Saturday, August 29, 2015

Dimitri masters Marcus' body once again!

Hi Everyone!!

Happy Sunday! I hope that you have all had a restful weekend so far!

I have another snippet from my newly released book, His Captive's Heart. In this snippet, Dimitri is giving more pleasure to Marcus than he can bear.

“I want to hear you come, my sub,” he said, before biting and tugging on my ear.

I came once again, losing all control as I screamed out my release. Then I felt him thrust in me one last time and meet his release.

I sagged against the bed as I tried to catch my breath, and he fell against me. I enjoyed having all of his warm weight pressed against me.

He didn’t stay there long but soon pulled out of me. I groaned. After all the sex and the spankings I’d had this weekend, my ass was incredibly sore.

“Come, baby. We’ll take a bath, and then it’s time for bed.”

“Yes sir,” I mumbled, slowly getting up out of bed. He held out his hand for me, and I smiled, taking it as we walked into the bathroom. I loved that he always wanted some form of contact with me, even if we were just walking or lying in bed together.

These two are perfect for one another! <3

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Happy Sunday! :-)

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