Sunday, August 23, 2015

Marcus likes his spanking!

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Happy Monday. I can't believe that it's Monday already. This weekend went by WAY too fast!!

Today's snippet comes from my newly released book, His Captive's Heart. In this snippet, Dimitri is about to spank Marcus for the first time in the club.

I was positioned so my upper body and pelvis were flat against the bench, with my backside up in the air.

“I think it’s time to remove these pants,” he said as I felt his hands at the zipper.

“Yes, sir.” I shifted my hips slightly so he could tug the pants down easier.

“What color are you at, sub?”

“Green, sir,” I said as his hand ran over my now naked ass.

“Very good. Your skin is rather pale, and I can’t wait to redden it. Are you ready for the spanking to begin?”

“Yes, master.”

“That’s my good sub.”

The first smacks fell toward the lower part of my butt where my sit spots were—that tender area between my ass cheeks and thighs. Those always stung the worse.

“Ouch!” I muttered. I didn’t have time to think about the pain though, as the next set of smacks hit in a variety of places all over my ass. The slight sting from them radiated to my already aching groin.

“Still green, Marcus?” Master Dimitri asked as he lightly ran his hands over my burning cheeks.

“Yes, sir.”

“Excellent. We’ll continue then,” he said before another round of smacks assaulted my raised ass. He hit me harder, leaving a sharper sting on impact, but a sweeter feeling that ran straight to my cock and balls thereafter.

Unexpectedly, he turned the plug on, making my hips buck in response. Before I could say anything, he smacked my cheeks yet again.

After a few more minutes of being spanked and having the plug inside me twisted back and forth, I was sweating, trying to keep my orgasm from erupting.

He paused the spanking again, running his hands lightly over my heated flesh. The vibrations in my ass stopped.

“Does this feel good, sub? Does it turn you on?”

“Yes, master!” I grunted.

“Would you like to come?”

“Yes, please!” I begged. My erection was so hard and that plug inside of me was torturing me to no end.

“I’m going to spank you ten more times. I won’t make you count. If you can wait until after the tenth one, then you may come.”

“Yes, sir.”

Even though my master had said that I didn’t have to count the spanks out loud, I counted each one of them in my head—anything to shift the focus onto something else besides my aching cock or the large plug deep inside me.

Some of the spanks were a long time a part, building my need to the highest of heights. Others were close together. Finally the tenth spank came, and with it master pressed the vibration button for the plug.

My orgasm ripped through me. I screamed as I came, releasing all of the pent up need that I’d contained for the entire night. The pain from the spanking and the vibrations made my orgasm so strong that it lasted and lasted as shudders swept through me after I’d spent.

Finally, when I didn’t think I could take any more, I slouched against the bench, not sure if moving was even an option.

Strong hands lifted me. A moment later, I felt myself being surrounded in a soft blanket and being carried somewhere. The mask was removed from my face.

I opened my eyes slightly to see Dimitri holding me as he sat down on a couch by the bench. I closed my eyes again, knowing I was safe in his arms.

I hope that everyone liked that snippet. A couple of people told me that I didn't have to have a scene about masturbating, so I chose this one.

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Masturbation Monday

Happy Monday! :-)


  1. wonderful choice, Meredith :) yup :D sometimes the snips here just need to send us wanting to masturbate lol- I know if my Master wasn't asleep in bed atm hehe

  2. Rawr! And spanking is ALWAYS a good substitute for masturbation. :)