Friday, August 26, 2016

"Trying to cover your butt during a punishment just earned you a couple more smacks" #SatSpanks #NewRelease

Hey Everyone!!

Happy Saturday!! I have a snippet from my newly released short story, The Little Sleepover! This short story is based on the two couples from my books, Little Samantha's Choice and Learning to be Little Again.

However, before I get to it, I have something important to share. If you want to be entered into a raffle for a $25 Amazon Gift Card, answer this quick 16 question SURVEY! The winner will be announced on August-30th at 9:15PM CST at my End of Summer/Beginning of Fall Bash!

Now, onto the real reason you guys came here. In today's snippet, Juliana misbehaved at her and Samantha's sleepover, so now she is being punished.

I smacked her sit spots first, her least favorite place for me to hit. She squealed, wiggling on my lap.

I spanked them again and then went up to her cheeks, giving each one three spanks.

“Ouch! Daddy, I’m sorry,” she yelled, trying to cover her bottom with her hands. I grabbed both of them in one of mine and pinned them to her back.

“Trying to cover your butt during a punishment just earned you a couple more smacks.”

Ignoring her protests, I started her spanking again, alternating between each cheek I spanked and continuing to give attention to her sit spots as well.

Smack! “You. Will. Not. Jump. On the bed,” I said, smacking her ass between each of my words.
The skin on her butt began to turn as red as a raspberry and heated very quickly. 

Ouch! It sounds like that poor Juliana is in for a rough punishment!

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  1. Everyone knows you can get away with more when you have a sleep over than you can on a regular evening. I guess Juliana Daddy didn't get that memo.

  2. Love PK's comment. True. Though jumping on the bed and squealing is fun. I guess she'd been warned and chose to ignore the warning. Not good.

  3. Julianna is about to learn the hard way that jumping on the bed is a dangerous pastime... most especially for her butt ;) Great scene!!