Friday, July 24, 2015

Marcus sees the inside of the club for the first time!

Hi Everyone!

Happy Saturday!!

Today, I have a snippet from my latest WIP. It's a M/m BDSM story. Last week, Marcus had gotten his acceptance letter for Newbies Night. He just arrived at the club. He checked in and is now seeing the club for the first time!

            Stepping behind the curtains left me flabbergasted at what I saw. To the right, there was a regular looking bar. The bartender was a well built, tall man with thick brown hair. He reminded me of Steve Rogers from The Avengers.
            Off to the left was a sitting area with comfy couches and oversized chairs. Some were arranged in u-shaped groupings that allowed for easy conversation, while others were pushed off by themselves or into corners more conducive to private exchanges. Every seat was occupied.

            Not wanting to be caught staring at the groups, I headed past the couches toward the open doorway where some louder music was coming from. This must be the dungeon, I thought.

I hope that you liked that snippet! Come back next week to hear more! Remember to check out all of the other author's blogs because you never know what you'll find!

I hope that everyone has a good weekend! :-)


  1. Ooh, he's heading for the dungeon! This was the second cliffhanger from you this week! Great snippet, Meredith :)

    1. Next week, I'll be revealing what exactly is behind red curtain #2! :-)

  2. YES! I love a nice dungeon. Now I want to have a look around, lol!! :)

  3. Can we have a peek inside.... please?

  4. I agree with Renee. Most intriguing indeed. Hope you can share more next week.

  5. Go into the dungeon! Yes, please share more.

  6. All right, come on keep going - I want to know about the dungeon!