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PK Corey is Visiting Today!

Hello Everyone!

Today PK Corey is here to talk about her newly released book, Cassie's River Living

Hi PK. Thank you so much for stopping by today. Can you please tell us a little bit about your story. 
My stories follow the adventures of a lovely mature lady who loves life and adventure nearly as much as she loves her husband, Tom. Cassie and Tom have been married more that thirty years, but the excitement has never gone from their love affair. These two live a domestic discipline lifestyle Tom loves to spank his wife for fun and erotic reasons, but he never hesitated to use the other side of the paddle if Cassie gets herself in trouble, which is often.  

There are so few books out there that write about an older married couple. What inspired you to write about a sixty year old couple?
Cassie and I have an interesting history. On a twenty-eight day cross-country car trip when I was eleven, I did a lot of daydreaming (reading in the car made me sick). Into my mind wanders a beautiful lady in her forties who began telling me stories about her and her husband Tom. What a strange daydream for a kid. But in truth, she never left, and she has age slowly. Cassie has been telling me her stories for almost fifty years now.
I also enjoy writing about an older couple because there are many readers who like the change from the gorgeous, toned, youthful beauties and hot young men in their twenties. Although Ive enjoyed many stories with characters younger than my kids, Im drawn to the mature love that Cassie and Tom share. It gives me, and maybe others, something to aspire to.

I love Cassie! She acts so young. How do you come up with her antics?

Without trying to sound too crazy I dont, she does. I am fully aware that Cassie is fictional; Ive just never been able to convince her of this fact. After each story, Im convinced thats it there are no more. But within a few weeks she seems to start telling me another. In truth Im just Cassies typist.

Don't worry, I think that most authors feel the same way as you. Our characters are telling us they're stories and they want us to write them down right away! This is the fourth book in your Cassie and Tom series, what makes you keep coming back to them?

With Cassie and all her friends living in my head they are a little hard to get away from. Ive written other short stories and Im working on a book with other characters but thats work. Cassie and friends just flow.

I'm happy to hear that since I love this series! Will there be any more books in the Cassie and Tom series?

Thats my plan. I know what happens next in Cassies life and truly there are some very, very interesting stories to come.

*Happy Dance!* What is your writing process?

The best times to let stories swirl around in my head are as Im going to sleep and waking up. I enjoy this half-awake feeling and stories just seem to flow in my head. Sometimes a story will come around just one phrase. One time I saw a scene, very vividly it really startled me, I didnt know how Cassie had gotten there, what had happened before or what was going to happen now. It was two years before the whole story came to me.

I love hearing about other author's writing processes. Before you've mentioned, that you're a teacher. What made you want to start writing books?

I taught math for the first twenty-four years, I never wrote anything more elaborate than a grocery list until I was forty-nine. At that time I found blogs and came out to my husband as a spanko to lovely results. I wanted to be part of the community, but I felt I had little first hand experience to share. Cassie, however, had many elaborate stories and I started writing down these stories that had been in my head so long. 

I'm glad that everything worked out for you! So, what do you do during the day when you aren't writing?

My husband and I like to take short scenic trips, we both like photography. I love to read and I always love getting the chance to visit with my kids when they can fit us into their schedules.  

That sounds like a lot of fun! Let's play the five question game:

If you were going to an island for a month and could only bring three items, what would you bring?
A fully loaded Kindle with a solar battery
Unhealthy snacks and soda
My husband

What is your favorite color?
A bright vivid purple

What is the last song that you listened to?
Swept Away By: The Avett Brothers

If could you be any superhero, who would it be?
Superman I think, but back a few decades before comic books got so dark and serious.

What is your idea of the perfect day?
I like being alone more than I should. I enjoy heading to my sunroom (writing room) with a cup of coffee and time to write. Then Id like to spend the evening visiting with the family I guess my empty nest is showing. I want my time alone, but I miss my grown kids. Then the best the end of the day curled up with my husband Nick. 
Awww! I can understand you missing your kids. I just moved to college and after a week, my Mom sent my two older sisters and I a text message saying, "Okay, it's been nice and quiet here long enough. You can all come back now."

Here is the blurb for Cassie's River Living

     Cassie and Tom are happily settling into River living. Cassie is sure this peaceful setting is enough to keep her out of trouble, but with Sue living there too, staying out of trouble proves just too difficult.

     Cassie is further concerned about what relationship advice Tom may be giving Ryan. Overheard conversations and statements from Ryan has her worried that Tom may have shared ideas of adult spanking in his advice to Ryan. But when it seems Allie knows too, Cassie realizes she is going to have to try to explain things more fully. Can Cassie explain their way of life to eighteen-year-old Allie?

Here is an excerpt from Cassie's River Living

Angry that Allie had come in two hours late when she was staying with Cassie and Tom, Cassie in a burst of anger forbid the day beach trip the kids had been planning

We quickly caught up on all the news, then Ryan said to Allie, “You ready? It’s about time to get going.”
Allie gave him a stricken look and said, “Let’s talk on the deck.”
I looked sadly after them. Tom picked up his paper and headed toward his study. “Cassie,” he said soothingly, “they’ll be fine. Don’t look like that,” he added, as I took a step toward the sunroom. “Give them their privacy. No eavesdropping.” Tom swatted my rear with the newspaper and left the room.
I wasn’t being nosy, not really, but I did want to know what Allie was telling Ryan, so I took my book to the sunroom. I picked the little chair in the corner so my young friends wouldn’t notice me as they talked.
They were in the middle of the conversation and Ryan was saying, “But you had to know they would worry. Why didn’t you come in when you told them you would?” Ryan sounded down right stern. I wanted to see his face, but I stayed put and pretended to read my book in case I was spotted.
Allie was saying, “Really, Ryan, I was barely late. I don’t think Cassie really meant it about us not being able to go to the beach. You go asked her, she loves you. You know you can get her to change her mind.”
Before I had the time to panic, because I knew I could never say no to Ryan, I heard him answer, “Allie, you’re the one who stayed out too late. I’m not about to browbeat Cassie into changing her mind. And even if she did change her mind, Tom would never go for it.”
Allie’s voice got soft then and she said, “Please Ryan, don’t you want to spend the day alone?”
Oh my, I had to see what was going on. I turned and kneeling in the chair, I barely moved the drapes so I could see the children. Allie’s eyes were dreamy as she leaned in to give Ryan a kiss. As far as I could tell, Ryan was a goner. But after enjoying the kiss, Ryan said, “I’m still not asking her, now behave yourself.”
‘Behave yourself?’ Now where did Ryan come up with that phrase? I barely had time to wonder, when I was popped on the rear so hard you could have heard it next door. I shouted “OWWW…” much louder than I would have wanted to, but Tom had surprised the devil out of me. That man can move silently when he chooses.
I heard Allie say, “What was that?”
I stood there horrified as I heard Ryan answer, “That was none of our business. Let’s go down on the dock.”
I grabbed Tom and pushed/pulled him to the kitchen. “What is the matter with you?” I fumed. “They heard that! Tom, have you lost your mind? What was that for anyway?” I asked as I rubbed my sore rear.
Tom as usual, was completely unrepentant. “Didn’t I tell you to leave the children alone? Ladies don’t eavesdrop, and besides, with your ear hanging out the window and your bottom sticking out like that, I just couldn’t resist.”
I couldn’t really think of a good defense at the moment, so I decided to attack. “Tom, I want to know what you have been telling Ryan – I heard him tell Allie to behave and he sounded like he knew exactly what was happening in here. I want to know just exactly what you’ve told the boy.”
Tom took his time making another cup of coffee before turning to me and said, “What Ryan and I talk about is between the boy and me. But you can rest assure that I have not told him anything that would embarrass you.” That didn’t answer my question at all, but I heard the children coming in then, and Tom disappeared back into his study. 

Thank you for visiting PK Corey!

Meredith, thank you so much for letting me come by and talk about Cassie one of my favorite subjects. 

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  1. Thanks for hosting PK today Meredith. I've read all the Cassie books even though I'm considered a vanilla. I keep waiting for her to swat Tom back ;-) Yeah, I know.

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  2. Thanks for this terrific interview Meredith and PK. I love the Cassie series.

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    I love PK and her Cassie series! It's a relief to know that older couples still have fun mischief and spanking in their lives!!

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    Thanks for a super interview with PK. I do love Cassie and Tom. Have the latest book but not read it yet.


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