Monday, July 18, 2016

Meredith's Monday Musings: My Two Year Author Anniversary!

Hi Guys!!

How is everyone doing today? Hanging in there? I know, it's the middle of summer and everyone is probably roasting in this heat. Unless you live on the other side of the world where it's winter right now. I still say that I'd rather take the heat than the cold.

Today's topic is one that is near and dear to my heart, it also makes me feel a little old. This week is going to be my two year author anniversary! This Sunday will mark two years since I published my first book.

I can't believe it's going to be two years already. I remember when I got my first email from Jamie Miles, my editor at Stormy Night Publications. She said she'd have my edits for me in a couple of weeks. I sat at my kitchen table and I was shocked. I emailed her back, asking if my book was going to be published. (I know, if she's doing edits, duh it's going to be published, but I was a newbie!) She emailed me back right away and said yes, that my book was going to be published. Not gunna lie, I teared up a little bit.

When I submitted my first story, Little Samantha's Choice, I never thought it was going to get published, but it did. Two years later and I have over half a dozen books published. That still seems so crazy to me.

I am so thankful that I chose Stormy Night Publications as my publisher because the owners James and Korey Mae Johnson, have been beyond incredible. My editor Jamie Miles is the sweetest, best editor a girl could ask for. :-)

One of the best things about being an author that no one tells you about is all the awesome new friends you get to make. Seriously, it is a blast being an author and getting to meet all these great people from all around the world. A special shout out to Maddie Taylor, Melody Parks, and Adaline Raine. Let's face it, I would be hopeless without you gals. ;-)

It's been an amazing two years so far and I can't wait for another year that is sure to be filled with awesomeness!!

That's all the sentimental moments for now. I hope that y'all have a great week! :-)

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