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Melody Parks visits today to talk about her latest book!

Hello Everyone!

Today I have Melody Parks over to discuss her new book, Claiming Crystal. If you guys haven't gotten your copy of it yet, I suggest that you do! It's an outstanding book!! Now, let's get this interview started. 

Your character Crystal is very resistant to the thought of a BDSM relationship at the beginning of the story. That's not normally how books play out. What made you write Crystal that way?
Crystals reluctance stems from her position as a social worker and protecting woman. I wanted to show how and why a woman in such a position might feel apprehensive about not only asking for what she really wants, but also why she might be afraid to risk others finding out her personal desires for submission. Personally, I believe that there are a lot of women out there who might feel the same way and would enjoy seeing how Crystal comes to terms with accepting her submissive desires despite the negative light that society, at times, places on those who freely express their interest in the BDSM lifestyle. 

I can understand Crystal's apprehension all to well, especially with the job that she has. You incorporated many kinks into this story. Did you have a problem keeping what couple did what kink and what made you write so many kinks into your story?
Hehehe can you ever have to many kinks when it comes to BDSM and erotica? While Donaven and Crystal are mainly into D/s and spanking, I wanted the secondary characters to be varied in their kinks so that everyone wasnt all into the same thing. It also creates curiosity and the possibility to write their stories, which I think would be a lot of fun.  

I hope that you write more stories about the secondary characters. Donovan was described in such detail. Did you have any inspiration for the sexy Dom?
Picture Robert Downey JR. with the body of Dwayne the-rock Johnson. Odd combo, I know, but thats me.

Be still my beating heart. LOL! Do you have any plans to write about the other couples mention in your story? I know that I'd like to hear a couple of the other couples stories.
Of course. I think it would be a lot of fun to write about Capi and Salina, who as you know are into Age Play. Having never written Age Play before I think it will be a challenge for me, but as an author its important to challenge yourself and explore other genres. Not to mention my source of inspiration in wanting to do so came from reading some of your books.

Awww!!! Melody, I think that is one of the sweetest things that any one has ever told me! If you need help at all, I'm always here! :-) It's been almost a year since you published a story. Does it feel good to have another story out?
Im estatic to have a new story out again. I wont bore readers with why its taken me so long, but I am happy to say Im mostly over the hurdles that were holding me back.

I'm very glad to hear that. I love your stories!! Do you have any plans for future stories? Besides the other stories that I'd like to hear about the other characters, I know that I'd love to read your Halloween story that you started.
Im really excited about the short Halloween story I shared last year on my blog. I love horror and paranormal and because the story was such a hit among readers, I thought it would be terrible not to give them they asked for and make the story into a full length novel and explain the rest of the story.

Yes!! I can't wait to read it!! When you aren't writing, what does a regular day look like for Melody Parks?
Aside from being an author, Im also a major computer geek. Im constantly receiving calls from friends and family asking for help about how to fix their computer woes. The geek in me just cant say no. I also spend a fair amount of time at the Gym. Im a Zumba addict and love it.

I love your computer geek side. It's saved my computer a few times. Now it's time for my favorite game... The Five Question Game!

What your favorite movie? (Or one of them if you can't chose)
Titanic. I love the scene when they sneak into that old car. ~smirks~ 

Do you like cats or dogs better?

Dogs definitely dogs. No litter boxes to clean.

True about no litter boxes, but then you have a backyard to clean. If there was a movie being made about you, who would you want to play you?
Thats a tough one because I dont watch many movies, but I am going to Anna Paquin. 

Do you like Crocs, yes or no?
Sure, from a distance. LOL

Why is everyone against Crocs? They're awesome! If you could go any place in the world, where would it be? 
There are so many places Id love to see, visit and learn about first hand. I think the first place Id like to head to is the Caribbean. I hear they have a hot resort there called Pleasure Bay.

LOL!!! Can you please take me with you if you go there? Can we please have a snippet from your story Mel? 
Okay!I picked this one out just for you Meredith

She only got a couple of shots when Matt and Salina came out of a door near the back of the room that Crystal had thought earlier to be a closet or possibly another bathroom. Salina walked with her head down, holding Matt’s hand as they approached.

“I’m sorry we missed the big moment,” Matt said, looking at Jake. “And so is Salina. Aren’t you, pumpkin?”

“Yes, daddy,” she mumbled, looking up at him with puffy, red-rimmed eyes. Crystal thought she looked shorter somehow and then noticed she wasn’t wearing her heels, her feet were bare.

“Are you ready to make your apologies to our friends?” he asked, letting go of her hand. She nodded and he cupped her chin. “Use your words, sweetness.”

Salina looked at him for a moment, looking like she might start crying. Her voice was hardly above a whisper when she said, “Yes, daddy. I’m ready to say I’m sorry.”

“Good girl,” he said, brushing the back of his hand down the side of her cheek.

Turning first to Jake and Ivy, the girl lowered her eyes, and with her hands clasped in front of her, she muttered a soft, “I’m sorry for acting like such a brat.”

“It’s already forgotten, little one,” Jake said, giving her a tender smile.

She turned toward Crystal next, worrying her fingers, as she looked up at her. “I’m sorry for making you uncomfortable,” she murmured. Quite a difference from the screaming girl she’d been earlier.

“It’s alright,” Crystal said sympathetically.

Taking a couple of steps, she stood before D in the recliner, looking at the floor. “I’m sorry for ruining dinner, Master D.” Crystal wondered what made her call him master.

“I forgive you, but this is twice now.” He sat forward, putting a finger under her chin. “Let’s try not to make this a habit, okay?” He spoke to her as one would an errant child.

“Yes, sir,” she replied, her lower lip quivering. “Daddy, can we go now, please?” she asked, turning to look at Matt.

“Yes, sweetie.” Matt held out his hand and Salina scurried over to take it. “Sorry to cut out like this, guys, but we still have a few pressing matters to deal with. Congratulations, you two,” he said, addressing Jake and Ivy and then quietly left with a very remorseful-looking Salina in tow. 

That was a great snippet! It reminds me of my stories. ;-) 

Claiming Crystal Blurb
After her fear of commitment brings an abrupt end to yet another relationship, Crystal Harman knows she is in desperate need of a major change in her life. With the help of her best friend, that change comes in the form of Donaven Sharp, the ruggedly gorgeous owner of a remote mountain retreat called Cobalt Canyon.

Donaven soon realizes that what Crystal has needed for a long time is a dominant man to spank her properly and take control both in and out of the bedroom, and he doesn’t hesitate to put her over his knee for her first bare-bottom spanking. Though it leaves her blushing, Donaven’s mastery of her body also leaves Crystal all but trembling with desire, and his forceful, demanding lovemaking brings her pleasure like nothing she has ever experienced before.

Donaven is everything she’s ever wanted in a man—someone who will both take care of her and discipline her when she needs it—but Crystal struggles to reconcile her yearning to submit to him with the demands of her career as a social worker protecting vulnerable women. When tragedy strikes one of her clients and guilt sends her life into a tailspin, can Donaven prove to Crystal that they have a future together and she belongs not only in his bed but also at his side?

Publisher’s Note: Claiming Crystal is an erotic romance novel that contains spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

I know that everyone wants to buy Claiming Crystal now!
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