Friday, May 22, 2015

No Coffee Means a Cranky Little Girl

Hi Everyone!

The weekend is finally here! Time to kick back, relax, and read some wonderful stories.

Today, I have another snippet from my story in the Little Haven box set! In this scene, Claire has just woken up and wants her morning cup of coffee. Since she is suppose to be little, her husband doesn't like that idea. That doesn't sit well with Claire at all.

“Sweetie, five-year-old girls don’t drink coffee. How about some milk, or maybe some juice?” he asked, going over to the refrigerator and opening it up.

I gripped the side of the counter and took a few deep breaths before I said, “No. I want coffee.”

“Honey, I just told you that you can’t have it.”

“I know, damn it! But I want it! I usually have at least one cup every day, and I’m tired of not getting it!” I shouted, banging my hand against the counter, as if that would prove my point.

“Young lady. In the corner. Now,” he said, taking my hand gently but firmly and guiding me to one of the corners in the kitchen. “You will stay in this corner for five minutes until you calm down.”

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I hope that you all have a happy weekend! :-)


  1. Oh dear - she needs her caffeine! I'm guessing soda would not be what 5-year-olds should have for breakfast either. Poor girl.

  2. Oh boy... heads would roll. Lucky she has a daddy looking out for her.

  3. Just give her the damn coffee - poor girl.

  4. I"m with Leigh. This coffee restriction for Littles is a hard one for me. I was given three spoons of coffee in a glass of milk when I was little. Yes, things have changed now, but coffee is addictive and going cold turkey can give you terrible headaches. Can't we have some sort of compromise, Daddy? Please?

  5. Maybe a weak cup...? I agree, I'm rubbish without my coffee