy Saturday, everyone!