Thursday, October 20, 2016

Ian Dominates Giada! Maddie Taylor is visiting with a hot snippet of her new book, Sweet Submission!

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Today, I have Maddie Taylor over visiting to talk about her latest release, Sweet Submission! It's a great story and super sexy! In fact, she brought over a hot snippet with her!

By the time the sound of his bare feet slapping against the tiles reached her ears, she was posed on her knees, bare bottom resting on her heels with her hands on her thighs. Her eyes were closed and her face was lifted into the light breeze blowing in from the sea. A soft smile of pleasure curved her lips as she savored the caress of warm air on her skin and her body’s instant response as her nipples hardened.
“Absolutely stunning.”
Her lashes flew up. Ian stood in front of her, the moon’s light behind him casting his face into darkness. He dropped something on the lounger beside her. Her eyes shifted, seeing a coil of nylon rope, which signified his playful mood. Bending to her, his fingers curved around her neck as he pulled her up, still on her knees but off her heels. He took her mouth, his demanding tongue sinking in and searching out every warm recess, sending the pit of her stomach into a wild swirl.
They were both out of breath when he ordered, “Stand up.”
A little unsteady, she had to rely on him to keep her from pitching over as she rose shakily to her feet. “Arms wide,” was his next command, his urgency and obvious desire for her making her tingle pleasantly all over.
With quick efficient movements, he fashioned a rope harness around her body, the crisscross design making her breasts, already swollen with need, stand out even more. They bulged lewdly when he positioned her arms behind her back, crossing and binding forearm to forearm, wrist to opposite elbow.
When he tied the last knot, he skimmed his hands lightly over her protruding flesh, the tips of his fingers circling her rock-hard aching nipples, as he spoke in her ear.
“Nothing too tight or pinching?”
“No, sir, except my nipples are so tight, they feel like they’re going to shoot right off my body.”
With a firm pinch, he compressed the hard tips until she arched into his hold and his name came out in a pleasure-filled moan.
“Mm. Lucky me, my submissive has the most beautiful and most responsive breasts in the world.” Pressing harder, he added a roll and a small tug. “How does that feel, better?”
“Hardly,” she gasped.
“I could stop,” he offered, releasing the pressure.
“No, please, don’t.”
“But I want to torment so many other neglected parts. Maybe these will help.”
From somewhere he produced a pair of tweezer clamps. As he fastened one tightly on the first nipple, she asked between pants, “Where are you finding this stuff? Are the owners BDSM friends of yours?”
“The rental agent is an old friend; he left us a kinky care package. He knew it would be embarrassing to bring cuffs, rope, and clamps through airport security.”
“How kind of him,” she said dryly.
Ian chuckled, giving the first clamp a little flick, setting the little bells to ringing. “These are very pretty. I’ll have to get you a pair when we get home. I’d enjoy keeping you naked and hearing you jingle as you move around the house.”
The only thing that stopped an ill-advised eye roll was the hiss that passed her lips as he applied the other clamp. With both breasts adorned prettily, his hands curled beneath the lower curves of each one, balancing their weight on his palms before releasing them. As the tinkle of the bells and her groans mingled, the grin curving his mouth was one of pure delight.
Next, he steered her to the foot of the lounger, lowering her with his firm grip on her shoulders. “On your back, knees spread. I’m hungry for a taste.

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Sweet Submission Blurb

Giada Trent’s job as the CEO of a Fortune 500 company has all but consumed her, and after ten years of marriage her husband, Ian, has finally decided it is time to take matters into his own hands. He makes it clear that she has blown off his attempts to rekindle their romance one too many times, and from now on she will make room in her life for him or she will find herself over his knee for a long, hard spanking on her bare bottom.

Ian’s bold dominance awakens Giada’s desires in ways she hasn’t felt in years, and soon she is blushing like a newlywed and quivering with desire as her firm-handed husband reminds her how pleasurable it can be to surrender to his mastery of her body. But just as their passion for one another starts to truly catch fire, a cruel, dishonest man who hurt Giada long ago returns to cause trouble for her once again. Can she find a way to put her painful past behind her forever before it tears apart everything she has worked so hard to build?

Publisher’s Note: Sweet Submission is a stand-alone sequel to Sweet Salvation and Sweet Surrender. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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