Friday, June 19, 2015

Claire finishes her spanking

Good Morning Everyone!

Happy Saturday! The weekend is finally here! I hope that you all have something fun planned!

Today, I'm picking up from where I left off with last week's snippet. Claire got a spanking because she was being very rude to Jensen and he does not tolerate rudeness in his household.

He spanked every inch of my bottom, spreading the heat and pain. I squirmed against his thighs, trying to get away from his hand, but within seconds, he had a firm hand on my lower back, keeping me still. 

“Ouch! Jensen! I’m sorry…” I cried out, hoping that my apology would make him end the spanking. But it continued anyway. 

He started spanking me harder, and each slap sent a fiery pain through my cheeks. I imagined the skin on my bottom turning as red as a stop sign and I started to sob. I tried to keep still as I knew I’d have to wait until he decided that I had been properly punished. 

Finally, he stopped and repositioned me so I was sitting on his lap. 

“I’m really sorry…” I cried as he rocked me in his arms. 

“It’s okay, sweetie. You’re forgiven,” he said, kissing my forehead.

I know that my snippet was two sentences over what we are allowed, but I just couldn't, leave out that sweet apology!

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Have a happy weekend everyone!! :-)


  1. The apology definitely makes the snippet even better.

    1. I thought so too. It really put a nice touch to it.

  2. I agree with PK. We needed the apology. Great snippet.

  3. Now I must find out his definition of rude. Great snippet, Meredith.

    1. Check out last week's snippet to find out Jensen's definition of rude. ;-)

  4. Replies
    1. This spanking ended happily, but sadly, Jensen and Claire still have several bumps in the road before they find there HEA.

  5. It's always nice to see the loving and comforting that comes after a hard spanking!

  6. I can never stick to the eight sentences either - and I'm glad you didn't. I love it when they get all sweet and tender on their girls - awww! Delish.