Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Here's a man who knows how to use a flogger!

Hi Everyone!!

I have some very exciting news! This Saturday, I am releasing a new story. It's titled, The Prince's Little Mate. It's a sci-fi, age play romance. Of course it's a sweet story, but if I do say so myself, I've upped the hotness levels for my scenes. Here's a sneak peek...

"Say that you want this, admit it." The man's gruff voice ordered as he smacked my naked breast again with the suede flogger in his hand.

            I was currently tied up to my bed, spread eagle for his viewing pleasures.

            Another flick of the flogger fell over my other breast. "Admit it Allison."

            "Yes! Yes I want this!" I screamed, giving in to my desires. I wanted this man. I wanted him to give me every ounce of pleasure I knew that he could.

            "Good girl," the man grunted as the flogger fell to the floor.

            He climbed on to the bed. I noticed his eyes go from a light pink to a deep, fiery red. I could stare at his eyes all day.

            His body covered mine, as he claimed my lips with his own. His tongue invaded my mouth, letting me know who was in charge.

            I wiggled in my restraints. He had been teasing me for quite a while and I wanted him to finish what he started.

            "Do you need something?"

            "Make me come." I demanded.

            The man bit my lip, not too hard, but hard enough to send a sting of pain through me until it traveled to my clit and turned in to pleasure, making me moan louder.

            "All in good time, my dear."

That man sure knows how to use that flogger! Keep your eyes open for The Prince's Little Mate!

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Have a great day everyone! :-)


  1. Playful little minx isn't she. And super congrats on your new release on Saturday - early Christmas present!

  2. All in good time... Can't wait till this weekend!
    I can only imagine what other naughty toys this 'man' has up his sleeve, or perhaps in his back pocket? ☺

  3. Patience, Allison, I'm sure good things come to those who wait!

  4. YAY! You entered this week!! I love it when a Dom makes them admit they need a good flogging, or anything else for that matter :D - And I also like it when they make them wait... all in good time... YuM! Can't wait for next week :)

  5. Tweeting and googling (if that's even a word?!?)