Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Allison fantasizes about Eric licking ice cream off of her...

Hello Everyone!!

Happy Wednesday! Only one more day until the new year! 2015 flew by this year! I still can't believe it!

Today I have a snippet from my newly released book, The Prince's Little Mate! In today's snippet, Allison has some naughty fantasies about Eric licking ice cream off of her...

"So, do you want to tell me what you just pictured in your head to have the scent of your arousal fill the room?"

He ran his fingertips down the side of my arm and around the waistband of my yoga pants.

The innocent touch made my body feel like I was on fire. Confirming that we could have sex without it being bonding sex made me want him to mount me right here and now. 

"Allison, I asked you a question. What were you just thinking about?" 

"You and me...in bed...covered in ice cream." 

"What else?" He asked, moving his hand slightly downward toward my dampening mound. 

"You eating ice cream off of my...off of my pussy. Oh!" He had lightly grazed his thumb over my clit and it sent a spark of arousal through me. 

"Is that all?"

 I shook my head no.

 "What else?" 

"You licking ice cream off of my...off of my." I couldn't finish that sentence. 

 "Off of your what?" He asked, reaching behind me and gently pulling my pony tail, making my head turn upward to face him better. 

 "Off of my...bottom hole." I whispered the last part of the sentence. When I did, Eric's eyes went from a light sky blue to a hot pink color.

Now that Eric told Allison what she was fantasizing about, I wonder if he'll fulfill those fantasies...

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Have a great day everyone! :-)


  1. Whew what a contrast of hot and cold you have going on up there, Meredith. Very vivid depiction might I add. I think it would be fun to play with ice cream in bed. Sticky, but so much fun. ☺

    1. If you keep reading, Eric and Allison find out just how much fun playing with ice cream in bed can be. :-)

  2. OH MY WORD! From ice-cold ice-cream to a hot and bothered me... Well, I certainly hope Allison gets her rather tasty fantasy. YuM!

    1. Oh she will. Eric is all about fulfilling fantasies. :-)

  3. YUM! This was a purrfectly tasty "little" snippet! Happy and Healthy New Year, Meredith :)

  4. Well, darn, it erased me. But the jest of it was, I now have a new way to celebrate New Years. Not just champagne in the belly button, and whipped cream .... but ice cream on the back real estate. Going to read this one soon. Can't Wait... for both!

  5. First off - thanks for stopping by my blog today - I've solved the white problem - went into the html. I wasn't home all day and couldn't check blog in the morning - so of course there was a screw up.
    Second - Congrats on new release - it sounds fantastic - and a whole new way to eat ice cream