Tuesday, August 23, 2016

"Can we have a sleepover, please?" #WipItUpWednesday #NewRelease

Hi Everyone!!

I have some exciting news to share! But, before we get to that, I have one important announcement to make. If you want to be entered into a raffle for a $25 Amazon Gift Card, answer this quick 16 question SURVEY. The winner will be announced on August-30th at 9:15PM CST at my End of Summer/Beginning of Fall Bash!

Now, onto the exciting news! I have a short story coming out this weekend. It doesn't have a title yet, but I can give you a snippet of it. This story story is about the two couples from my stories, Little Samantha's Choice and Learning to be Little Again.

In this snippet, Samantha and Juliana are planning something and their Daddies are about to find out what it is...

We both laughed as we walked into the living room to find our girls snuggled together, a blanket draped over them as they each held a stuffed animal while watching their movie.

They really did look like little kids right now. All cuddled next to each other, whispering. They were probably talking about how pretty Ariel’s dress was. That was usually what Samantha whispered to me when I watched a Disney movie with her.

When her head turned toward Robert and me, a big smile crossed her face as her sparkling blue eyes lit up and she flung the blanket away from herself, jumped off of the couch and into my arms.

“Daddy, you’re here!” she exclaimed.

“Hello, little one. How are you?”

“I’m good. Juliana and I had lots of fun today! We played a bunch of games and then Uncle Robert made us these turkey sandwiches with green stuff on them. At first, I thought it’d be icky, but I tried it and really loved it! After lunch we sat down to watch a movie.”

“It sounds like you had a very busy day. Are you tired at all, little girl?”

“No,” she lied, letting out a yawn at the same time.

“Are you sure?”

She shrugged, which meant she knew she was getting sleepy, but she didn’t want to admit it out loud.

“Don’t forget about our big question,” Juliana chimed in from the couch. She had moved so she was leaning over the edge, facing us. Her black curls were pulled back into a ponytail today.

“What big question?” Robert asked, going over to his fiancĂ©e and placing a kiss on her forehead.

Samantha looked up at me, her eyes as wide as saucers. I knew whatever she was going to ask me was going to be a doozy.

“Juliana and I were wondering if maybe next weekend, we could have a sleepover?”

“Please, Daddy! Please!” Juliana begged, facing her daddy.

Robert and I looked at one another. We both shrugged our shoulders at the same time. If he was okay with it, then so was I.

“It’s fine with me,” I said.

“Me too,” Robert seconded.

“Thank you, Daddy!” both Juliana and Samantha bellowed at the same time, as Samantha hugged me tightly again, and Juliana barreled over to Robert and jumped into his arms.

Now that the Daddies agreed to the sleepover, I wonder where it's going to be at and what activites Juliana and Samantha have planned to do during it. Find out next week!

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  1. Ooh a sleepover sounds like such good fun... now there's a naughty scene I wanna read GRIN :)