Thursday, September 4, 2014

A Dental Exam Will Never Be The Same!

Hi Everyone!

I can't believe that summer is over! It went by WAY to fast! Oh well, at least fall is coming and we can enjoy the pretty colors of the turning leaves and pulling out our favorite sweat shirts to wear in the chillier temperatures.

As the contest rules go, I am offering up a free copy of my book, Little Samantha's Choice! It's a really fun loving age play story! If anyone is interested, please leave a comment below with your email address!

Here's my back to school story! It's about a 21 year old college student who complains about going to the dentist. Dr. McKenna is tired of hearing her childish complaints and shows her what happens to girls who constantly complain.

It was the second to last day of summer vacation and instead of hanging out with my best friend, Abby, I was sitting in the dentist's office getting my back to school examination. I was twenty one years old, and I didn't understand why I still had to get these stupid check ups! I made sure to tell the hygienist this. She just had the nerve to smile and leave. 

My cell phone rang and I glanced to see that it was Abby calling.


"Hey. How was the dentist?"

"I'm still here. I'm sitting in the dentist chair right now. Some hygienist just brought me here and left. That was ten minutes ago!"

"That sucks. Are there any magazines that you can read in there?"

"Nope! That would be way to nice."

"I would complain. The least that they could do would be to put some magazines in the room if they're going to make you wait."

I looked behind me to check that no one was by the door. When I was sure no one was, I admitted, "There was something nice to look at as I walked in." I paused, wanting to make sure that I had Abby's full attention.


"Dr. McKenna. He's a new dentist here. He just graduated from dental school and he is mighty fine to look at."

"Tell me everything!"

"He has to be at least 6'5 and is very muscular. He has gorgeous, thick, mocha brown hair with eyes to match. He's even cuter than Joe Manganiello and that says something."

*Cough Cough*

I whipped my head around to see Dr. McKenna at the open door. Crap! 

He gestured towards the "No Cell Phone" sign on the wall. Double crap!

"Ummm...I gotta go."

"Wait...Rachel you have-" I hung up the phone, and smiled guiltily at Dr. McKenna.

"Pissing off the hygienist and ignoring our office policies, all in less than twenty minutes of being here. Very well done, Rachel." He said, as he shut the door and sat down in the dentist chair and faced me.

"It wasn't my fault! The hygienists here are always rude to me and I shouldn't even be here. My teeth feel fine!"

He shook his head as I went on explaining why nothing was my fault.


I glanced up from my fingers and was shocked to see that he looked angry...very angry.

"I don't want to hear any more excuses young lady. Your chart says that you're twenty one years old. You should know how to behave at the dentist. Instead you're acting like a spoiled four year old!"

I instantly lost the retort that was on my lips. I guess that I had acted a tad immature. That was the last thing that I wanted to come off as, in front of this hunky dentist. 

"I'm sorry." 

He shook his head and smiled before saying, "I think I know a way to make you behave from now on."

"Yes! I'll do anything...please! I want you to forgive me for my earlier behavior." I truly meant that. I wanted him to see me as a sexy grown woman, instead of some spoiled child.

"Alright. If this gets to intense for you, just say the word red." He said, before pressing a button to make the back of the dental chair go all the way back. "Please turn around, lay your head on the headrest, and wrap your arms around the chair."

"Yes Sir." I got in to the position that he had wanted me in as I heard him rustling in the drawers.

"Ah ha! Got it." 

"Got what?" I asked, turning to see what he was talking about.

"Don't worry. Remember, if this punishment gets to intense, say the word red."

"Yes Sir." I said, laying my head back down. Not a second after I did that, I felt him swat my behind several times. 

"What are you doing?!"

He held a hand down on my back so I couldn't move as he said, "I'm giving you your punishment. Since you're acting like a four year old child, then I will spank you as such. Unless you say the word red?" 

At the word spanking, my pussy let out a gush of wetness. Before I could think about it, I was shaking my head no and placing my head back down on the headrest.

Smack! "You will-lose your-attuide!"

His hand was hard, but the barrier of my shorts and panties made the spanks not that painful.

Smack! "You will be-respectful-of others!"

My bottom was starting to become heated from all the friction of my clothing, but it wasn't that bad.

Smack! "You will-respect-the rules-of my-office!"

My bottom was starting to hurt now! The layering of clothing had helped slightly, but his continued spanking was making it uncomfortable.

He paused, to rub over my aching bottom. 

I was beginning to relax, thinking that my punishment was over...I was wrong.

"I want you to take off your shorts and panties."

"My what?" I asked, as my pussy let out another gush of wetness.

"You heard me. Shorts and panties off. Now!"

I lifted my hips and unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them off my bottom along with my panties. They hung around my knees, making my legs immobile. 

"Good girl." He said, before my spanking began again.

Smack! "You will-not complain-about coming for-a check-up!"

Ouch! My butt burned so much more from where his hand had landed! My bottom lip began to shake as I tried not to cry.

Smack! "You will-be polite-to the-hygienists!"

The first few tears were starting to fall down my face. My butt stung horribly. Dr. McKenna smacked around my entire bottom, but he had done it enough that he was starting to spank the same places. I tried to tense my cheeks together, thinking that would lessen the pain, but it only made it worse!

"You're taking this like such a good girl. We're almost done. I want to spank you ten times with this ruler. You will count each swat out loud."

I turned my head to see him holding an old fashioned wooden ruler. That was going to sting like no one's business. Again, I felt my pussy let out a gush of wetness at the idea of my spanking continuing.


"O-Okay. I'll count." I said, resting my hand back down.

The first swat landed directly in the middle of my butt. A fiery pain radiated it's way around the spot.

"One." I cried out, taking a deep breath.

He hit my bottom four more times and every time, I called out the number. The pain in my butt turned from a fiery sting to something much worse. My butt felt so hot that I thought someone could easily crack an egg on it, and the egg would cook.

"Halfway done Rachel. You're doing so well. Only five more to go. You can do this."

He landed swats six and seven right were my bottom and thighs met. 

"OUCH!" I cried out, as the blazing pain spread across my aching butt. I'm not going to be able to sit for a week, I thought to myself as I sobbed. 

He did two more swats on both of my cheeks and the tenth one swat landed in the center of my bottom. 

"TEN!" I cried out and then let out a howl of pain. My butt felt like it had been stung by a million bees, it burned SO bad! I had never felt this much pain in my entire life. I couldn't help the gut wrenching sobs that I was producing. Forget about not being able to sit for a week, I didn't think that I would be able to sit for a month!

As I sobbed my eyes out, Dr. McKenna, rubbed my low back and bottom, and cooed quiet words at me. His gentle caresses began to take the sting out of my tender bottom.

Once I had calmed down enough, he handed me a few tissues instructing me to blow my nose. I did and handed them back to him, and he threw them out.

"Thank you." I said, still not getting up from where I laid.

"You're welcome. Now I think it's time to inspect my handiwork."


"Lay still or else you'll get another spanking." He said, as he clicked the dental overhead light on and brought it down to shine on my glowing behind. "Oh, you are going to have a mark here and here..." 

He said, rubbing his fingers over various parts of my sore butt. 

As humiliating as this was, my pussy was soaking wet. 

"Ahhh...what do we have here?" He asked, trailing his finger down my thigh and right in to my pussy.
"Someone is very wet. Did you enjoy your spanking?"

"I...yes." No use in denying it.

"Hmm...since you took your spanking so well, I think that you deserve a reward. Turn over." 

With his help, I did. I let out a small cry as I sat on my bottom. He smirked as he gently pushed me down to lay back. To my further embarrassment, he centered the light right on my pussy.

"You really did like that spanking. Let me see if I have some tools here that can help me out." He said, rolling over to his dental tray. 

I just laid there as I watched him attach two sterile tops to instruments from a package. He rolled back with a devilish grin on his face.  

"Let's see about polishing and airing out that pussy of yours." He laid the first tool that was meant to be a tooth polisher down on my swollen clit. He turned it on and it felt just like my vibrator at home.

I let out a gasp as he applied more pressure and then he used the other tool in his hand to let out a stream of air on my pussy.

"Ohmygosh!" I jumped startled at the feeling. Between the vibrating and air being blown on me, I was going to come...soon.

"Feel good?" 
"Yes!" I moaned out as he increased the speed and pressure of air that was being blown on my clit.

"I need to...come." I gasped out.

"Come." He commanded, increasing the pressure of the polisher.

I came screaming. My toes curled as my whole body tensed up and then the first wave of my orgasm hit and all I could do was just lay there as wave after wave of pleasure crashed over me.

He kept the tools on my pussy for a couple of minutes and it kept my orgasm rolling through me until I begged him to stop. 

He did and I just laid there, fully sated, with a goofy smile on my face. 

I vaguely heard him moving instruments. I focused again when he put two dental napkins right under my pussy.

"What are you doing?"

"Cleaning you off." 

I was about to protest, but he cut me off saying, "I don't want to hear any complaints or else I'll turn you around and spank you again. I made you dirty and now I'm cleaning you up." 

I just nodded my head, not wanting to cause any more pain for my tender bottom.

With the water tool, he squirted water on my pussy and wiped it all up with the napkins.

"All done. Now, let's get those panties and shorts back on you so I can begin your exam."

"Yes Sir." I said, with a smile, as I lifted my bottom to let him pull my panties and shorts back up. I let out a gasp as pain radiated from my punished bottom. He just smirked as he buttoned my shorts and I couldn't help the smile that spread across my face. This had been the best dental exam that I had ever had. As Dr. McKenna was examining my teeth, I was already planning for my next one. ;-)

Thanks for stopping by! I hoped that you liked my story. Now we all know that there is a benefit to go to the dentist! Now go hop along and check out all of the other author's blog!


  1. Oi! I guess there is a benefit to going to the dentist!

    Thanks for the chance,

    1. Yes! If only all dentists could be like this! I think that many more people would go! ;-)

  2. God that was amazing, Meredith! I'm ruined for the dentist now! Thanks. Lol

  3. Great excerpt. I hope you realize my dental phobia have climbed to a new high. When I go to have my teeth cleaned I ask to be put to sleep. Of course he won't do that.

    1. I'm glad that you liked my story Laurel, but I'm really sorry to hear about your dental phobia. I know that going to the dentist can be scary, but dentists and dental hygienists really are there to help you and they will do the best that they can to help you with your phobia.

  4. Man, how come my dentist never does THAT!?
    way to incorporate the medical play into it. :)

    I'm with Laurel on the fears, though. I have to crank up the IPOD really super loud, when they do any drilling.

    And a valium would help too, but then I can't drive.
    Great job!!!

    1. I'm glad that you liked my snippet, but I'm sorry to hear that you don't like going to the dentist. I spent SO much time in a dentist chair when I was little that I could fall asleep in one no problem.

  5. I already read Little Samantha's choice and loved it. Thanks so much.

    1. I'm glad to hear that! Keep your eyes open...a sequel might appear someday! ;-)

  6. I don't know if going to the dentist could ever be fun but that kinda changed my mind. Just a little bit though. You are a new author for me so I would love to win! My email is Thank you so much for the chance to win!

    1. You never know what will happen when you misbehavior at the dentist. ;-)

  7. Now dentists, chiropractors, and doctors I tend to fantasize about! Real life teachers not as much. Now to find a dentist who will give me that sort of treatment!

    1. I agree with you 100%. I love to fantasize about dentists and doctors, but I can't fantasize about teachers. I'm glad that you liked the snippet! ;-)

  8. Evidently I am going to the wrong dentist.

    1. Who knows? Maybe try misbehaving a little and see what happens! ;-)

  9. I'll never think of the dentist in the same way again.

  10. Well that was certainly unique. I have a dental phobia so this is way out of my ideal fantasy, but you certainly made it less painful.

    1. I'm glad that you kind of enjoyed the dental fantasy. :-)

  11. Can I have Dr. McKenna for my dentist? He certainly seems to have a way for taking the dislike of a dental appointment away. I never imagined dental tools could be used like that!

    1. Yes dental tools can be used for many pleasurable things than actually cleaning your teeth. ;-)

  12. Oh my I need Dr. McKenna as my dentist. I will never be able to look at the dental equipment again with out thinking about this story. I act worse than a 4 year old at the dentist. I hate my teeth worked on and my dentist laughs at all my faces that I make then gets really annoyed at me. (

    1. Dr. McKenna would glady take you, but there is a waiting list to see him. ;-)

  13. honestly, with a Dr McKenna, I think even I could get over my dentist phobia.
    Where can I find him?

    1. Dr. McKenna is one of a kind. Like I told Shelly, he currently has a waiting list to see him. ;-)

  14. Soon I'll have a dentist appointment, and I'll be thinking about Dr. McKenna for sure!

  15. Great story. Where was this story when my dental phobia was in high gear? It might have taken my mind off what was going on lol.

    1. :-) Yes, Dr. McKenna is a pro at getting patient's to behave and take their minds off of the dental experience.

  16. I used to have the hottest dentist and he always smelled so good! He never did this though lol
    bluemascara22 at gmail dot com

    1. This literally did make me laugh out loud! I'm glad that you had a hot dentist that smelled good. Hopefully that kept you visiting him often!

  17. I *swear* I commented already. I know I told you about it on FB but I thought here too. Anyhow, great story, thanks for sharing! :) brattyadaline at gmail dot com

  18. Ummm my dentist never did anything like that... Maybe I wouldn't have to take Valium before going if he was cute and so hands on. Thanks for the story.

  19. I can tell you I've never been to a dentist that I wanted that kind of treatment from! Thanks for sharing and being part of the blog hop.