Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Baby it's cold outside...

Hi Everyone!
How's everyone Wednesday going? I can't believe that it's all ready Wednesday! With school being out, I've lost track of my days very fast. To me, summer is like one really long Saturday and then the day before school is Sunday and the rest of the days of the week start coming back once school starts. I know I'm weird.

I know, you guys didn't come here to listen to me babble. I have a snippet from my box set that came out LAST SATURDAY! That's right, it's out! It's filled with five absolutely amazing stories. :-)

In my snippet today, Jensen and Claire decide to visit an ice rink. They have just walked in and rented skates...

“Need some help, baby?”

“Yes, please.”

He got off the bench and got down on one knee. Then he grabbed my foot put it on his knee and started lacing up my skate. When he finished with my first foot, he switched to my other one and made fast work of lacing up that skate. “All done. You ready?”

I nodded my head as I stood up and walked over to the rink. I stepped out onto the ice and started to glide. It was amazing—until I fell flat on my butt.

“Ouch!” I couldn’t help but cry out as my already sore bottom smacked against the ice.

“Careful, sweetie. Here, why don’t you take my hand?” he asked, easily skating over to me and offering me his hand.

Of course he can skate perfectly, I thought as I took his hand and he helped me up.

Together we skated around the rink in a big circle. It made me relax some more since there weren’t too many people there—fewer people to embarrass myself in front of.

“Do you want to try skating alone? I’ll still be right next to you and catch you if you fall.”

I nodded and let go of his hand. At first my feet were wobbly without his strong arm holding me up and I thought I was going to fall. But then I straightened myself up and started moving again.

After several minutes of skating without any worries of falling, I turned towards Jensen and said, “Look! I’m skating!” I knew that it was probably a childish thing to say and to feel proud of myself for, but I couldn’t help how I felt. The look of pride on his face told me that he felt the same way.

“Great job, honey! Let me get a picture,” he said, pulling his iPhone out of his phone.

“No!” I said, holding my hands up to my face.

“Come on, silly. You’ll want to remember this.”

“Fine,” I groaned, and then pulled my hands down from my face and smiled at the camera for him. I secretly loved it when my husband went all proud-daddy.

Claire and Jensen are so cute together! If you want more of their cuteness go check out Little Haven! You aren't going to want to miss this one!

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Happy Wednesday Everyone! ;-)


  1. What an adorable scene Meredith. It's so nice seeing your blog on wipitup again. I love it when a man is proud of his woman. ☺

  2. HAHA! I suspect ice-skating as a beginner is a masochist's dream... forget spanking, that's one sure fire way of having a bruised behind :D

  3. And I see she already has a sore bottom ... hmm ... I wonder what happened earlier in the day. I guess I'll have to do the one-click trick and find out. ;) This set looks great, Meredith - congrats on the release! :

  4. This looks like a fabulous box set. Congratulations

    Skating - now that's brave. Sore bottom, definitely.