Friday, January 23, 2015

Melanie Has Derek's Attention

Good Morning Everyone!

Happy Saturday! I love the weekends! Does anyone have any fun weekend plans? This weekend here, the weather is suppose to be in the high 40s, low 50s, so I might try and go outside for a little, before I have to go indoors and start on my homework!

Today, I'm picking off where I left off from two weeks ago. Melanie has cabin fever and went to Derek for some attention. Derek made her strip and he carried her off to their bedroom...

Derek tossed me on the bed and before I could scramble up to ask him what he planned to do, he was hovering over me. 

He grabbed my hands pinning them above my head at the same time that he spread my legs with his own.

I was about to say something, but he crushed his lips to mine.

He let go of my hands to unzip his pants and I moved my hands to run them through his thick hair. 

Derek pulled back and bit my lip, harder than he normally did, causing me to freeze. 

"Did I tell you that you could move your arms from where I left them," He growled, as he lined his cock up with my drenched opening.

I shook my head no, suddenly feeling upset that I had disappointed him. 

"You made it known that you're in need of some attention, I heard you loud and clear and I'm going to call the shots until you pass out from all the attention that I'm going to give you," He said, before he slammed his hard member in to me. 

I just love Derek! He's such an alpha male. Make sure to go check out other author's posts because you never know what you'll find.

I hope that you all have happy weekend! :-)


  1. Alpha male is right - passing out from attention, now there a way to spend a Saturday.

    1. Yes, it'll be a fun Saturday for Melanie.

  2. Awesome!!
    He is definitely giving her some attention now.
    Nice Saturday!

  3. Can I just say I love phrase or wording, "drenched opening"? Hot excerpt!

    1. Thank you! I actually wrote this snippet while in class, so I was trying to keep the words PG.

  4. I want to pass out from so much attention too!

  5. OMG, I love Derek too!!!!! total keeper!