Sunday, August 16, 2015

Samantha Gets Caught Touching Herself!

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Happy Monday! Today is my second week joining this blog hop. I hope that I did last week's post right and I hope that I do today's post right.

Today's snippet comes from my first story, Little Samantha's Choice. (Which is on sale for 50% off right now!) In this snippet, Jackson, Samantha's husband, catches her playing with herself. He decides that she should continue to play with herself and he'll watch for a bit...

It seems that your panties are soaked, Mrs. Briggs. What do you have to say for yourself?

S-sorry?I answered as I tried to move my legs together to get some much needed attention to my aching clit.

Well, I guess accidents happenwhat are you doing?

I immediately stopped moving my legs and replied, Nothing.

I dont think that was nothing,Jackson said as he picked me up and placed me down in the middle of our bed. Since it looked like you were just trying to do my job, I want you to continue. I want you to touch yourself while I watch as you bring pleasure to your gorgeous body.

If thats what you want,I whispered. I had felt aroused before, but now, knowing that my husband was watching me as I was touching myself, I was going crazy with need!

With both hands, I began to pinch and twist my nipples. Ohyes…” I moaned, as I felt my pussy getting increasingly wet. I kept playing with my breasts until I could take it no more. Then I kept one of my hands playing with my breasts as the other traveled over my stomach and went straight to my bare pussy.

I put my index finger and my ring finger on either side of my engorged clit. Then I pushed those two fingers to the side so I had more access to my clit and then my middle finger began to rub slow circles.

It seemed my pussy was more wet than it had ever been before, and I could smell my arousal as it permeated the room. I kept playing with myself until I knew that I was a few flicks away from reaching orgasm.

Jackson?I gasped.

Im right here, baby.

Ahhh!I cried out as one of his hands played with the breast that my hand wasnt occupied with.

No coming yet, baby,he said as he pulled his hand away from my clit.

What?I cried out. I was right at the cusp of orgasm.

No coming until I say so. Turn on your side.

I was stunned as I did as I was told. I slowed down the flicks on my clit, but I was ready to comenow!

I heard the sounds of a bottle being clicked opened and seconds later I felt a lubricated finger at my bottom hole.

Open for me. Remember, no coming.

Jacksons finger went inside my bottom hole and I almost came from the feeling. The only thing that stopped me was thinking how much I would disappoint him if I did.

Jackson then added a second and third finger to my hole, and I had tears in my eyes as I was holding on by a thread.

Then he pulled his fingers out and I felt a butt plug slide into me.

Jackson…” I whimpered. I could feel my orgasm. It was right on the horizon and I wasnt going to be able to stop it anymore.

Come now!he said as I felt the butt plug begin to vibrate.

My back arched so far off the bed I thought that I was going to break it when the orgasm tore through me. I writhed on the bed as I experienced the most intense orgasm of my life.

As it was ending, Jackson impaled me, which rocketed me into another orgasm. My body spasmed out of control as wave after wave of pleasure shot through me.

As I was coming down, Jackson increased the vibrations of the butt plug and I was launched into another mind-shattering orgasm. I could barely move as the pleasure consumed my body. My vaginal walls clamped down onto Jacksons hard shaft and milked it fiercely until I heard him growl out a few curse words, thrusting into me as far as he could before he came.

I lay on the bed, not able to move and just whimpered to my husband, wanting the vibrations to end. They were sending little aftershocks through me and I couldnt stand it anymore.

Thankfully, Jackson stopped the vibrations and slowly pulled out of me. He pulled my blindfold off and then fell down next to me as we both tried to catch our breath. The light blinded my eyes for a few seconds, but finally I could see again.

Okay I know that, that snippet had some more stuff than masturbation going on, but you have to admit that it was still hot!

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  1. Your story doesn't just have to be about Masturbation. It can easily be something someone will enjoy masturbating to.

    And this was definitely that. Really hot little scene.

    HGG. xx

    1. Oh! Thank you so much for telling me that. I thought that all of these posts had to be about masturbation. That's very good to know. Thanks! :-)

  2. that was more than masturbation, and all of us like that!!!

  3. You can always include something that's not masturbatory in nature. This is hot enough to make me squirm. It definitely counts. :)

    1. That's really good to know. I'm glad that you liked this snippet Kayla! :-)

  4. Ooh that man is teasing her something fierce... and it's beautiful to see ;)

    1. Isn't it? That was such a fun scene to write!