Monday, August 22, 2016

Meredith's Monday Musings: Disney Princesses

Hey Everyone!

Happy Monday! How are y'all doing? I have a very busy day planned. I hope that I can stay awake for all of it. Today's Meredith's Monday Musing post is all about, Disney Princesses.

I have to admit, I'm a huge fan of all Disney Princess movies. I think that they're funny, with great romance, action, and emotional scenes. Plus, I love the dresses that these girls get to wear. I think that watching Disney Princess movies is where I got my love for romance stories. If you think about it, a Disney Princess movie is basically a G-rated romance story.

I know that many people think that Disney Princess movies are bad because they show that women are helpless and need a man to come into their lives to protect them. On one hand, I agree with them. In Beauty and the Beast, it's Beast who has to fight Gaston and save the day. In Snow White, it's the Prince that has to kiss Snow White to wake her up.

However, I think that critics aren't taking into account other Disney Princess movies like: Mulan, Brave, Frozen, etc where the women are the ones saving the men. Let's face it, Mulan was a much better fighter than Shang.

Also, and I know that some women are going to be angry that I'm writing this, but what's so wrong with letting a man come in and save a woman? I don't think that a man has to save a woman from everything, but in the case of Beauty and the Beast, when an angry mob and a psycho, muscle man comes for you and the one you love, it's okay to let the man take control and do the fighting. In fact, it's actually pretty hot.

I know that not all will agree with me and that's okay. I don't agree with everyone on everything. These are just my musings.

Switching gears, I'm curious as to who is your favorite Disney Princess? Mine is Belle from Beauty and the Beast for many reasons. One, that library...oh my gosh! Even as a child, I would watch that scene where Beast gifts Belle the library and would dream about how it would feel to own a library that big. Secondly, Beauty and the Beast has the most delicious looking foods in it. If I were trapped inside a castle like Belle, I'd want to have delicious food to eat too. Additionally, I always had a thing for Beast. Not the fact that he's a beast, that's a little gross. But, just that he definitely had a dominant side to him, yet also a super sweet side. He'd make a great Daddy Dom. ;-) Furthermore, I really loved that Belle was forced to stay at the Castle. It kind of was like she was kidnapped and forced to live with Beast's rules. Which I think is hot. Lastly, Belle's yellow dress was gorgeous! I always wanted a dress exactly like hers. 

That's all for now! I hope that y'all have a great day!

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