Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Marcus likes being filled with Dimitri's Shaft

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Happy Wednesday! I hope that y'all are having a great week so far. :-) Today I have another snippet from my newly released book, His Captive's Heart!

In this snippet, Master Dimitri decided that it's time for Marcus' first ravishing...

            As he kissed me, his hand reached for my manhood. He gently grabbed my seven inches and started to run his hand up and down the length. I was turned on, it leaked droplets of pre-cum right away.
            "Please, Master."

            "Please what?" He asked, reaching towards his night stand again and coming back with a bottle of lube and a condom.

            "Please let me come Sir."

            A teasing smile crossed his face. "Come? I’ve only just started with you. It will be a while before that happens."

            "Ohhh..." I groaned, putting my head back in my pillow. Not being allowed to come was a sentence worse than death in my book.

            Master Dimitri laughed before I felt one lubricated finger at my back opening.

            "Relax Marcus." He said, pushing his finger inside. My muscles clamped down on the foreign intruder. When he started to move his hand around, I relaxed as I let out a moan. Relaxation flew out the window the next instant when he added a second finger and started making scissoring motions to stretch my hole further.

            "Master please." I begged, as my cockhead leaked more pre-cum. He wasn't touching my shaft and it ached to let me meet my release.

            "You need to wait my dear subbie. I have two fingers left. I don't want to harm you when we have sex because I decided to rush stretching you." He said, adding a third finger.

            "Oh Lord." My eyes squeezed shut as I fought off the sensations that were running through me. I wanted to come, badly.

            "No, dear, I’m Dimitri."

He's making a joke, NOW?!?!

He chuckled as he finally added his fourth finger. He moved in and out of me in the best four-finger fuck I’d ever experienced.     

"Oh please Master, please." I moaned as I moved my hips with his fingers.

            "Behave Marcus, or else I'll spank that bottom of yours."

            "Ohh!" I imagined me over his lap. My backside would be raised in the air and he would chastise me as he smacked my butt until it was bright red. The image almost made me come right then. I was so close!

            He removed his fingers from me. I heard the sounds of a condom opening. Once his impressive length of eight inches was encased in latex, he climbed back on top of me.

            "Are you sure that you want this?"


            He worked his thickness in to my stretched hole. It burnt slightly, making me wince. Once all the way in, he leaned down and kissed me. I felt so full with his shaft filling me. It felt so good to feel this, to have this connection with another human. It was more than that, I loved that Dimitri was in control, he was in charge, and I was submitting to his will. I loved it!  

            "Ohh!" My muscles clamped down on him, earning me a grunt from him. It felt so exceptional to be filled like this. 

            “You like my hard cock filling you, don’t you, Marcus?” 


Master Dimitri and Marcus are pretty hot together if I do say so myself. ;-)

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Happy Wednesday!


  1. Dimitri is such a caring master. These two make a wonderful couple ヅ

    1. He is a super sweet Dom! Marcus and Dimitri are perfect for one another! :-)

  2. They are BURNING HOT, Meredith! Well done :)

  3. Very hot snippet :) I think that is quite possibly the first M/M scene I've ever read and it was great!

  4. Very sweet, I can hardly wait to start this book!