Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Jensen and Claire are so sweet!

Hello Everyone!

Happy Wednesday! We're halfway through the week! Only a couple days left and then it's the weekend!! :-)

I have a snippet from my book, Daddy's Little Sweetheart that was released yesterday! In this snippet, Claire gets a little surprise in the shower!

I opened my eyes to see that he was standing there before me. His eyes had darkened and his expression was set in one of determination. It made me giggle for a second because it looked like he was a predator and had just found his prey. I glanced down to appreciate once again the sight of his slightly tanned, muscular body, and his thick cock standing at attention.

Wanting to play, I licked my lips. I was so busy looking at him that I didn’t see him make a move until I was pushed up against the shower wall. He held my hands in one of his, while the other began to play with my breasts. He pinched and pulled at my nipples, each tug sending little sparks of pleasure straight to my pussy. His cock ground into my pussy and made me moan in pure, wanton desire.

“You like this?”

“Yesss…” I moaned as he twisted my nipple extra hard. The pain turned into a bolt of pleasure within seconds. He smirked and leaned down to kiss me. At the same time, he plunged his cock into my wet folds. My pussy walls squeezed onto him, and Jensen pulled back and let out a moan.

“You like that?” I parroted back at him.

“Funny, honey,” he smiled, pulling me forward a little and giving my bottom a smack before he bent down to kiss me again.

He pumped in and out of me until we were both on the edge. Jensen finally pulled me extra close to him, his cock hitting my G-spot perfectly, and we both came, calling out each other’s names.

I leaned against the bathroom wall for a few seconds to catch my breath. He was still holding my arms up above my head so I couldn’t move.

“That was amazing,” I breathed.

“Yes, it was. Let me wash the rest of you off and then we can get out of the shower.” He treated me with such loving affection, washing the rest of me, drying me off, and then dressing me, and brushing my hair.

“Jensen, you really don’t have to do this,” I said for what felt like the millionth time that night as he tucked me in to bed.

“Nonsense. I know that you’re tired. It’s my job to take care of you. Now, I want you to go right to sleep, missy. When I come to check on you, you better be asleep or else,” he said, tapping my nose.

“Yes, sir. Goodnight,” I said as he gave me a goodnight kiss on the forehead. I snuggled under the covers and then fell sound asleep.

I love Claire and Jensen, they're so sweet together!

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Happy Wednesday!! :-)


  1. Sweet snippet Meredith! Congratulations on the new release:)

  2. Mm, mm, MMM! What a steaming HOT shower scene. This one definitely made my Wednesday. ~grins~