Monday, January 16, 2017

Meredith's Monday Musings: Twitter

Hey Everyone!

Happy Monday and Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day!! How has your day been going? It's been a bit of a slow start for me, but I'm waking up. Today's topic for Meredith's Monday Musing is all about: Twitter.

When I became an author, I set up my blog and Facebook and vowed not to have a Twitter account. I didn't like Twitter. Having to constantly write tweets, and the tweets could only be 160 characters long, it was awful sounding to me.

However, after many authors told me of the importance of having a Twitter account was to being an author, I decided to setup an account.

Once I bit the bullet, I joined the masses of authors and start tweeting about my books frequently and adding many followers. At first, I thought that it was going to be a great marketing tool because I had a decent number of followers.

But, as time went on, I wasn't so sure about how good of a marketing tool Twitter was going to be. If you leave your Twitter account open, within five minutes alone, you'll have fifty new tweets to read. So, it makes me wonder, if there are so many tweets that a person can get in five minutes and each tweet can only be 160 characters long, how effective can Twitter be as a marketing tool.

What do you all think? Is Twitter an effective marketing tool or is it not worth it?

Until I can say 100% that Twitter is an ineffective marketing tool, I will continue to use it. So, for those who like Twitter, don't stress.

That's all for today. I hope that y'all have an awesome day!!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Meredith's Monday Musings: Stuffed Animals

Hi All!

Happy Monday! Another new week is here. Can you believe it? These weeks are just flying by so fast. Before we know it, it'll be the end of 2017, but lets not go crazy.

This week's topic for Meredith's Monday Musing is a bit silly, to be honest, but that's okay. Today's topic is stuffed animals!

I LOVE stuffed animals, I'm not exactly sure why. Growing up, I had many and would sleep with one every night until I reached about the age of 9. Then I would only sleep with a stuffed animal if I was very upset. But after I went to college, I started to sleep with one every night.

There's something just so awesome about stuffies. They're soft and comforting. They never have a mean word to say. If I wake up from having a nightmare, they're there to chase the bad dreams away. There's just something about stuffed animals that is soothing.

If I travel anywhere, I always bring my favorite stuffed animal with me. I've had her for the longest time (over twenty years!) and she brings me the most comfort.

I LOVE having stuffed animals, the only bad thing about them is when I have to wash them. It is impossible for me to do now. I just feel like I'm drowning them or overheating them. I can't do it anymore. Instead, I'll spray them with Frebreeze or Lysol if they need to be washed.

Do you guys have any favorite stuffed animals? If so, what are they?

Okay, that's all that I have for now. Have a great rest of the week!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Meredith's Monday Musings: Misconceptions of Age Play

Hi Everyone!

Happy Monday and New Year! Did y'all survive New Year's Eve? I did (obviously). LOL! I had a bunch of fun with my family. Now that the holidays are over, I'm ready to get writing. The only issue is, I have to figure out what story I want to work on. Until then, we can discuss the topic for this week's Meredith Monday Musing Post: The many misconceptions of age play.

Being a writer, I like to do my research so my writing accurately reflects a concept, piece of technology, etc. Since the majority of my stories have age play elements in them, I read many age play blogs, books, etc just to keep up on everything. In my years of reading these items, it makes me a little sad when I read phrases like, "You need to do this to be a little...." or "Littles cannot do....".

Let's make one thing clear first, when a person is a little, it is up to them and only them what constitutes being a little means. It doesn't matter what I think, or what anyone else thinks. That is the first misconception that I'd like to discuss. I have read so many things where a little enjoys sucking on a pacifier, talking like a baby, using a bottle, etc. Those activities are awesome for a little who enjoys regressing to a baby. However, they are not activities that one must do to be a little. You get to be the one to decide what you like to do when you regress. For some, that might mean calling their partner Daddy when they're having sex. For others, it might mean watching Clifford the Big Red Dog while folding laundry. Do you get my point? There's no "right" activity that one must do to be officially called a little.

Along with there being no "right" activities for a person to do when they're acting little, there is no right age. Some littles, enjoy acting like a baby. Others, enjoy acting like a bratty teenager. The person gets to decide what age they want to regress to and whatever they decide is right is right for them.

Another misconception that many people have is that in order to be a little, they need a Mommy or Daddy to watch over them. This isn't the case. Sure, it might help to have someone there to comfort the little or watch over them, but it isn't needed. Letting your little side out can make a person feel very vulnerable, so they might want to be alone while they let go. That's okay. A person can play with their dolls, suck on a pacifier, watch a G-rated movie, or use a vibrator while they imagine letting their Mommy or Daddy fuck them. It's up to the person, if they want to let someone be by them when their acting little, that's great. If they don't, that's great too. It's their choice, but a Mommy/Daddy is not needed for a person to let their little side out.

Additionally, there seems to be a misconception that if a person is little that they aren't as much of an adult as others who are not littles. This is far from the truth. When a person regresses, it's a choice that they make. It isn't like they can't control when and where they let go of their responsibilities. They decide when and where it happens. It's the same as when a person decides to ask submissive. Just because a person is submissive in the bedroom, doesn't mean that she/he can't take charge in a situation outside of the bedroom. The exact same thing goes for littles. So, if you're little, don't let anyone ever tell you that you're less of an adult because of it.

One misconception that I can't stand is there are some people that say that people act little because they had a horrible childhood. This isn't the case. Why a person acts little is different for everyone. Some people enjoy acting little because they get turned on by it. They get turned on by the taboo thought of having sex with their Daddy or Mommy. Or letting their Daddy or Mommy spank them. That's okay. Each person has their own things that arouse them and no one can tell a little that what arouses them is wrong. (The same goes for any person and their kinks).

While some get turned on by acting little, others don't. For the ones that don't, acting little can just be an outlet for them to relax. As adults, we have so many responsibilities and worries on our shoulders, it can get overwhelming. Being little allows a person to get let go of those worries for a while and just relax.

In some cases, yes, a person enjoys being little because they had a rough childhood and being little is a way for them to regress to that hard period of their lives and relive it, but in a positive setting. That's fine, in fact, I believe it's a healthy way to cope. However, not all who are little have had bad childhoods.

Lastly, this so much isn't a misconception about age play, but it's something I'd like to share. There are some littles out there who are ashamed for having a little side. They're embarrassed or they think it makes them weak. Being little, is not something to be embarrassed about. It's okay to enjoy wanting to regress, even if you don't know why you like it. If you try and fight your little side, it'll take a lot of energy to do so, and most likely, it'll come out eventually. So, my advice to littles who aren't sure about regressing is read books about it, read blogs, go on FetLife, talk to real littles. Do anything to try and find out more information about being little. If you don't want to do that, then just accept it. Even if you have to take baby steps (no pun intended) to do so, do it. If you don't, it'll just torture you.

Remember all, whether you write about littles or are one, there is no right way to be a little. Just like there is no right way to bake cookies or there is no right color to be your favorite. What makes you feel little is what's right for you and don't let anyone tell you any different.

All right, that's all from me for now. I hope that y'all have a Happy Monday!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

A Perspective on 2016

Hi Everyone!

This is a special blog post. Normally, I do my Meredith's Monday Musings or I participate in a blog hop. However, with recent events and the end of 2016, I'd like to share some of my thoughts.

Lately, there have been many people, including myself saying, "Enough 2016" "2016 has been a horrible year", etc. I'll admit, 2016 has been a bit rough in some aspects. Many famous actors, writers, directors, etc have passed away. This is horrible because their creative light is no longer shining. Donald Trump got elected President. This scares the crap out of me because there are some who compare him to Adolf Hitler. It's a very scary thought that the President of the United States might implement some of the tactics that Hitler did.

As I was sitting on my couch yesterday watching the movie, To Kill A Mocking Bird, I realized that I've been focusing on the negatives of 2016, when I should have been focusing on the positives. By solely focusing on the negatives, I was starting to become depressed. So, I decided that it was time to count my blessings and turn my frown upside down! (FYI, a person uses twice the number of muscles to frown than to smile.)

It's Dec-29th and I'm healthy, I haven't gotten cancer or any other horrible illness. I have a roof over my head and a full stomach. I published three stories this year. I was able to spend Christmas with my family and send out presents to my friends. My family added a new edition to it (a puppy). I wasn't in any major car accidents. I have enough money to buy everything that I truly need. I work for a great publisher. I have great friends. I laughed twice as much as I have cried this year.

All of the above are focused on me, lets focus on some positives that we all experienced. The sun has risen every day this year. We do not live in a place that is constantly being bombed. We can watch the movies, read the books, listen to the songs, etc of all the famous people we have lost. We can vote and freely speak/write our opinions on any situation. We have all survived 2016. We are all a part of a fantastic author community.

So yes, we have lost many famous people this year and a scary man was elected President, but those events shouldn't control us or shape how our year was. We should focus on the positives, instead of the negatives, and think about all of the possibilities that come with the new year.

I believe that 2017 will be the year where many new creative talents are brought to light. We can fall in love with those new actors, writers, etc and cherish those who we have lost. And we may have a man for President who has no political experience and enjoys mocking others who are not like him, but I believe that he will unite people under one banner. And under that one banner, the people will not tolerate those who judge others based on their race, religion, where they came from, etc.

So yes, 2016 had it's rough spots, but it was not a bad year. As long as we stick together, help others out, and focus on the positives, 2017 will be our best year yet.

Happy New Year and Happy Thursday!

Monday, December 26, 2016

Meredith Monday's Musing: New Year's Eve!

Hi Everyone!

Did y'all have a Merry Christmas yesterday? I'm still getting over the delicious meal I had for Christmas. I got to spend the day with all my family. It was amazing.

Today's Meredith's Monday Musing is all about: New Years!

I can't believe that this Saturday is New Year's Eve! It feels like just yesterday 2016 was just beginning and now it's over! I'm really hoping that 2017 is a better year for all.

I had a pretty good year this year. I published four stories, learned a few valuable life lessons (not all good, but they made me a better person), stayed out of debt, and just overall, had a great time. I'm very grateful for all of the above.

My only sorrow about 2016 is all of the people who we lost this year. There have been so many actors and actresses that I loved who are now gone. So hopefully, next year won't claim as many wonderful people.

Do any of you have any New Years resolutions planned? To be honest, I never really do resolutions. I feel like that there's too much pressure to do them with everyone else making resolutions. In the past, the couple of times that I've done them, I gave up on them after like a month. So, I decided not to do any. But, I'll still support anyone who does do them.

On to happier times, who here has something fun planned for New Year's Eve? I myself have some pretty awesome plans. (Sarcasm alert) ;-) I'm planning on enjoying a delicious meal with my family and staying up to midnight playing games and maybe watching a movie. Fun times. LOL!

Anyway, that's all I have. I hope that everyone has a Happy New Years! Please be safe if you go traveling. There are going to be a lot of people out on the roads and sadly, not all of them will be sober. So please, be careful.

Happy Monday!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Mate's Helper is Back! Maddie Taylor is Visiting Today!

Hello Everyone!

Today I have Maddie Taylor to promote her latest book, His By Command! It's a very hot story focusing on an alien who captures a human female. They turn out to be mates and...I'll let you guys read the last. 

Maddie was so kind to bring a snippet by today. So, enjoy! 

“Step up on the platform.”
She twisted and glanced dubiously at the alien contraption.
“Trust me. It will make the spanking you have coming easier to take.”
Not liking the sound of that, she retreated a step; unfortunately, it brought her right into him.
“Do as I say, Maggie,” he directed evenly, his hands resting lightly on her hips.
“But Roth—”
One hand moving to her lower right cheek accompanied his low growl of “now, mate.”
A tantrum was looking better by the minute.
“You’ve been over my knee before and survived. This stalling is simply putting off the inevitable.”
She’d been spanked, yes, except being over his knee was far more intimate and a lot less scary than being strapped to a cold, unyielding frame. Plus, while over his knee, he had used his hand, and hadn’t left her to fetch whatever it was that he needed. What could that be?
The hand on her bottom applying a firm squeeze gave her incentive to step forward. Tentatively, she put one foot then the other on the foot pedals. He moved quickly once she did, snapping cuffs around her wrists and thighs the next moment, but she didn’t make it easy, squirming and resisting the entire time.
“Stop it,” he growled. When she didn’t, he landed a stinging swat on each cheek. She yelped. And while she did, he hooked her wrists to the rings on her thighs, and added a strap at the waist.
“Helper, position five,” he murmured near her ear.
“What?” She twisted her head around to see him.
“You’ll see in a moment. Face front.”
There was a whirring noise as the rods and arms began to move.
“Roth,” she cried, as the pedals on which she stood separated and moved back.
“It’s okay,” he murmured, stroking one hand along her spine. “You’re perfectly safe.”
She didn’t have the capacity to comment on the irony of that statement, too busy being reconfigured mechanically into an alternate position with her feet at least eighteen inches apart and her upper body bent forward at an angle. Her weight was supported by a padded bar bifurcating her breasts along the center line of her body and her ass jutting up and out in the perfect pose for a spanking. The moving and lurid positioning wasn’t the most surprising part, that came a second later when Roth spoke.
“Low speed,” he said, giving the voice-activated machine another order. Instantly, something moved between her thighs and slipped in between her slightly parted pussy lips. It was smooth and rounded, and came to life, vibrating the full length of her slit, from clit to already weeping entrance.
“Ohmigod,” she gasped as the buzzing sent tingles coursing up through her belly and beyond to her breasts, hardening her nipples instantly into stiff peaks.

Oh, I'd love to use that machine. It sounds so fun! If you want more fun and sexy moments, check out these buy links...

Buy Links:
Barnes and Noble
All Romance eBooks

Thanks for stopping by, Maddie!

Have a happy day, everyone! :-) 

Monday, December 19, 2016

Meredith's Monday Musings: Christmas Time!

Hi Everyone!

 Happy Monday! Did everyone survive the freezing temperatures that came with this past weekend? I barely did. I hate the cold, so I stayed bundled up inside where it was warm.

Can you guys believe this Saturday is Christmas Eve and Sunday is Christmas Day? I'm so excited. That's what today topic is all about: Christmas!

I love Christmas time. It is my second to favorite holiday. But, I do love this time of year. The cheerfulness that is everywhere and the giving spirit of most people. On the flip side, it kind of drives me crazy all the busyness and how materialistic people become. I feel like all of the shopping makes people lose sight on what this season is all about. It's not about the objects you get and didn't get. It's about the people you're with, being kind to others, and being thankful for what you have. At least, that's what I feel this season is about.

That is why I love Christmas. I get to spend time with those I love, be extra kind to strangers, and just be thankful for everything I have. The Christmas carols and food that comes along this time of year doesn't hurt either. ;-)

Since there won't be another Meredith's Monday Musings post until after Christmas, I hope that you all have a very Merry Christmas!! And please, if you are traveling, drive safe. There will be many people driving that night and sadly, they all won't be sober. So please, be careful.

Happy Monday!