Friday, September 5, 2014

Melanie's Poor Behind

Hey! :-)

I hope that everyone had a fantastic week and Labor Day! I did! I spent my Labor Day writing the last scene in my current W.I.P. I'm really hoping that this Sunday I can finish editing it and just send it off to see if anyone will want to publish it!

In case anyone missed it, yesterday there was a really big summer spanking blog hop. So, I'd check that out, if you haven't already. There were some seriously hot spanking stories on there! ;-)

This week, I'm introducing two new characters, Derek and Melanie. Melanie had been texting and driving and now she has to be punished

Smack! The switch fell hard against my aching ass. Pain radiated it's away around my bottom, making me sob harder.

"I'm sorry...I won't...text an-and...d-drive again!"

Smack! The fiery pain spread through my ass and to the tops of my thighs making my toes curl. I couldn't move as Derek had an elbow pressed to the center of my back as he continued my spanking. 

Smack! "OUCH!" I cried out, as I heard the snap of the switch breaking. My bottom felt like it had been dipped in lava and then stung by a million wasps, all because I was stupid.

"Shhh...I think that you've learned your lesson now Melanie," Derek, said quietly as he massaged the globes of my ass lessening the sting from my spanking.

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  1. sounds like a good reason for a spanking!

    1. Derek agrees also. He would never want Melanie to get hurt while driving because she couldn't pay attention.

  2. I think everyone who text and drives should be sentenced to the very same! I bet that would cut it down some. Great snippet!

  3. LOL, PK. Though I think you definitely have a point. Unfortunately, the results of texting while driving can be fatal, so it's definitely a spanking offense, and not a light one either.