Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A big, strong, goregous man comes to Emilia's rescue! Melody Parks and Maddie Taylor are visiting today with a snippet from their latest release, Innocence Enslaved!

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Today, I have Maddie Taylor and Melody Parks over on my blog to talk about their latest release, Innocence Enslaved! This is a sizzling, hot historical story that you won't want to miss! 

Hi Meredith. Thank you so much for having Maddie and I on your blog today with a special excerpt of Innocence Enslaved. Knowing how sweet you are, we thought you’d like a snippet that isn’t to overboard so we picked the one when Em first see’s Corbet.

Emilia caught sight of a tall, well-built man as he worked his way through the dismantling throng of bodies.  Could it be him?  Not on par with the ogre, he was still a large man, his upper body, broad with defined muscles apparent beneath his clothes, which seemed clean and well cared for. By his appearance, he had wealth.  A fine leather jerkin lay open in the front, revealing a white tunic beneath. Snug, dark green braes covered his legs, dipping at the knees inside a pair of highly polished cuffed riding boots. He didn’t wear the colors or robes of nobility, nor did he have an entourage to protect and kowtow to his whims.  Certainly, he was a man of some import, and he wasn’t poor to spend such a sum on a slave. If she had to guess, he was gentry, a gentleman of the upper class, such as a wealthy merchant or trader. She was able to get one last glimpse of the way the light teased his brown hair into strands of gold before the sweaty auctioneer caught her by the shoulders and guided her to the top of the steps.

“You like the looks of him, don't you, dove?" 

Startled, she glanced up, seeing the auctioneer’s ruddy face for the first time. She shook her head, thankful that it had been the kind man who made the purchase, yes, but to imply that she liked him was absurd.

I loved that snippet!! 

Innocence Enslaved Blurb
When she is abducted from her village, eighteen-year-old Emilia Selkirk’s world is turned upside down almost instantly. Stripped naked, bound, and placed on the auction block, her fate seems hopeless indeed, until a tall, handsome man speaks up to bid on her. His firm, commanding voice sets her blood on fire even as the kindness of his tone warms her heart, and she dares to hope that the future may not be as grim as she feared.

Corbet Mills, a wealthy merchant, has sworn off love forever. He has seen more than enough cruelty for one lifetime and slave auctions hold no interest for him, but when he sets eyes on Emilia he is captivated. Perhaps it is the quiet defiance evident in her pose or perhaps it is simply the alluring curves of the young redhead’s beautiful, naked form, but something about her calls to him, and he finds he can’t leave her to the cruel intentions of the leering crowd.

Intent on playing the part of the hero and keeping Emilia safe and pure until he can return her to her family, Corbet does his best to resist her allure. He provides for her, cares for her, and guides her, even when that means taking her over his knee and administering a long, hard bare-bottom spanking to correct her behavior. Yet, as he struggles to contain his growing desire to claim Emelia as his own, an old enemy takes a deeply unwholesome interest in her. In the midst of intrigue, danger, revenge, and murder, can Corbet protect the woman he has come to love?

Publisher’s Note: Innocence Enslaved is an erotic romance novel written in collaboration by Maddie Taylor and Melody Parks. It includes spankings, sexual scenes, exhibitionism, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Thanks for visiting, Melody and Maddie! Good luck with your new release!

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  1. Thanks so much for having us, Meredith. It's always a blast being on your blog. I love your peanuts character posts. ♥