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Should Liz leave Blackthrone or not? Kallista Dane is visiting today to talk about her latest book, The Lawman's Lady

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Today I have Kallista Dane over on my blog. We're chatting about her latest book, The Lawman's Lady!

Congratulations, Kallista! I saw that your story jumped to the #1 spot on Amazon's Western's list. That's incredible!!


Thank you, Meredith!

Do you have a snippet for us today?

Of course!

Liza woke with a start.  The room was pitch black and for a moment she couldn’t remember where she was.  She stirred and the arm draped around her waist tightened. 
She froze.  All the events of last night flooded back into her mind.  The shots of whiskey.  The bar fight.  The spanking.  The full body search, followed by a whipping, followed by…oh, dear heaven.  She felt herself blushing again and was grateful for the fact that her – what was he?  Punisher?  Captor?  Lover? – was still sound asleep.
Surely not her lover.  Whatever they’d done it certainly couldn’t be called lovemaking. She’d been rutting like an animal, making those unladylike sounds, saying such wicked things.  She could never face him.  It was all because she’d broken her cardinal rule and had those drinks at the saloon.  Liquor made her lose her good judgment.  She’d never have allowed the cheating to become so blatant that Jenkins caught her at it.  Or made all those stupid mistakes in her stories that got her in trouble with the Sheriff. 
Hugh.  That was his name.  She felt herself blushing again at the memories.  She’d made a fool of herself, acted disgracefully.  She couldn’t bear to face him again.         
Thank goodness she’d awakened first.  Now all she had to do was get out of here before he woke.
She stopped, horrified when she realized she was stark naked.  What kind of evil spell had he wrought over her?  She’d spent the whole night cuddled up against him, completely unclothed.  He really did have her acting like a savage. He stirred and the firm shaft nestled against the crack of her ass reminded her that he too was naked.
Liza tamped down the sudden urge to press herself back against it.  She really had to get out of here.  She’d tossed all her rules aside last night.  Spent the night in Blackthorne’s arms, let him cuddle her and comfort her.  Let herself feel safe and cared for. This man spelled trouble.  If she wasn’t careful, she’d find herself rolling underneath him, shoving her hips up and begging to have him slide that hard hot length back inside her again. 

The Lawman's Lady Blurb

Beautiful, quick-witted Liza Danvers has made a career out of cheating at poker and fleecing hapless cowboys, but her luck runs out when her antics incite a brawl in the western town of Canyon Diablo. Sheriff Hugh Blackthorne is not a man to be trifled with, and the bounty hunter turned lawman knows exactly how to deal with a sassy lady causing trouble in his town.

Liza does her best to charm her way out of the situation, but Hugh isn’t buying it, and before she knows it she has been stripped naked for a thorough, humiliating search. When she is caught red-handed with stolen property, she quickly finds herself over the handsome lawman’s lap for a bare-bottom spanking she will not soon forget. The sheriff’s firm chastisement leaves her with blushing cheeks, a burning hot bottom, and an irresistible need for him to take her long and hard.
Having gone to sleep with Liza in his arms after the most intensely passionate lovemaking he can remember, the last thing Hugh expects upon waking up the next morning is to discover that his captured miscreant has run off, robbing him on the way out for good measure. More determined than ever to tame the little wildcat, he tracks her down and gives her the strapping of her life. Once back in Canyon Diablo, he places her under house arrest… at his house. She will learn to obey him, or she will spend the next month with her bottom sore both inside and out.

The sheriff’s willingness to take her in hand infuriates Liza, but what truly drives her crazy is the helpless arousal that follows even the most shameful of his punishments, and despite the circumstances her desire to belong to him completely grows with each passing day. But can she trust a man like him when he professes his love for her, and can they truly put aside the scars of the past to build a future together?

Publisher’s Note: The Lawman’s Lady is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book

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