Wednesday, May 17, 2017

"Little girls shouldn't be cutting up their own food; their daddies should do it for them." #HisLittleCaptive #WipItUpWednesday

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Today, I have another snippet from my newly released book, His Little Captive! Enjoy!

At the smell of pancakes, I toddled out of bed and into the kitchen.
“Good morning, sweetheart. You’re just in time for breakfast,” Charles said, placing a plate stacked with flapjacks in front of me.
“Mmm, these look delicious.”
Picking up my knife and fork, I was ready to cut into them, when I paused. Little girls shouldn’t be cutting up their own food; their daddies should do it for them. I glanced up at Charles who was back at the stove. I knew he was allowing me the cutlery because he was trying to ease me into my headspace, but I never was going to go into it if I kept doing adult things.
“Ummm… Charles?”
Something in my voice must have alerted him to a problem, because he spun to face me. “Yes, sweetie? Is there something wrong with your food?” he asked, coming to my side.
“No. I just… Can you please cut this for me? I don’t want to poke myself on accident.”
His face beamed with pride at my question. “Of course, baby girl. I’ll always help you out.”
I handed him the knife and fork and he got to work turning my huge pancakes into bite-sized pieces.
“Would you like some syrup on them?”
I nodded and he poured a dollop over the fluffy cakes.
“Thank you,” I said, as he handed me back my fork. It didn’t go unnoticed that he kept the knife.
“You’re welcome.” He went back to the stove and a minute later sat across from me with his own steaming plate of hotcakes.
He turned out to be a pretty good cook. Everything was wonderful, except for the outer edges of one of his pancakes was burnt, and there was a strong smell of smoke in the air. I’m surprised the smoke alarms hadn’t gone off.
“So what would you like to do today, sweetheart?”
Placing my utensil on my now empty plate, I dabbed my lips with my napkin. I hated having anything sticky on my face. “We can stay here again today.”
The light from his milk chocolate eyes faded and my earlier thoughts about how bored he must be came back to me.
“Or, we could maybe… go to the beach?” I hesitantly suggested. He had been giving me so much space to choose what I wanted, I thought it was time to return the favor.
“The beach would be awesome,” he exclaimed, his eyes lighting up at the idea. “Maybe I can pack a lunch and we can have a picnic there. Would you like that?”
“Sure.” As long as other people didn’t disturb us, I could spend the entire day on the sand, while listening to the soothing crash of the waves.
“We’re going to have so much fun today. Why don’t you go get dressed, while I clean up these dishes? I can pack a few things after that and we’ll be on our way.” He turned, taking both our plates, but paused. “Unless… Are you okay getting ready by yourself?”
“Yes,” I answered, smiling. I could give up control and let him cut my pancakes, but I wasn’t ready to let him pick out my outfits.
He sent me a wink, which had me giggling for no reason as I skipped down the hall and into my bedroom. He was right, today was going to be fun.

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  1. Love this exchange. I like Daddies who are willing to relinquish a little control until their Littles are ready to accept a deeper submission. I also like to see the inherent struggle a Little goes through in accepting the restrictions being placed on her through what can be a very different lifestyle. Nicely done.

  2. What a cute snippet! I like it :)

  3. Very sweet snippet. Sounds like these two know what they want.