Saturday, May 20, 2017

"You like a bit of pain with your pleasure." #HisLittleCaptive #SatSpanks

Hi Everyone!

Today, I have a naughty snippet from my newly released book, His Little Captive! Enjoy!

“You like a bit of pain with your pleasure.” As if to prove his point, he twisted each of my nipples, causing me to buck over top of him. “Easy, girl.”
I was seconds away from my release and I didn’t think I’d be able to hold it back any longer.
As if he were a mind reader, he demanded, “Come for me. Now!”
At his command, my orgasm swept over me as it felt like every one of my muscles spasmed with an insane amount of pleasure. He kept pumping himself up inside me until he shouted his own release, which spurred me on further, and I shuddered yet again.
Finally, the spasms ceased and I collapsed onto his chest, sweat-covered and barely able to catch my breath. When I chanced a glance up at my handsome captor—me having long since become his willing, enthralled captive—he seemed to be in about the same shape I was.
“What’s on your mind, Lilly?” His question was a low, husky rumble as he glanced down at me.
“Best… orgasm… ever.”

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  1. "What's on your mind, Lilly?" Love that, Meredith! It was just perfect!! :)

  2. Oh wow. I was just going to write the comment about the last line and there's Shelly's quote. Loved this snippet.

  3. Boy it sure sounded like it!

  4. I was right there with her. Love the snippet, Meredith.

  5. Hehe, fab last line. Great snippet, Meredith, well done!